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  1. gonna bump because i just ran into this myself. can't imagine it's intentional, and if it is then it's a fairly baffling decision
  2. echoing the dissatisfaction already posted re: kinetic melee nerf. at the very least save that for once the set has gotten a rework on all ATs instead of wrecking the one AT it's actually reasonably good on 😕
  3. @SwitchFade thanks for the links, definitely seeing some good ideas in those other threads. 👍 i hadn't initially noticed that terrify is so much worse than fearsome stare. could definitely stand to raise the damage and accuracy and drop the end cost a bit, also remove that vile 0.25s delay before the fear inflicts. that's probably a good chunk of why mind control feels so Bad
  4. for what it's worth i initially thought that matching the cooldown on mass hypnosis with AoE immobs was a good idea, but upon a little further thought an 8-second cooldown on a 15-second aoe sleep available at level 6 is probably a really bad idea for early game balance. also matching mass confusion's cooldown to seeds of confusion is also almost definitely a poor idea given that seeds is (debatably) due for a bit of a nerf relative to its place in its own set
  5. mind control needs some major help. it's arguably the most underperforming primary for controllers due to lack of ways to set/deal containment damage against groups and lack of damage overall, although it's significantly better on dominators thanks to their inherent and secondary sets. i propose rearranging the power order and buffing a handful of the skills current order: t1: mesmerize t2: levitate t3: dominate t4: confuse t5: mass hypnosis t6: telekinesis t7: total domination t8: terrify
  6. oh, huh. guess i should have searched before posting unfortunate how weapon customization is handled like that. ah well, at least more posts shows interest in seeing a fix
  7. basically the costume creator doesn't seem to allow for having both a visible assault rifle and right-hand pistol at the same time. i try to customize one, and it renders the other invisible but still technically "there" in that it doesn't default the selection
  8. it's crazy that y'all added this, because i was just thinking about how great it'd be the other day. any chance the ghoul run stance could be added to the selection as well?
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