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  1. I think I had previously reported that setting enhancements to +5 relative level would randomly set them only to +2 (e.g. Hecatomb Damage 50+2). I've discovered that this happens if you slot a Hamidon enhancement in any power. The Hami-O gets set to 50+2. Every slot after that also gets set to a max of +2. Slots previous to that are set correctly. That is, if you have an HO in the first slot of your level 1 power, every slot everywhere has a max of +2. If your only HO is in the last slot of your level 32 power, then your level 35 and subsequent powers are all set to 50+2, but e.g. the level 20 power is properly set to 50+5 (assuming the enh goes to 50).
  2. Are you comparing accounts active *right now* with packs sold *over all time*?
  3. Ah, you're right, sorry about that. (However, see my other query about putting the incarnate powers in fixed position - otherwise it's harder to check things like this.)
  4. It's posted three messages above ^^^ But here it is again: Acerbic - Blaster (Fire Blast).mxd
  5. One more UI thing: - Can we go back to having fixed positions for the incarnate powers? Their placement now seems to depend on what order I happened to toggle them on which makes it difficult to use muscle memory to find them.
  6. Blaster Sonic Support - EarSplitter is not correctly showing damage boosts from incarnate Alpha Musculature. I wasn't able to figure out how to fix this with a db edit even though it seems like it must be a db problem. Earsplitter does seem to recognize Hybrid Assault Radial.
  7. Surprised I needed to since this is a new install, but anyway, all the reported issues are still there in The double-hasten bug is also still present although that might be a corrupted build file.
  8. This blaster build somehow has gotten confused about recharge. The advanced totals show 310 recharge with Hasten toggled on; the correct number is 240. It's as if the build has Hasten enabled twice. I did move where I took the power as I was editing the build. Acerbic - Blaster (Fire Blast).mxd
  9. Where do I download the older version? Updating to 3.x removed my old install.
  10. The situation appears to be more nuanced than I wrote here. Superior Blistering Cold gets +5, while Superior Frozen Blast, Superior Avalanche, and Superior Winter's Bite all get +2. Superior Defiant Barrage gets +5 while Superior Blaster's Wrath gets +2. I haven't checked other winter sets or ATOs.
  11. Issues I've found with the 3.0 build (DB version 20.1225): User interface: - The color scheme is super distracting. Empty slots get lost in the visual noise of the power's label background; the labels themselves are difficult to read. - I had to make the main window 30% larger than previous Mid's to make the text legible. Otherwise, the text gets cut off both vertically and horizontally (so for example a 4 is nearly indistinguishable from an A). - The advanced totals window not being resizable is now a bigger problem given how large it is. I had to make my entire desktop 30% bigger to be able to see both the main window and advanced totals at the same time. In the previous mid's, I was able to do this with room to spare. - The DPA calculation is truncated in certain cases (e.g. MM pets) because the font used to display those calculations is too large. This is frustrating because there is plenty of unused space just below that box, so there's no reason to make the box so small that it ever gets truncated. Enhancement levels: - I can't set the automatic level to be +5 by default; it only goes to +3. - If I try to set all enhancements to +5, the dialog tells me that special enhancements can only be +2. This is wrong; they go up to +3. - If I then click through to continue: --- winter IOs and ATOs get +5, which is wrong; they are always attuned and can never be more than even level. This is an existing bug however. --- Special enhancements get +2 instead of +3 --- Crafted IOs get +2 instead of +5 Miscellaneous: - The Portal Jockey accolade selector doesn't render. I can hover over the area where it is supposed to be and get the hover text, and if I'm careful I can toggle it on/off. Which wouldn't be too big a deal except... - Occasionally the app will just decide I don't have any accolades toggled and turn them off. I don't know what causes this. It's not just a display issue because the advanced totals window shows the lower HP, regen, recovery, and max end numbers. - Showing a base 100% recharge and damage in the Advanced Totals is misleading. Please keep this display consistent with the in-game Combat Attributes displays, which show only the buff or debuff numbers. (I note that the ToHit display does not include its base of 75%, so this isn't even consistent within Mids.) If for some reason you really want to include the base, then at least drop the '+', because that indicates the number is a buff, which it is not. Or alternatively, split the number into 100+(buff). Overall, I hate to say it, but I really want to go back to 2.x. That also had quirks but at least the UI was usable for me and I could see what +5 enhancements will do.
  12. Aaaand I just realized I posted this in the beta forum. All this was about Live. Sorry!
  13. Just finished the hero arc. Thoughts: This arc awarded me 20 merits after about a 90 minute investment. I could probably speed things up by not reading the text and skipping fights, but I'm guessing this will cap out around 45 minutes. So I think it should be around 35-40 merits, if I understand the general formula correctly. I agree with previous suggestions to make this a TF instead. Then the difficulty balancing matters less and the final fights can be a bit more dynamic (with a broader set of powers in play, I think there would be more solutions for getting through). As a fully IO'd EM/EA stalker, most of it was a breeze but I had to slurp serious insps to get through the psi damage at the end, and Raverobber having autohit unresistable -def (Liquify) did kill me once. Rock-paper-scissors at work. The travel was tedious, particularly not being able to use mission TP or team teleport to get to Pierce. I'm surprised to hear that the police boxes were the short path; call box patrols are kind of canonical time wasters because you don't earn XP. Again, though, on a TF this would matter less because you can spread out to get the call boxes and cut down the time by about 80%. The dialog seems like it could use a bit of polish. I could be wrong, but I think Watkins uses the wrong names for the two bosses you defeat in Mission 1. One of the bosses at the Rusty Rivet is referred to as Mander everywhere in text, but is called Salamander in the actual fight. I liked being able to be Vigilante at the end. Didn't try the other options, but the narrative framing there seemed pretty solid. Overall, I'm unlikely to play this again as an arc because of the low merit rewards, the travel time, and the relatively high difficulty. Assuming merit rewards were increased, as a TF I think I'd be more likely to play it because teams would offset both the difficulty and the travel.
  14. FWIW I thought the feedback was fine. DIspari took the time to write some really detailed notes. There are much less constructive ways the same feedback could have been presented.
  15. Seems like it'd be easier to implement this as two powers, one that has zero cooldown and triggers the menu, and the other that has the desired cooldown and isn't triggered until the menu's clicked?
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