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  1. For my installation the only folder I have in the data folder is texture_library. I have the option to view hidden items selected. What am I missing?
  2. I'm terrible with mids. Like, not even sure where to start. I have a fire farmer that I would like to take into normal content with a second build. Money isn't an issue. Anyone willing to put something together for me?
  3. @Frosticusbuild for posion/fire shows an empty slot in stamina? Also, loving it!
  4. @FUBARczarthanks! Would you go with or without pets build first?
  5. What would a high damage invuln/ss build look like?
  6. @FUBARczarwould you mind sharing the fire/psi/mace build? Sounds like fun!
  7. Does anyone have a fire/martial build I could look at? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the insight @Werner!
  9. @Gobbledegookwhich enhancements actually benefit from being +5? For instance, you don't gain any advantage from +5 on a proc correct? Looking to put together a second build with the boosts and would rather not throw inf away needlessly. P.S. This is still my favorite toon. 😛
  10. @Soveraloving your claws/fire build! Which incarnates did you end up liking the most?
  11. @Metatheorymind sharing your build?
  12. @Caldazar4nice guide! I noticed it has been a while. Anything you would update?
  13. Does anyone have a spine/fire build for normal content that they would be willing to share? Would like to use my fire farmer in normal content. Thanks!
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