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  1. The Haunt on Torchbearer will be manned from 8PM to 12PM Eastern time for sure, maybe later if folks are still stopping by!
  2. Years ago I was a "sysop" (Systems Operator - what they called their GMs) on what used to be called the Microsoft MSN Gaming Zone for a game called Fighter Ace, and that was their policy as well. I chose not because my "style" was pretty easy to pick out anyway, but most of the sysops did choose to keep their playing identity secret. He never let on that he was a GM to me, but I will always remember his kindness and willingness to help. He made a huge impression on me and even though I played the game before shutdown, I learned more from his guides than I ever knew back then. I teamed with him a few times, and found him to be one of the nicest players I have ever met. He will definitely be missed.
  3. Thanks for adding the Haunt! Ghoulie will be there on Halloween and maybe a few others! We may need volunteers to "haunt" some rooms, and maybe a volunteer "Donator" to hand out goodies!
  4. That was how I met him, though he never mentioned being a GM. He was holding a "hide and seek" and was in the atrium atop a building in AP. Gave me a Superpack, but even more important, a link to his guides, which totally changed the game for me. Such a nice, generous person. Deepest condolences to his family and his friends.
  5. Ahh. I was on Liberty. Wasn't ever a serious PvPer. But good on the folks of Freedom for not putting up with him.
  6. Wow! I did a quick search and yeah, this Twixt guy fits the definition of toxic. I daresay his calling his behaviour "research" or "experiments" is about the weakest excuse I have ever heard anyone use for being a complete and utter jerk (and griefing). I don't know how I missed this back then, as I was a pretty hardcore player at that time. Anyone know what server he played on? I played a lot in Warburg on my ill/emp (loved launching those rockets!). I have a lot of screenshots of her (Azazela) and my main, DawL, having fun in Siren's Call as well. Yeah, we did chat a lot with the villains, and team with them. I remember a certain stalker who was getting jumped repeatedly by a small group of heroes (I don't recall anyone named Twixt though) and Az promptly TP-Foe'd him into the hero hospital next to the rezzers, and told him to wait....after all, revenge is best served cold... *evil grin*. (Somewhere I have screenshots of a group of villains throwing a party in the hero hospital in Siren's, LOL.) But it was all in fun and we were never mean about it. From what the Reddit thread (of 11 years ago) shows, the guy knew what he was doing and talked smack to those he was doing it to. 😞 The bottom line was, we KNEW we weren't really HEROES, and we also understood that those we played *with* weren't really VILLAINS. Repeatedly feeding someone to the drones, or the NPCs is frustrating and NOT good for the community and thus the game. The goal is for players to enjoy playing together and keep coming back, not rage-quit and uninstall the game. I think that's why this game has for YEARS had the best gaming community I have ever witnessed - because most of the players are more into teaming than anything and we enjoy helping each other. And that just feels good! I am really surprised that this person's "research" was published (if indeed it was published as actual research) when he apparently didn't bother to let his subjects know they were participating. At least in medicine and psych, informed consent is a requirement. Highly unethical to do otherwise. I can't imagine going online and agitating people on purpose then authoring a paper on how they reacted. Bad form, bad ethics, and IMHO, bad person. I guess I am glad I either didn't know or don't remember this guy.
  7. Thanks, that may have been it. I don't have anything memorized, but I may have had the table open.
  8. She really fits the "Corruptor" concept so well. Very interesting story, and the screenshots are awesome!
  9. I sold off almost all my common (white) IO recipes to the vendor in AE, then opened /ah to sell excess salvage. In the "Useful Salvage Warning" window, it shows a bunch of recipes "that you own" that I had already sold off. In the screenshot you can see by the inventory I only have 2 common IO recipes, but the salvage warning is showing 10 of them.
  10. Very nice guide! I got a lot out of this. I personally normally get those level 10 IOs as soon as I can if I am playing a character up, because it's no fun to be that one player that does nothing but whiff-whiff-whiff. Or even worse, soloing and you whiff and they hit and boom! You are dead because you couldn't hit them as fast as they hit you. At the very least I slot accuracy IOs in my attacks and End Mods in my stamina. If I am PLing up, I usually don't even look at the enhancement slots until they are 25-30 (because it just goes so fast). I have played all the content that existed before I mostly quit playing the game back around 2008 (nursing school sucked my entire life into a joyless void). I am really enjoying playing stuff I hadn't seen before, and it's so nice to have these guides to help me with the learning curve! Thank you so much for all this hard work! ❤️
  11. Ah, I thought it was everyone's standings. We're offline for the foreseeable future, as the cable company is burying new line. Hopefully this app can fold offline and return the completed WUs when we're reconnected.
  12. Looking at it now. I don't see my name. 😞 I joined yesterday and the list was posted today.
  13. Um. I am pretty sure that's not going to work out so well for me. 😛 At least the beard part. I have lived the barbarian haircut, most of my life, lol.
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