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  1. @Pez Dispenseress sighting on Discord!
  2. Oh hey, another familiar name. Welcome back. We have cookies.
  3. Welcome home. As above, there's a Discord server and global channels to get reacquainted.
  4. Yeah, there is that. You could always /friend them, then get their global name and send them a message to see if they're willing to give it up. Or just go with @1ncursion / @Incurs1on / @Incursi0n or something.
  5. Right on. I saw that you joined the Discord, so welcome back!
  6. Are you on Excelsior? That's where most of us landed from Champion. There's a Discord server and a few global channels if you're interested in reconnecting.
  7. Welcome! Most of us reside over on Excelsior and we have a Champion's ex-pat Discord located here: https://discord.gg/nwwjBAB We're usually active in #general and #lfg-excelsior.
  8. While the forums show activity from time to time, you'd probably have better luck in-game with something like this.
  9. Justification veiled behind magnanimity. Bravo.
  10. Maybe, oh I don't know, play the game you want to play with settings that already allow for what you want to do, and let everyone else play how they want. Sound good? Okay, thanks.
  11. Hey Champs; for those that don't know, we have a vet Discord so c'mon down and get re-connected with your fellow players: https://discord.gg/nwwjBAB The only thing that we request is that you add your old Champion global name to your handle so we know who you were.
  12. So... did you get the name? Inquiring minds wish to know.
  13. Or they could just /friend Athalwolf server-side, then right click on the name in their Friends List and Add Note. It'll give you the global name in the Combat tab. @Hop Dodger is the person you're looking for on Excelsior. Now you can leave them an offline message asking for the name to be released. I've found most people in these situations are willing to release the name. All the same, good luck.
  14. He's probably reveling in his love of pie.
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