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  1. I do remember. I have the drawing right here....(virtually). Give us a ring in-game. I'm at @davpa. We were quite during Xmas holidays, but will be starting again this week.
  2. It happened again...you'd think they would be prepared for this every year.
  3. I understand that the fandom sites are not ideal, but as a stopgap it makes the most sense. New materials can be written with the idea of then transferring them to Paragon Wiki when it “opens up” for expanding to i26+ material. The CoH wiki gives us a chance to write and share the new material without starting it all from scratch.
  4. Would it make sense to update the CoH Fandom site as it already has a large chunk of info already on it? It would not be a start from scratch and things can be edited for the HC system.
  5. You forgot the biggest non-Stan Lee “Stan the Man”! Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals! He predates Stan Lee’s use of the nickname. as to your copyright question, Stan is a tough one because he is a real person and a cameo icon (both in comics as well as movies) so he might fall und the copyright jurisdiction. His roll is unique so I don’t think he “money producing asset” like Wolverine or Batman, so I think you would be safe from scrutinizing eyes. on a side note, I think you should have other costumes of all the different Stan the Mans (Stan the Men?)! Be more of a universal force of Stan-ness. You harness the Stan Force, which has traveled through time and space to various Stans found worthy of being...The Man! ‘Nuff Said!
  6. ((continuing story of the Union Supreme, which is continuing the Costa Verde saga started by the villains, the Entropy Legion. Also, the International Red Circle is my CoH universe version of the International Red Cross/Crescent. Always best to avoid using real life organizations! For more details on this and other stories, visit the Legion and Union's websites in the section below.))
  7. Paragon City Fashion week is affecting things in the Rogue Isles as well, apparently. ((on going stories and background lead-ups to the Entropy Legion's current story arc "Deadly High Fashion"))
  8. ((this was the aftermath of RP that took place on the night of 9/10/19. The short of the story is that an Mastermind (the James Bond type, not the AT) has created and released, in small quantities, nano-bot moths that attack and consume clothing. So if you wish, you can find your villain/hero suddenly naked as they fall victim to a passing cloud of these nano-moths. The story is not done but the Mastermind is planning to release all his nano-moths upon Paragon City Fashion Week runway show in Atlas Park, where all of Paragon City, and eventually the world, will find themselves naked! For full details on the story visit here: https://entropylegion.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12036495&gid=578441 ))
  9. Everything was running fine on my Mac but now it won't launch. Says there is an error. This is the error file.backtrace.txt
  10. Has there been any plans to make an iOS version? I tend to do planning on my iPad and iPhone and feel the computer app is meh because I have to toggle between CoH and Mids to level.
  11. ((ok, not exactly a newspaper, but this is probably an ad in your favorite newsprint too. Posters are appearing all over Paragon City and Mercy.)) ((this is part of the Entropy Legion's current story line which is called "Deadly High Fashion." Since it is Fashion Week in NYC, I decided to do this theme story for them))
  12. evolution of the game (new stuff) obviously. But the IMMEDIATE need is the creation of enemies that are 50+6 so that Incarnate powered characters now are not just wading through enemies. We need a bit more current balance with the powers we have available. And we should do that now in the "illegitimate" state of the game. After that: Content, content, content.
  13. My group, the Entropy Legion, is purposefully low profile...as in losers. We are semi-competent villains. During CoH Live we were relatively well known, we did a lot of Cape Radio events that were villain themed, which nobody ever did because the favoring of blue side. Anyways, the Legion has has brushes of Noterietay now and then and then squander those opportunities with villainous blundering. You view those moment in the Newspaper Clips section in our Galley section on our website. So if you need a /sacasim “great, it’s those guys”, think of the Entropy Legion!
  14. Well, the Entropy Legion has been around 2010/2011. The main emphasis is that the Legion are a bit of Bad News Bears losers, so there is not an inherent Super Ego Master Villain in the group. I’m their leader, Radium Blight, and they have very little respect for me. And the character doesn’t deserve respect most of the time. He is like a middle manager that has been granted devastating radiation powers. Very little creativity and not that “smooth.” I did this a lot to let the villains vent on me and not each other, it also lightens the mood. That is, for me, the key success of the Entropy Legion, is that they are fun, not one dimensional eeeeevil! so the villains will snide comments at each other, they have personalities that lead to quirky behavior and failure, and they have a clueless boss that gets enough right that they haven’t left. And they are a bickering family. They’ll come up with out of whack plots that are doomed to fail, but the rest of the villains pat them on the backs and tell them “ man, that almost worked.” what I learned quickly is that having a room full of Red Skulls is never going to work. It is boring. Having a room full of bad guy Peter Parkers is funny and has room to grow. This formula works. During Live we ran 2-3 RP nights and 1-2 Strike target events a week. For 2-3 years straight. On redside. Redside is not deadside if you are not Dr. Doom and play the quirky nature of being a costumed aggressive agent. Think about the mental quirks and bad decision making for a person who decides to put on a colorful spandex outfit and be mad at the world. Doomed to failure is what that is. And that is what the Entropy Legion is, a room full of failures trying their best. so that is how, in a poorly worded explanation, of how we have a VG so long term plots. I hope something of that rambling made sense or gave inspiration.
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