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  1. As a general rule I want the Advanced Totals window to show things on the same scale as Combat Attributes in game. Otherwise I have to do mental translations when I'm looking at one or the other.
  2. Unhappy with this change. Would rather have seen Hamidon spawn down to 35.
  3. This bug is still happening. Any word from devs that this is being looked into? The specific item I know about is Fortunata Hypnosis - Chance for Placate (recipe). The sales history includes sub-1M sales when I have outstanding bids at much higher prices.
  4. Ugh, nevermind. I'm so used to combining with catalysts and boosters that I expected the possible combos to show up in the upper left. I need to look in the enhancement tray itself for possible combos.
  5. Microfilament, Theta, and Selenite are the Hamidon, Hydra, and Titan origin enhancements (respectively) that boost end/fly/jump/run. I'm unable to combine these. The HO is at 50, the other two at 48. I tried slotting the HO but am given no combine options. I also tried slotting the Titan-O and am similarly given no combine options. I've done this before with Nucleolus (HO) and the Titan equivalent (I forget the name). I'm guessing this is somehow a specific oversight? I was trying to boost the HO to 53 to sell, since the combined ones sell for such high pric
  6. I definitely had SS active when I was leveling the character that had this problem, so that tracks. #anecdata
  7. I ran into something similar leveling from 43 to 48 (after a productive ITF). I had to visit the trainer extra times to get the levels that had been skipped, and then I was left with a stuck-on "You've leveled" graphic in the level UI. Logging out and back in fixed that problem. So I eventually got everything the way it should be, but the powers and slots were chosen in the wrong order and there was a logout/login required. Edit: Note that the levels were both earned and cashed in after the patch.
  8. I think I had previously reported that setting enhancements to +5 relative level would randomly set them only to +2 (e.g. Hecatomb Damage 50+2). I've discovered that this happens if you slot a Hamidon enhancement in any power. The Hami-O gets set to 50+2. Every slot after that also gets set to a max of +2. Slots previous to that are set correctly. That is, if you have an HO in the first slot of your level 1 power, every slot everywhere has a max of +2. If your only HO is in the last slot of your level 32 power, then your level 35 and subsequent powers are all set to 50+
  9. Are you comparing accounts active *right now* with packs sold *over all time*?
  10. Ah, you're right, sorry about that. (However, see my other query about putting the incarnate powers in fixed position - otherwise it's harder to check things like this.)
  11. It's posted three messages above ^^^ But here it is again: Acerbic - Blaster (Fire Blast).mxd
  12. One more UI thing: - Can we go back to having fixed positions for the incarnate powers? Their placement now seems to depend on what order I happened to toggle them on which makes it difficult to use muscle memory to find them.
  13. Blaster Sonic Support - EarSplitter is not correctly showing damage boosts from incarnate Alpha Musculature. I wasn't able to figure out how to fix this with a db edit even though it seems like it must be a db problem. Earsplitter does seem to recognize Hybrid Assault Radial.
  14. Surprised I needed to since this is a new install, but anyway, all the reported issues are still there in The double-hasten bug is also still present although that might be a corrupted build file.
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