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  1. Welcome home. As above, there's a Discord server and global channels to get reacquainted.
  2. Yeah, there is that. You could always /friend them, then get their global name and send them a message to see if they're willing to give it up. Or just go with @1ncursion / @Incurs1on / @Incursi0n or something.
  3. Right on. I saw that you joined the Discord, so welcome back!
  4. Are you on Excelsior? That's where most of us landed from Champion. There's a Discord server and a few global channels if you're interested in reconnecting.
  5. Welcome! Most of us reside over on Excelsior and we have a Champion's ex-pat Discord located here: https://discord.gg/nwwjBAB We're usually active in #general and #lfg-excelsior.
  6. While the forums show activity from time to time, you'd probably have better luck in-game with something like this.
  7. Justification veiled behind magnanimity. Bravo.
  8. Maybe, oh I don't know, play the game you want to play with settings that already allow for what you want to do, and let everyone else play how they want. Sound good? Okay, thanks.
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