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  1. Paragon City Fashion week is affecting things in the Rogue Isles as well, apparently. ((on going stories and background lead-ups to the Entropy Legion's current story arc "Deadly High Fashion"))
  2. ((this was the aftermath of RP that took place on the night of 9/10/19. The short of the story is that an Mastermind (the James Bond type, not the AT) has created and released, in small quantities, nano-bot moths that attack and consume clothing. So if you wish, you can find your villain/hero suddenly naked as they fall victim to a passing cloud of these nano-moths. The story is not done but the Mastermind is planning to release all his nano-moths upon Paragon City Fashion Week runway show in Atlas Park, where all of Paragon City, and eventually the world, will find themselves naked! For full details on the story visit here: https://entropylegion.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12036495&gid=578441 ))
  3. Everything was running fine on my Mac but now it won't launch. Says there is an error. This is the error file.backtrace.txt
  4. Has there been any plans to make an iOS version? I tend to do planning on my iPad and iPhone and feel the computer app is meh because I have to toggle between CoH and Mids to level.
  5. ((ok, not exactly a newspaper, but this is probably an ad in your favorite newsprint too. Posters are appearing all over Paragon City and Mercy.)) ((this is part of the Entropy Legion's current story line which is called "Deadly High Fashion." Since it is Fashion Week in NYC, I decided to do this theme story for them))
  6. evolution of the game (new stuff) obviously. But the IMMEDIATE need is the creation of enemies that are 50+6 so that Incarnate powered characters now are not just wading through enemies. We need a bit more current balance with the powers we have available. And we should do that now in the "illegitimate" state of the game. After that: Content, content, content.
  7. My group, the Entropy Legion, is purposefully low profile...as in losers. We are semi-competent villains. During CoH Live we were relatively well known, we did a lot of Cape Radio events that were villain themed, which nobody ever did because the favoring of blue side. Anyways, the Legion has has brushes of Noterietay now and then and then squander those opportunities with villainous blundering. You view those moment in the Newspaper Clips section in our Galley section on our website. So if you need a /sacasim “great, it’s those guys”, think of the Entropy Legion!
  8. Well, the Entropy Legion has been around 2010/2011. The main emphasis is that the Legion are a bit of Bad News Bears losers, so there is not an inherent Super Ego Master Villain in the group. I’m their leader, Radium Blight, and they have very little respect for me. And the character doesn’t deserve respect most of the time. He is like a middle manager that has been granted devastating radiation powers. Very little creativity and not that “smooth.” I did this a lot to let the villains vent on me and not each other, it also lightens the mood. That is, for me, the key success of the Entropy Legion, is that they are fun, not one dimensional eeeeevil! so the villains will snide comments at each other, they have personalities that lead to quirky behavior and failure, and they have a clueless boss that gets enough right that they haven’t left. And they are a bickering family. They’ll come up with out of whack plots that are doomed to fail, but the rest of the villains pat them on the backs and tell them “ man, that almost worked.” what I learned quickly is that having a room full of Red Skulls is never going to work. It is boring. Having a room full of bad guy Peter Parkers is funny and has room to grow. This formula works. During Live we ran 2-3 RP nights and 1-2 Strike target events a week. For 2-3 years straight. On redside. Redside is not deadside if you are not Dr. Doom and play the quirky nature of being a costumed aggressive agent. Think about the mental quirks and bad decision making for a person who decides to put on a colorful spandex outfit and be mad at the world. Doomed to failure is what that is. And that is what the Entropy Legion is, a room full of failures trying their best. so that is how, in a poorly worded explanation, of how we have a VG so long term plots. I hope something of that rambling made sense or gave inspiration.
  9. I do a mixture of small RPs and longer term RPs. I have a basic story outline with a general idea/plan on where it is heading, but I stay extremely adaptive on what my SG members do or say. For instance, take my VG the Entropy Legion, they started a story where I had them pitted against a “Mexican” drug cartel due to a botched bank robbery. It morphed, over the course of a few weeks, into them taking over the home country of that Cartel’s leader. Due to the actions of the players I found reasons/rationale to introduce a hero side SG to foil the plans of the villains. So this whole story arc has taken place for about 1.5-2 months now. We RP in the ever adapting plot and we do side RPs too. It has always been this organic thing where I have to do a lot of writing and rewriting of plots due to what their actions are. Keeps me entertained/busy and they don’t feel railroaded in one predestined path. It is not for the feign of heart, that is for sure. The Costa Verde arc has pretty much ended, but with elements that could come back, but probably more for their new hero group. The villains are about to start this fashion themed story next week.
  10. So I had created a newspaper template long ago when CoH/V was Live. It is formatted in Mac program called Keynote, which is the Mac version of PowerPoint. PowerPoint should have no issues opening it up either, though it will probably adjust some things a little. Those adjustments should be minor. Anyways, I'm never one to horde things, so you can download my template here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/file3.guildlaunch.net/578441/Newspaper templates.key Here is what you'll find in the template: Paragon Times, no explanation needed Paragon Post, this is my creation that I use (like the New York Post in RL) to make more sensational headlines and not so much journalistic integrity. Page 8 is the gossip section (paralleling the NY Post's famous Page 6) Rogue Isle Protector, no explanation needed, you read it for your bank jobs SuperHype, the gossip and meta-celebrity news rag TPN Today, all the news Emperor Cole wants you to know! Generic Blog/Online News article Paragon Sporting News, because sports are big everywhere Olden Times, when I wanted to create something from the past that can be "researched" and discovered by my Heroes/Villains Daily Planet, because it is the greatest news publication in any fictional universe, duh. And that Clark Kent has to be the fastest typist I've ever seen. Daily Bugle, another sensational style newspaper. Gotta love the Editorial section. What can he rant about today? Gotham Gazette, because how much more depressing can a city's Metro section get? Have fun making headline news!
  11. Minor incident Joker's Wild night club. No authorities were called. Decaying jerk was tossed out to the street. Almost nobody missed a beat.
  12. davpa

    Virtue Roll Call!

    I'm on the look out for a player (@Dr. Freezus was the Global Name was during Live) that was in the Entropy Legion by the character name Digital Epione. If you are that person, hey, the Legion has been running since the servers have been up! Come back home! If you know this player, please pass on the info that we are looking for them.
  13. The Union Supreme, authorized by the UN Security Council, moved in and freed President Elmirez from the Rebels and Ramiro "El Lobo" Xuc. Now the country can focus on the recover efforts from the object that crashed from orbit that devastated Costa Verde. ((see Union Supreme webpage for more details on current story and its complications))
  14. Anything out there now to deal with demorecords? Once upon a time there was a costume extractor tool, which would be great. Any video editing/navigation tool would be killer. Running demos right in client doesn’t let you navigate outside of original viewing angle or even a pause function. I want to fly around to get better screenshots of my groups’ adventures.
  15. I decided to go with the Immortal Recovery. Thanks.
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