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  1. To my knowledge, nothing about MM pets has been changed from the end of live aside from some improvements to the AI.
  2. Seeker Drones are great. The debuff and stuns are gravy, the best thing about them is summoning them in the middle of enemys and letting them absorb the alpha while you drop mortars, caltrops, pets on their head.
  3. I did that with my ninja/cold and it just seemed redundant with Freezing Rain. With the KD spam already inherent to storm, its a waste. I'd go either Scorpion for the shield and maybe powerboost (powerboosted KD's and debuffs) or my current fav, Soul for the resist shield and Oppressive Gloom. Between Oppressive Gloom, all the KD's and the Lich's CC's, you will literally CC the entire pack so nothing can do much to your undead. Storm will also help make up for the low damage on the LIch. You won't be soloing AV's as well as other specs, but it will have power.
  4. I made this char on a whim and it's turned out to be very potent. With Oppressive Gloom, Bodyguard mode, Necro controls and a single 50 tohit debuff IO in all powers, it makes for a very durable Fulcrum Shift delivery system who can tarpit a lot of mobs for a team. Aside from the standard stuff like loading Soul Extraction with pet defense/resist IOs and putting Knockback protection in Dark Embrace, I am not really sure how to IO this guy. I haven't even settled on an Alpha as nothing really jumps out. Does anyone else run this combo? I'll take any help I can get
  5. When I led with "I agree to a certain degree" that's exactly the part I agreed with. I forgot to follow up on that statement in the post. I could probably make it work to a certain degree but it wouldn't be worthwhile, I'd lose all three genin to every AOE.
  6. I agree to a certain degree but it's not quite as cut and dried as you make it seem. Kinetics can be a very strong secondary for a MM. Take Oppressive Gloom from Soul Mastery and play a bit like a tankermind. Gloom slows down minions, you just need to make sure bosses don't AOE blap all your pets. it's definitely better in a group but that's always true of Kinetics regardless of AT. Yes, your pets don't get the benefit of recharge from Speed Boost but that's hardly a deal breaker. Time suffers from that even moreso and Time is just fine. The recovery from Speed Boost works just fine, as does the CC protection and resists from Increase Density and the heals from Transfusion. Then of course Fulcrum Shift is so strong that it can make your personal attacks scary. I came to this board to make post requesting help with my Necro/Kin but I clicked on this thread first. In the case of my Necro/Kin, I do everything I said above. Instead of going max damage like the OP is requesting, I am built around the CC and selfheal of Necro combined with Opressive Gloom and Bodyguard mode to hold down mobs so I can Fulcrum safely and effectively. It works solo but it's amazing in groups.
  7. This sounds familiar. It's almost like I said the exact same stuff a few posts up lol
  8. Most MM pets have horrific AI. That's always been the buggabo with the class. I wasn't aware that the Oni had worse than normal AI though, usually when I am playing my ninja's I am more concerned with keeping the rank and file in melee. Beasts have similar issues though. As to the level difference, there is nothing to be done about it unless they make all pets equal level and then re-balance their damage. I've been screaming for that for over 10 years though, so it's unlikely to be a thing. Still though, +1 to the idea. As for Soul Extraction, I never liked in thematically. The whole idea behind necromancy is that it is the animated, soulless dead. I've always though Soul Extraction should be targeted on an enemy. Let it function like Victory Rush, just target the best available dead enemy. Also, Mechanical enemies are differentiated in the system as proven by EMP arrow and similar powers. Use the same flag to make them invalid targets for Soul Extraction.
  9. Necro is a strange set. It's never going to have top tier damage due to the Lich being a control pet and not a DPS pet. The T1 pets are better than you think IMO. They have a ton of resists and their base brawl has excellent DPA for a pet. The only thing I would add is an ability similar to Envenom from Poison. It would have to be weaker than the MM version, and with the pets being 2 levels down it get resisted making it even less effective. However, with 3 zombies using it would it add up to a small but noticeable effect and it would add -regen to zombies. Ninja's aren't too bad either. They need more defense though. They are freaking ninja's and they are easier to hit with a punch than pet dogs, random thugs or robots and Bots and Beasts still get those nice resists on top. Give them all the same defense as Jounin. Maybe even bump that up a few points. Make them the Super Reflexes of MM pets. Easy to soft cap the defense but when streak breaker hits you it sucks. For the Oni. Just add Fireball to his skill list. Now Mercs, those guys need help. I've given my thoughts on it before but I am willing to keep repeating because I love Mercs. They just suck is all. They are right there with ninja's as having the worst defensive stats of the MM sets. Bots, Demons and Beasts all sport better resists and they too have healing. The damage on the set is low for several reasons. A big one being that the Spec Ops are saddled with long cooldown (2 and 3 minutes), 0 damage CC skills that they will never be able to use correctly. As such the Spec Ops have no AOE at all. Then the commando. He's not nearly as bad as the Spec Ops. He's decent even. He's just saddled with all the drawbacks of an AR blaster who took the munitions pool. LRM has far to long a cooldown for the damage and activation time it has. Full Auto has a long, narrow cone making it hard to hit whole groups and it has a fairly low damage per activation. Fortunately is he does has 5 total AOE's so he can still keep busy when the two big ones are on cooldown. Oh, and serum is simply awful. Mercs need a lot. Like Ninja's, their survivability needs a lot of work, Beef up their resists across the board and give the medic the same range as the other Mercs, so he's not always the closest target amd gets wrecked. Take Frag Grenade away from the medic, so it stops getting all the AOE aggro. To the spec ops. the frag grenade you took from the medic would now be given it to these guys. Seems odd that the freaking medic has AOE's and nades and the Spec Ops guys don't. Those long cooldown CC powers, lower the recharge to like 15 to 20 seconds and make them only have a chance to CC. Make the tear gas do some damage to fill out the Spec Ops AOE dps. For the commando, again he's not so bad. His warts are just serious magnified by how bad the rest of the set is. If the only thing they did was fix LRM, I'd be ok. LRM is one of the worst skills in the game. It's awful for a blaster, it's even more awful for a pet than can't improve it's recharge by any means. There are MM pets with abilities similar in damage that have a quarter or less the cooldown and significantly faster activation times, like Foot Stomp, Swarm Missiles or Terrible Howl. You could legitimately knock 3 minutes off the cooldown and a second off the activation time and it wouldn't be OP at all. For Serum, I'd like to see a similar tack taken like what was used on the Beasts Tier 7. Add a nifty passive to it. My original idea was to give a much lesser version of the Serum buff to all the pets permanently. Specifically +res all, regen and recovery. Not huge amounts, because they would be balanced around them being enhanceable abilities.
  10. Corruptors play redside. They were introduced at a time when side-switching wasn't possible. Because of the shake-out of faction crossing, Defenders, Tankers, and Scrappers to this day have an identity crisis. MMs are already, explicitly, a tanking AT, and (as other posters have commented) are even capable of the play style your AT would use. I think you'd do much better to propose something like a "golem" or "elemental" pets set with a Stone-Armor-like power as the specialty. IT's true. You can make MM's that have fully soft capped defenses. Not just the MM, but the pets too. If you use /Time, you can be soft capped and still have powerful heals, buffs and debuffs.
  11. All of our characters on the old servers are permadead.
  12. The problem isn’t Power Boost not affecting Resistance, it’s about powers with Resistance having to be exempt from ALL outside buffs, Power Boost being just one of them, or else things get crazy. A Brute’s Fury or a Kin’s Fulcrum Shift would, in addition to their huge damage buffs, would also buff any Damage Resistance on a character to their cap. Why would +dmg add to +res? That's some odd coding.
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