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  1. Teams are as diverse as costumes--you will run across all kinds so don't let any one bad experience make you think they will all be like that. If you're on a team and you aren't enjoying yourself, then leave and go find a better one. Over time, you will get better at figuring out which teams are most likely a good match for how you like to play. I generally avoid farming teams, PL teams, and speed runs because I'm not interested in steamrolling content.
  2. Consider going with Energy Blast. Storm is a chaotic set and you could augment that with the knockback-heavy Energy, giving you the extra control (and fun) of sending everyone flying.
  3. I wouldn't take it on a tri-form since it's basically like adding speed brakes. I have a new bi-form which will be built for tanking as well as human form and I plan to take Orbiting Death for that. I remember when players use to be call it "Orbiting Debt" because of how fast it would get you killed.
  4. We need an "Elemental Control" set which takes the existing art assets from Earth / Ice / Fire / etc and puts them in one set. You can control which element you use via the same game mechanic as Swap Ammo. The buff/debuff effects of each power would be weaker than the equivalent power from the specific set it came from (and other changes, like damage and duration), so you are trading raw power for versatility. This set should still have its own unique top-tier power (something that combines all elemental forces in one power).
  5. Mass Hypnosis: Either make mobs currently sleeping be extra vulnerable when attacked (take extra damage or other effects last longer) or make it convert to a terrorized effect if they take damage while asleep (thematically the sleep would be a nightmare). Telekinesis: Don't change the mechanics of this power. It's iconic and one of the few where skill actually matters. Just walk-back the ED nerf. Allow it to target 16. Thematically, it totally fits with Mind. Telekinesis means moving things with your mind. Mass Confusion: Reduce the recharge like many have already suggested.
  6. My main pre-sunset was Mind/Kin and I built her out to be control and support focused and there was no toon I would rather be on if things started to go south. That said, it would help to know your goals and play style.
  7. The solution isn'tto limit characters since plenty of us play lots of alts and people who really want to reserve names will just make new game accounts to get around any character limit restriction. Better solutions would be to unreserve names that are for low level characters which haven't gotten any login or XP for a certain time frame. Or code in a hidden name extension (one for each of the old servers). This would allow multiple people to get their names. You could have a "Dr. Phil (Champion)" and someone else could get "Dr. Phil (Pinnacle)". The best solution, of course, is not requiring character names to be unique. If you try to send a /tell to a character and there are more than one in, you just have to add @Global to it.
  8. Global: @Zanthyna Main Toons: Teen Spirit Queen Anne's Revenge Mistress Demonatrix Zanthyna
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