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  1. Yeah KM needs a look as I am sure MOST people agree. Power Siphon needs lower cast time, no root, and no stack cap, and a small damage bonus immediately on cast. (This will make the power much more interesting.) Burst, Focused Bust, and Concentrated Strike need to either A) Do more damage to justify their cast times, or B) have lower cast times without changing the damage. I think these changes would go a long way. What these changes will do is allow for a player to use the first 3 attacks as builders and Bust, FB, and CS as finishers just before PS we
  2. If this happens I will be taking Indom Will on SO MANY more toons than I currently do. It is the biggest reason I don't take it over Rune.
  3. Are we still waiting on those videos? I am deeply curious what was found in those.
  4. This could work. Or I was thinking maybe like a super short unenhanceable hold (they shiver for a couple of seconds, just long enough for arctic air to kick in).
  5. The entire point of PvP and PvE is to kill bags of HP. Those dynamics don’t change just because one is vs NPC and one is vs PC. -recharge means nothing in PvP if you can’t actually kill your target. That is why damage is king. What I was referring to was that because damage is king we have an over abundance of builds whose only concern is doing more damage. My suggestion wouldn’t necessarily change that BUT it could change the WAY you get there. My suggestion isn't that damage shouldn't be king, but more that because damage is king, that is why people are perceiving damage procs the way that t
  6. Entangling arrow is great. Also, this is one of the values over primary vs secondary. The ability to skip the T1.
  7. Glad to see you finally admit there is a problem! 😁 Also, if we are being honest here, endurance drain is very niche in PvP, most builds are loading up on damage. I double checked dozens of PvP builds to confirm this. Damage procs are king there too (with regards to attacks). The only time I’ve seen Tempest as somewhat useful is if you are doubling down on endurance drain on an elec toon of some kind, most likely a Defender/Corruptor/Controller/Sentinel. Pair it with preemptive interface, and some heavy endurance mod and you have a decent sapper, even in PvE. The proble
  8. Exactly this. I have said before, what else am I going to reasonably do? Too often loading up damage procs is all that’s left as an option.
  9. You must be a lawyer, IRL. Lol
  10. See these are the kinds of things that need to be done. Look at ways to make the current procs better and just as viable as damage procs. If you have more options than you have slots, and all of those options are fairly equal in their own way, then you have reached true build diversity. When you have only 1 or 2 options that make any sense, that isn't really build diversity, that is the illusion of build diversity. I also like the idea of diminishing returns on damage procs. The first couple give you full effect but after that they drop off in effectiveness, you know, like a damage enhance
  11. Glad to have you! And I really liked your ideas!
  12. @RogueWolf I understand what you are trying to say, that you want the bonus protections without the extra speed. I get it, though I actually found it super helpful to my playstyle to have that extra bit of speed while hovering because now I can keep up with the team without having to turn fly off and on. There are powers I find irritating in this regard, Siphon Speed is a good example. I would rather just boost my own recharge without the added Super Speed effect, but I am choosing to use that power so I accept what it does and work around it. That being said, @arcane's example above about
  13. So would an approvable change be to simply undo all the PvP changes from i13? I played PvP on live pre-i13 and it was fun, no matter what AT I played I felt like I could do something. I played a Grav/FF a lot troller back then in PvP and felt very useful! Now (especially in open world) it’s just blasters blasters blasters blasters and stalkers… you occasionally see an AT of a different type. In Arena it’s a little different, but still Blasters dominate that too, unless you change it to fight club rules but now we are artificially adding our own rules to make things releva
  14. I have touched on this before, I think it’s a lack of other reasonable options that make damage procs stand out. What else are you going to do with the slots once you have achieved your build goals? All there really is is damage procs and -res procs. If they buffed the other procs and added new ones like -reg or -hp then we would be able to achieve TRUE build diversity, where the different procs help achieve different goals. Maybe that way you don’t need to always load your defender up on damage procs because there are other proc options out there that help them lean into their strengt
  15. I can say that my Acid Arrow for my TA troller hits hard (for a controller). Never tested Glue Arrow on a blaster…
  16. Dude, he only 4 slotted the acid arrow, if you finished that out you would add acc and end redux obviously. He was just showing the damage output in comparison. Also, notice the unenhanced end usage is STILL LESS than the enhanced fireball… The radius is the same, the Acc is about the same, the damage is higher, recharge is close enough, and it has a bunch of debuffs… procs ftw!! 😂 Again, though (even as @oedipus_tex said) this IS just one power in a vacuum compared to another power in a vacuum. I still hold that testing would need to be done to verify. Also,
  17. So, you see that 34 next to each damage type in his screenshot? Under Acid Arrow: Where it says Lethal(34), Fire(34), Energy(34), Negative(34), etc? Each of those procs are 3.5 PPM to do 71.75 damage. Mids calculates chance for proc into the damage equation for you, 47% of 71.75 is 34 damage on average. If ALL FOUR went off it would be 71.75x4 + 0.31x21 (toxic), which would be 293 damage for that ONE hit, not the 142.4 that you are seeing in the screenshot. Just an FYI. So, you are right, they wont all go off at once, but it looks like Mids already accounts for that in the damage c
  18. These forums are OP. Nerf ‘em!
  19. On this topic Captain Powerhouse said the following: He also said this: Hope this helps.
  20. I found the following: Basically the concern is more around giving Doms an invincible taunt pet to couple with their superior damage (compared to Controllers). Where he says this:
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