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  1. Good news, everyone! Chaos United will soon be hosting their monthly costume contest in Kallisti Wharf. This one will be celebrating the summer with a pool party theme! Be sure to show up on Saturday(08/08/2020) at 6PM EST to have a chance to acquire inf. Our prize pool will be 1 billion as usual with a top 3 payout and 5 runner-up payments. Feel free to try and get very creative. Keep in mind, not only party-goers are at a pool party. Perhaps you are a popsicle salesman, or even a life guard! Rules: Be appropriate, no powers whatsoever(only emotes/tailor auras)
  2. I got this build from the Widow forum and it seems like the top build. Nobody mentioned a mistake with it at all. Just overall super odd.
  3. The enhancement screen clearly states that you can use Arachnos ATOs on Fortunata Training Total Domination... but it doesn't let you. This is unfortunate as I bought my whole build before slotting Total Dom. Thanks to any who help with this issue. - Captain Cream
  4. Took a huge break and I'm new to rad armor, I really just ripped off of some builds and tweaked it until I got annoyed. Looking for advice on how to cap my non-psi or cold resistances. It's okay if cold or psi is super low cause meltdown will cover it pretty well. I want to keep all the powers I chose. Thanks in advance. - Captain Cream Cream Colossus.mxd
  5. Hello everyone, Captain Cream here. Chaos United runs monthly costume contests for the people of Everlasting, and for the month of March we are upping the stakes! The prizepool has been bumped to a whopping 3b. Come out and show us your best Saint Patty's Day themed costumes! DATE: 3/20/20 TIME: 8 PM EST LOCATION: Kallisti Wharf THEME: Saint Patrick's Day PRIZEPOOL: 3,000,000,000(three billion) RULES: Generally the same throughout most CCs. - Auras must be able to be bought from the tailor(No armor toggles, DoT auras, etc) - No buffing other conte
  6. This is more what I was looking for. Big thanks. Excited to respec.
  7. Very interested when you have the time!
  8. I'm looking for a very optimized mids build for tri-form warshade. Would prefer something not homemade, genuinely insane DPS, and not limited by budget. Thank you all!
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