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  1. Out of curiosity, will they allow Fallout from Rad Emission to work on dead pets?
  2. Can you update my position I has 1547 with the website
  3. Are all of the kills retro given or do we need to redo all the missions to get the prisoners?
  4. Hi Bopper, My client did update, but it only went to the last known i26 data base. Is there a way I can get i27 information?
  5. Hi is there a list of i27 badges available?
  6. Honestly Imo, I don't really care if majority of the attacks are won't get the Domination benefits. I would just like to play a Illi Dom. Just having the option to play one is nice.
  7. Always wondered why Dom never got illusion.
  8. Hi, out of curiosity, do debuffs stack when using burnout if the debuff is from the same source? I know that LR can stack, but will other debuffs like benumb or sleet also stack?
  9. Hi just curious if there was any talk about power proliferation across other ATs. A long requested on was to have illusion for doms, and I have not heard any mention of any
  10. Would also like the old mez system, but that seems out of the possibilities
  11. This is probably requested to death, but can we have doms get illusion?
  12. Hi, I don't know if this really matter if it will tax the servers, but from Kings Row entrance point to Bricktown that just has a massive spawn of NPC. The NPC will constantly spawn as you go down the road.
  13. Hello All, For the last 45 min I tried getting the badge awarded. 1st time around the badge was given to someone who was knocked out the first round. 2nd time, the badge was awarded to the person who won all three rounds. 3rd round I won all three rounds but the badge was not awarded. We tried the method where the 2nd, 3rd, 4th slot will advance, but still the badge is not dropping. Is there a way to get this to work?
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