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  1. Were the Gift Getter/Giver badges changed to The Gift That Keeps Giving badge?
  2. Since the rollback my launcher is also crashing to the desktop after running a scan. I've tried re-validating, but the option to do so is greyed out and not clickable. I've even tried just deleting the Tequila, but that wasn't any help. Suggestions?
  3. I was going through some stuff I've from when the game was live and ran across CoHSplasher. For those who maybe never heard of it, it allows you to change the music in the game as well as loading screen pics, etc. For instance, I had two different versions of Sinner's Prayer that would play whenever I went to Pocket D. Which one played depended on whether you were on the blue or red side. I've been trying to get it to work without a whole lot of luck. Is it workable? If so, do I need to install it somewhere in particular? Do something in particular? I've basically just installed it, aimed it to my SaveCoH folder and started loading music files and I'm not having any luck. Thanks in advance, SS
  4. Finally! Someone I recognize! How've you been? Not too bad. How have you been doing? I can't believe out of all these names I am the first you recognized :D
  5. I can't believe I'm just now hitting the forums. SinnerSaint here.
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