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  1. Huh, you're right. Power boost adds "+% % to all defense" AND "+% % to defense", omitting the "all". Whereas adrenal booster only provides "+% % to defense". Still, this could hardly be more misleading. Weak. But at least that solves that mystery. Thanks.
  2. Adrenal Booster from the new Experimentation power pool is supposed to provide +special, which includes a bunch of "+strength to..." buffs, like a mini power boost. I can confirm that neither the heal or defense boost works, and I'm willing to bet the entire +special is broken. It's easy to double check by turning on a defense toggle and then hitting Adrenal Booster. No effect on the toggle's defense for the duration of Adrenal Booster. Anyone else able to replicate this? Might be an easy fix for the devs if they notice this thread.
  3. I wish I fought the good guys more often. All I ever seem to do is take on other villain groups in a bid for power. But that's always been the least compelling part about being a villain to me. All of my favorite villains are defined by their struggle against the hero: magneto vs the x men, shredder vs. the turtles, Vader vs. the rebels. That conflict is what allows them to truly be villains, to stomp all over the good guys as their foil. And yet, I hardly ever get to be evil red side. Grandville paper missions pit me against arachnos, carnies, and CoT. Most of the strike forces have me fighting other villains. It just doesn't help me feel like an evil villain; more like corporate in fighting. I figured robbing a bank via a paper mission would have to put me up against some do gooder security. Nope, arachnos was running security. When do I get to murder a bunch of police on my way to burn down an orphanage? Are there any story arcs where I get to do bad things to good people, rather than just steal some item from other bad folks? On a side note, I wish there were more good groups to take down. Seems like longbow is 90% of them. What am I missing?
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