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  1. I made this build for my buddy who has very little interest in farming and doesn't want to invest a ton of inf into this kind of character. Yes I know, you gotta spend money to make money but he is totally uninterested in spending more time than absolutely necessary to get his farmer up an running. The goal is to farm a bit of gold and to power level alts. I made this build for him without any ATOs or purple/winter sets to keep the price as low as possible. I almost made it to fire def cap, it is very close at 44.53% but not quite. However it is manageable to keep a purple inspirat
  2. Titan Weapon no questions asked. Seeing Arc of Destruction crit 10 targets will swear you off all other sets. Put the Crit proc chance ATO in Titan Sweep and use that as your opener followed by Whirling Smash and AoD for the massive damage
  3. Not so, Corrupter is the best of both worlds, the healthy balance. I have found 2 schools of thought when it comes to playing CoH. One is to play your character through TFs, Paper/Radio missions and story arcs. The second school of thought is to powerlevel to 50 in AE and start from there. Playing a Corrupter is so much more enjoyable if you play your character through the content because you get your attacks from your primary set much faster. in addition to having the support powers (most support sets are front loaded) to support your team through the content. If you regularly powerle
  4. If this is a dedicated farmer then here are a few things that could change on your build to farm better: Energy Mastery is not needed with Bio Armor, you have DNA Siphon that comes back every 30s and if you really need it, Efficient Adaptation that can be toggled when DNA is still on CD and you are struggling and Ageless. Super Jump is also not really needed in a world of P2W Jetpacks, Ninja Run and Mission Teleporters. S/L resists need to be at 90% and def at 45% Having removed SJ and the EM pool, I added Mu Mastery to the mix to get 2 additional great AoE powers: Ele
  5. I dont even take that power on my SR characters. I really really hate powers that have a crash on them, I find them all to be completely unplayable.
  6. I don't have a problem with Quantum enemies existing in their current state. What I DO have a problem with is them spawning in missions where the enemies are friendly and you aren't supposed to attack, random spawns are quantums and proceed to shoot you with their laser guns. NOW THAT IS IMMERSION BREAKING I did the Skulls story arc the other day with friends and we barely survived the mission where we have to infiltrate a skulls hideout disguised as skulls with the crappy powerset. Normally this is a trivial in and out mission where you talk to people and d
  7. I did this recently with a Dark/Dark Tanker it is very good. I will post my build here however you will have to change it up a bit because of the ATOs but they are similar enough that it wouldn't be too hard to make them fit. But seriously Dark Melee on tankers is amazing, the increased range and target cap you get on Shadow Maul and Touch of Fear is nothing to laugh at. Here is the updated build with the Beta Mids release that has the right Enhancements in Touch of Fear Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-d
  8. more damage = faster dead things = more good Please don't skip damage
  9. Here is my take on this build. Full disclaimer, I've never played Ice Melee so I'm not sure if there are powers that are normally skipped in the set This is a pretty budget friendly build, the only expensive parts are the ATOs, Gladiator, Shield Wall, Panacea and the Luck of the Gambler pieces the rest should be very manageable. Hasten isn't perma though but I don't think it's possible without sacrificing a lot in other areas in a budget build like this S/L/Melee defs are capped S/L/N resists are capped with Fire and Cold pretty high especially with the ATO procs factored
  10. Dark/Dark is my new fav since the changes to DM a few weeks ago. Don't even have the last 3 powers in Dark Armor (the CC toggles and self rez) anymore since I respeced it for Touch of Fear and Fold Space but those 2 powers are just so much fun
  11. I get the white verifying page but I have not had to enter a capcha
  12. @WarK Look into running the Summer Blockbuster Event. it is available starting at level 15 and rewards 1 piece of the Overwhelming Force set. It is decent enough and can slot into any +damage power. The mission is fairly easy to do, can be repeated at will and the pieces can also be sold at the AH for around 10mill each iirc
  13. Sorry if it came out harshly, It wasn't intended to bash you or the work you have done on this bind setup. They were just my honest observations and reasons as to why this would never work for me
  14. Here are my honest abservations. After looking at these controls, I could never really get used to something like this, not only would I need to have the reference chart in front of me for a while (which is annoying) and there is some prime keyboard real estate dedicated to commands that are non useful in combat, notably F, Q and G which I use to bind powers I use in combat. Q= Cancel Autorun: I can just use a movement key to cancel autorun F = Follow: Unless I'm going AFK and i want to keep up in missions that have a lot of ambushes (notably ITF) I can just manually right click o
  15. Once built up properly Dark Armor is SOLID. Mine caps almost all of the resists in addition to capping Smash, Lethal and Melee defences. Combined with the giant heal that comes back super fast it is very hard to put down a Dark/ Tanker
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