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  1. I think it's okay as is, I get SD from Soul Mastery on 30s on/70s cd which translates to only 40s of downtime. Overall though, for a power that acts as a decent AoE, and gives a long-lasting damage buff, in addition to the proc'able Dark Obliteration which I find really rounds out a Dominator which traditionally lacks immediate AoE damage, and this really works to strengthen that weakness. I choose this pool evenw ith the flaw on almost every Dominator build I make, no joke. As for the Defender/Corruptor counterpart, I kind of understand why it was done to balance them overall. From Darkness mastery, you have to choose either Oppressive Gloom (I don't really recommend this in most cases unless you can constantly self-heal), or Dark Consumption which has pitiful base damage, could be used for procs but is on such a long CD that it's going to be up about as often as a judgement if not less, and the only other ones you gain are an armor, which every set gets, and Soul Transfer (which to be frank, I don't think is a great benefit, but it's alright), in exchange for shorter Soul Drain. In comparison to Soul Mastery, you gain Soul Drain on a longer CD, Power Boost, proc'able Hold, and good 4-piece minion for 6.25% recharge and overall better slotting capabilities. Some people will choose #2 for Power Boost alone, but Soul Mastery has the better goodies.
  2. I think this would be the easier approach, it may not cover all the bases in your outlined idea @MsSmart, but with the limited Dev resources, I think that this is a great/workable idea.
  3. I think that the same blue generic animation is a bit dated, and I understand the dev resources to implement this are a bit excessive, but perhaps like the teleport shoots a glowing yellow ball of energy when you use the LTR, or black smoke, or something that's a little more interesting than the generic power. Now, technically you won't see it too much but it's still a thematic element I would love to enjoy.
  4. This was fixed actually! Proof the Devs read the forums, and I'm so glad that this change was implemented! Even if you miss the power now, it will still grant the regen/recovery bonus. (i27 update)
  5. My thoughts were more along the lines of "create more things that are similar to ITF/LGTF/MLTF/LRSF" that are new and interesting end-game content, rather than extraneously difficult challenges, but I think there's a market for both. However at this point, I don't think most people care about the distinction in difficulty, they just want to enjoy their character's fullest potential and have fun with that rather than have content that makes you exemp down. I'd take content for 50 in any capacity that it's offered at this point.
  6. My vote has always been just more endgame content, that's probably been stated in this forum 6x over by people, but it's true. Many players feel like that the new stuff is cool, like with the new powersets and costume changes, and we all greatly appreciate that. More end-game content in the form of Task Forces/iTrials or group events that encourage community chatting and meeting is always a net positive, we've gotten several content updates for lower content and unfortunately it just feels like "well, I'm 50 now, so I guess this is just another Ouro arc." For others who go 1-50, this obviously isn't the case, but there are a lot of people that are underrepresented on the forums who play at 50 and just enjoy having the scope of their powers.
  7. I can get behind this definitely, introduces more variety more than just the usual guns/beams perspective!
  8. Personally, I would really like some very interesting weird hybrid sort of a Warshade/Fortunata, dark ethereal mental powers, so I could really call her the "Black Widow." I know I know, very fruitcake idea but why the hell not?
  9. Hello, so I was crafting probably over 30+ purple recipes and a thought occurred to me: wouldn't this be so much nicer if there was some kind of a prompt or a link to the salvage in the recipes allowing us to quickly craft that recipe? EX: I need to get Pangean Soil for Apocalypse: Chance for Negative Energy Damage recipe, you click the salvage listed on that recipe, and it brings up the AH and the salvage item for you, and displays the price for that item so you can bid on it more quickly than searching-item-by-item for each salvage manually.
  10. I'm just going to say it, these TA changes are horrible. Sorry, I know you've worked hard on it, and I get that, but seriously not every single set has to be a carbon-copy of one another. Absolutely no one asked for Oil Slick Arrow, nor wanted it honestly. A lot of people are very unhappy that these sets are being toyed with to try to force people into a playstyle that they never wanted or asked for. You are way over-nerfing TA as a set, and you are not providing bonuses to make up for it, and a lot of people are extremely dissatisfied with these changes. Let's list all of the nerfs: Removing the hold to being only on robots and turning ESD Arrow into a stun-only power without additional improvement onto its CCing capability. Giving TA a worse variation of Oil Slick than even the defender version that can't accept defense debuff enhancements or procs. Making it so Gymnastics and CJ don't combine to give you additional fun bungee jumping. This IMO is one of the most "wtf" ones, this is directly what a lot of people have a lot of fun with, hopping around and enjoying the game. Why did THAT need to be nerfed? Upshot is radically nerfed from 100% damage to 81.5% damage, 30% tohit to 15% to hit, and 30% recharge to 15% recharge. Seriously? Even Chronos has 20% tohit left on its BU power, the 30 to 15 is ridiculous. If you're going to increase the recharge on Ice Arrow, then at bare minimum reduce the cast rate on it. 1.67s is mid-high for hold casts, 1.33s or 1.1s would make the recharge being upped not so bad but you've just hit this set too much. As for upping the endurance cost of the ST immobilize, this is again stupid to me. Why? Because you're putting this power into a box that it's not in. The power has faster cast times than other ST immobilizes, therefore consumes more endurance faster than other powers. Seriously rethink these changes, many people are severely disaffected by them and lots of people are talking about shelfing their Archery/TA Blasters.
  11. Was thinking more it took place in those areas, specifically NW/FW but really anywhere and you could exemp down at any level (sort of like Lady Grey's RWZ TF) where it is co-op.
  12. I'd really appreciate it if for the future there was a current live-version of the server, but on a beta platform for testing purposes and making direct 1:1 comparisons for set redesigns and changes. For example, as it is on live, I may not have a completely directed character with Energy Melee pre-change with the current variation to compare and contrast what I do or do not like about the set and my overall impressions/feedback.
  13. As someone with hundreds of alts, this LTR idea is good in theory, terrible in execution for how grindy and annoying it would be to have to get the badges for *every single zone* that the alt uses, and it would likely lead me to be discouraged from making new characters knowing I'd have to redo this process all over again, which would inevitably burn me out from playing a limited number of combinations. Also, I'm sick of the toxicity of some forum posters on here. Everyone has a voice and an opinion, and bashing others for their opinions is blatantly rude and uncalled for.
  14. I'm absolutely stoked about the fact you're taking this suggestion seriously! I've been wanting to make a few wizard/sorceress characters that have a more "magical" battle theme 🙂!!! woohoo! Thank you ❤️ I know, no guarantees but still, just the fact that ideas like this are given some credit makes me overjoyed!
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