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  1. Yes, that is literally what it means. It will apply the full value regardless of AV/level variation.
  2. I'm all for the idea, and I actually have posted this idea along with @Sovera. Both our threads resulted in the same overall responses: "You're lazy." "You're going to crash the salvage market!" "It should only apply to all salvage, not just white, it should block out any kind of salvage you get." Be prepared for the vitriol some people are going to bring in response to your topic, and the nonsensical arguments many are going to "bring" with this. Laziness is a relative term. Some people have an economic value given how easily white salvage can clog up your inventory and thus you end up with a lot less inf. The market debate is a hot one, but most have said that this argument is rooted in fear of having up less white salvage to drive up a spike in costs of all white salvage would be due to a limited supply. IMO, I see no hard evidence on this becoming a reality more than a theory, lots of people will just not know about the feature, there's already market seeding so I highly doubt if white salvage prices rose that HC would just do nothing about it. Why impose a "salvage tax" when there are no inspiration/recipe taxes? These categories can also fill up easily, and many people reject blue inspirations, and yet you can still purchase them on the AH in massive quantities. Further, the rejection of white recipes has not lead to a "massive spike" in the AH pricing as well. I don't really see the reason to single out salvage in this regard, nor do I think it is based on anything other than the perception of said feature being "too good" to a player. Many people recognize that rejecting white salvage in itself is a disadvantage in some cases (you can't easily craft the temp powers from the sg base) as it is a tax imposed on itself. In theory, you'd get the most bang-for-your-buck if you sold all the salvage in the first place and not choosing the option, thus there is no need for a tax on it. Further, many people will bring up these "new systems" of automatically selling the white salvage. This is an interesting idea, but one that has a lot of chaos such as not keeping up with pricing, absolutely flooring the value of white salvage to an all-time bottom, clogging up your ah space if the value is too high, etc., then we have the point that this technology is not known to exist nor if it is feasible unlike how we know that rejection options can and do.
  3. No offense, but that's your perspective. I saw someone call another the n-word in LFG for spamming. I don't want to see this stuff, and I enjoy actually looking into the discussions on general chat for laughs, but there is a time when enough is enough and I don't want to see messages containing this stuff. So no, your "solution" isn't a solution, and quite honestly I don't think I should have to deal with seeing messages like this in a game. Ever. Btw, said individual still logs into the game and isn't banned. This is a very valid post and it brings a dialogue to this topic more on implementation rather than just the suggestion itself. If such a feature of an add-on exists, I would love to use it. If devs are able to run this capably, I would enjoy it thoroughly. The problem extends beyond General chat. It is probably the most obvious offender but it was purely used as an example in my opening statement, but as I stated above in this reply, it is not a full solution to this.
  4. This is because of the fact that the tentacles have an invisible tremendous toxic damage over time aura. It is an anti-melee design, and unless you have tons of toxic damage, you should avoid them like the plague.
  5. I'd love it if there were a feature that just automatically blocked messages from sight for a player by using a "phrase" simulator for things such as: 1. Political phrases "MAGA," "Russian Spies," "COVID-19 is a hoax." 2. Racial slurs, sorry I'm not providing examples. 3. Other various annoyances to the player. I know this is a bit of a "sour" suggestion, but I find the trolling in this game can get excessive and I'd rather just have the option to not see these kinds of statements/conspiracies. I play this game to escape from the horrific reality that plagues my real life, I don't want to see some of these topics come up again and again. For example, let's say a fictionary character named BluePurple Red said in General Chat "COVID-19 is a hoax." and I have "COVID-19 fake" and "COVID-19 hoax" in my phrase blocker. I would not see this message in general chat without having to block this character/person. Please keep in mind this is NOT censorship. This is client-sided. You are not suppressing the instigator from saying such phrases and words, you are merely stopping it from sight on your end.
  6. I don't feel like the issue is so much that Tankers have been over-buffed, but rather the issue is that in modern gameplay, the Brute is having somewhat of an "identity crisis." Brutes have become the "awkward middle child." They do not compare in AoE or ST damage to the top Scrappers. They are notably less survivable compared to Tankers and do not hold aggro as well as a Tanker. They are inferior to Stalker ST. Honestly Brutes are in a weird but "deserved" place in a way. It is probably the best soloing AT for a variety of situations, but it is also completely a non-specialist AT. Further, as time has gone on now with building and incarnates, a lot of specialist ATs now are capable of doing what a Brute can do with the additions. Scrappers more often justify themselves over a Brute numerically which is a sad reality. This in my opinion, comes from the fact that the Brute has much more build difficulties leveraging its resistance caps due to the lower defensive values compared to Tankers which allows Tankers to also build for damage via procs more easily.
