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  1. I don't like the way you phrased the introduction to this topic, and I knew you'd get the steadfast "and what you do think is wrong with supports" by the phrasing... BUT... I actually kind of like the idea here. However, I think this should apply to specific sets. Empathy and other almost pure ally-buffing sets really could use a buff like this to improve overall survivability. I think this could end up being a daunting task rerouting powersets and buffs to be TAoE, but I really think sets like Empathy/FF need it. I'll be honest, I'm still a little on the fence for where this could
  2. Hmm... So I'm building characters these days, and I used to stick pretty hardcore to the 35 and 45 numbers for Blasters/Corruptors/Controllers/et all. and while I don't find reaching the softcap to be a bad thing, I want to point out that it's really not all that bad to be 2-3% off, if that means you're gaining large amounts of recharge, procs, endurance management help, etc. in the current state of the game, Maneuvers is plentiful, as are defense inspirations. For those reasons, I don't think people should strictly adhere to the softcap rules and build (especially non-defense set ATs) for it
  3. My quick take on this topic is (and I've said this before): 1) When you form a team with random players, you really never know who or what will join. Some people are just behind the curve when it comes to builds, or even if they have a decent build, they lack the game knowledge to use their powers properly (Brutes not understanding they have inherent taunts, Controllers not understanding that those immobilizes are leaving permanent enemy scatter if they're not grouped together properly, Masterminds not controlling their damage/pets when a specific objective calls for people to stop hitting
  4. I really would love some of these hair options!
  5. Sorry, but PvP be damned. This is a good suggestion regardless, and I think it even merits trying to implement a workaround (i.e. can't see opponents in zone for pvp players).
  6. I believe this has to do with the Hamidon event being situated in the Abyss, and is working as intended. So, Monster Island works the same as any other hazard zone, but the Abyss is not just a regular hazard zone, it contains Hamidon encounters, therefore the devs would want only people who can contribute and are 45+ to join this zone. I believe Eden works the same way or used to.
  7. Would I be mad over this being implemented? No, but I'll give you my .02 take... Rikti Zone Invasions can be really annoying to deal with as a person who doesn't wish to engage in this content. When I'm playing regular missions/task forces and I'm traversing the area it can be a great annoyance to deal with Rikti Motherships shooting people all over the place. Spawning one randomly after that timeframe would be really inconvenient, why would you want a RZI to occur after a long while and hunt for that? Zombie invasions I can get behind, I still find them annoying but they're most
  8. I'm sorry but no... I wouldn't prefer a defensive speed power like SJ/Hover. I like Burnout, it is a unique utility and it makes things like double Gang War possible and creates interesting build possibilities. For that reason, I must say I just don't care for these ideas and like Speed as is, nor do I feel it needs any buffs, I think Speed is probably the best power pool overall for me and virtually every character I make takes Speed mostly for SS even besides Hasten. I'm sorry, I'm just going to have to say no. 😞
  9. I agree with everything you've said... HOWEVER I think maybe, even though it's not optimal for damage or really any task, maybe some people just want to be extremely tanky and control things even if it slows their progression immensely? Every control set (sans Mind) has a pet for its T9, so I think they'll still be getting *some* damage in there. Controllers themselves do actually make progress and damage with just their controls alone as it is. I do support the suggestion of the AT for its sense of style and because honestly I don't consider control powersets or most defensive pow
  10. If it's possible, sure! However, I must caution that this may be a problem to implement due to the timeframe animations lagging the servers and areas with high volume activity (Eden/RWZ) so people could in theory "grief" the servers causing unintentional crashes. If that's not the case, then by all means.
  11. Because I don't want a recharge, I want a power that lasts permanently on an enemy if I want it to. I don't care however you repackage that, I like the power how it is, and anything less than how it is, is a net nerf.
  12. NO. Please stop trying to RUIN this power. I enjoy it the way it is.
  13. This has kind of derailed into an MSR discussion, which may be fair game, but overall that's not why I started this thread, and if people really want the lowbies, again, it's not really my care one way or the other. Not the hill I want to die on. I am tired of dealing with the Rikti War Zone cap. It is a nightmare to deal with. For a zone that hosts the raid, numerous end-game task forces, and several badges for exploration, it doesn't make much sense to cap it to a level where the raid alone takes up 80% of the space. Again, I'm not adverse to going with the raid in t
  14. Well sure, but realize that for every 1 of these "noobies" there has to be someone covering their load for them. A lot of this community is fine with that aspect, but that is the reality. If the league was filled with all noobs, and no one to carry all these people, then they surely all die and get very little merits. Even if there's several carries, you still wasted merits to that person carrying you. I have to describe it as selfish behavior overall, especially for experienced players who are using the raid purely as an AFK AE bypass. Further, there is leveling content catered t
  15. You misread my post. I do NOT care about the lag. I do not lag. I care about the extreme ANNOYANCE that is recruiting with two versions of the zone, that can randomly get filled and wasting tons of time and patience telling people "oh no you have to go to RWZ2 because the first one is full" for the 20th time, and then the guy can't figure out how to get to the second area or went to the wrong place on the map and takes 40 years, then if you tell them to use the base teleport they don't understand what that is nor have it available, etc. Gatekeeping this issue is stupid
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