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  1. I have an Asus ROG 34" curved monitor (Asus PG348Q 3440x1440) and CoH runs great on it with one exception. Cut-scenes do not display well. Dialog text gets cut-off and the horizontal "bars" meant to display a 16x9 movie experience doesn't span across the entire screen. Despite that, I am quite happy with my 34" curved monitor and strongly recommend it.
  2. My main is a ff/rad defender. Force field defenders play more offensively than most other defenders. Its better to think of them as SR sentinels with weaker damage but can share their armor with their team. My FF defender is pretty tanky. He's soft-capped on ranged and AoE def and about 39% melee def. Because of this, I can play him with an aggressive, in-your-face play-style. Rad is the most AoE focused of all the secondaries. Its single target damage is pretty weak. Because of this, it is better to focus on AoE damage, not single target. I think
  3. Replusion Bomb is a great power for procs. I slotted 4 procs into mine, (ATO + FF + -RESIST + DMG). You don't need KB > KD, however. It already does KD. Sadly, Force Bolt isn't very good for slotting procs. Procs only work well for slow recharging powers or powers you use on cooldown. Force bolt, with a 4s cooldown and situational use, is neither.
  4. Nice to see a fellow ff/rad bubbler. Here is my main, Asymptote. (How can I make a bubbler my main? Nostalgia, mostly. He's my first 50 from back from I2 on live. I always loved the soap bubbles and the proton torpedo sound effect of the snipe.) Given that the force field set itself is a pretty passive set to play, (unless you go the pinball wizard route), force fielders rely heavily on their secondaries. For rad, this means AoEs, often up close. HIghlights: soft-capped ranged and AoE defense, 38%+ defense for all other types 50%+ S/L/E resi
  5. I never noticed KD being converted to KB when using fissure or tremor with ice slick or sleet on my ice/earth dom. I don't think they stack.
  6. I have a level 50 ice/earth dom and she's a manic beast. She does did have end problems, though. Ironically, I was able to greatly reduce them by adding more recharge. Triggering domination refills your end bar, Once you reach perma-dom, you can refill your end bar every 90s or less. It was built with these goals in mind: See how far I can push FF procs, I was inspired by Myshkin's "Mad Kings Special" Energy blaster builds and I wanted to see how crazy I can get. Maximize recharge. Soft cap smash/lethal defense. Maximize the end reduction on attacks.
  7. No, I don't think that slotting KB>KD IOs in Repulsion Field is worth it. First, Homecoming made a modification to Repulsion Field so that if you slot a KB>KD IO in it, the chance of KB goes down to 10%. This means that the KBs only trigger about once per 5 seconds per mob. Second, it seems that mobs resist the KB about half the time. The other half of the time, they just flinch a little and sometimes run out of the field. When I slotted a KB>KD into repulsion field, I was hoping for a portable Bonfire. Sadly, it was much less than that. I ended up taking it back out
  8. Note that Homecoming patched repel so that the chance for Knockback is reduced to 10% when slotted with Sudden Acceleration. So the end drain is not as bad as it sounds. From homecoming pre-5/16/19 patch notes: I have tried slotting the KB-KD in Repulsion Field for my FF/Rad Def and I was not impressed. To my knowledge, Repel and Repulsion Field are identical powers. I was hoping for a portable Bonfire, but it was much less than that. Knockdowns would only trigger every couple seconds. Mobs would resist the knockdown about half the time. When they r
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