  7. Oh this is a great one... "Speed ITF forming! lfm pst for inv! (lvl 50+)" 5 minutes into the task force... "wOw GuYs I dIdNt KnOw ThIs WaS a SpEeD rUn!"
  8. To be honest, to echo my thought, just in general enormous/massive characters annoy me. Now I'm not by any means asking for it to be changed or trying to enforce my opinion on it on others, it's just that it is very annoying to get into many doors/spaces in general. The Behemoth CoT are a great example of an NPC I find exceptionally annoying to maneuver around, but there are lots of characters that just block up entire pathways to doors (in Tin Mage 2nd mission corridor after RWZ meeting scene). Now I know someone will say "well this is my character and my creativity" and I fully understand how my personal annoyance against it infringes on the creativity and the game itself on others, thus I will never ask or be "that person" who tells people how to play and make their characters. I fully accept this is one of those "you just have to deal with it" situations. I even recognize the solutions to this create more problems than the problem itself exists to solve.
  9. Make some giant ugly character and sit in front of a mission doors. It drives me NUTS!
  10. I'm sorry but do you understand how hard to get some of these badges actually are? Quite honestly things like Immortal are so hard to achieve for people (especially those who don't have the resources at hand to run more than one account at a time for several days) that I don't even think 1 billion influence is appropriate to "purchase" that badge. It also completely cheapens the experience of all the WORK I've had to do with my badger because some lazy "farmer broz!" brute decided "oh I wanna skip the really hard stuff and just be one of the cool badging kids!"
  11. From someone who indefinitely favors D2 > D3 I will surprisingly agree with you this is one of the few instances I actually believe D3 did something "right" over D2. In D2 compiling all the info to make an informed decision about cubing was a pain, honestly who knows if there aren't special hidden cube recipes we still don't know about. As it relates to CoH, I think they were created for a different distinct purpose in D3. CoH literally changes the entire enhancement from one specific IO to another totally different IO, in D3, you're normally rerolling the item's values (it would be as if you're rerolling LotG for a higher defense/end value rather than converting it to Red Fortune). There are only two Kanai Cube recipes that truly convert an item in D3 into another totally different item and that is the Convert Set Item (CSI) and Upgrade Rare Item (URI) categories which I don't believe they display entire lists for all the legendaries/set items that could be rolled from URI. However, on this note, CoH is definitely not D3, it does not contain hundreds if not thousands of uncommon/rare/very rare/PvP possibilities from a single categorical conversion unlike D3's URI, therefore I can see this being a feasible feature.
  12. Your argument is assuming that the enemy groups are normally all the same and that they do 2X damage at melee than ranged. While often true, this is not always the case. Not all enemy groups are the same, and not all defense sets are created the same. Some defense sets and some enemy groups on specific settings make this possible for a specific player. Not all enemy groups are the same, not all defense sets are created equally, there is no default setting in the game automatically, and not all ATs should be judged and balanced by the highest standard of gameplay. Then I may argue that this specific map is not the ideal testament to where the map is so tight that it doesn't present a benefit to be ranged. I do not find the caves in ITF to be the tightest map possible. Further, you've got to recognize that this is a niche instance where you've selected upon yourself no inspirations, solo, and the maximum difficulty on an ITF that strictly rewards ranged damage due to the cascading defense failures of the melee hits that soldiers will do (therefore, this is a special circumstance in which you are selecting for one of the most disadvantaged melee situations, not reflective of most of the game.) Allowing inspirations alone would indefinitely close the gap between the two and the Scrapper would probably have superior clear times given their higher sustained DPS. Your argument is flawed in that it looks at a specific instance for a niche benefit to Sentinel over another AT. Further, as CP has stated, you're trying to draw a 1:1 comparison where there is none to be made, the powerset Fiery Melee is not the same as Fire Blast.
  13. While I understand your sentiments, I think whoever's idea this AT was originally is a bit irrelevant. The Homecoming development team has seen it this way, and agrees or modified it to this vision. @Captain Powerhouse is one of the unpaid volunteer Homecoming developers. He has worked on several community projects related to Homecoming, while I don't always "love" all of his views/changes, I respect his hard work and I think he's made wonderful contributions.
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