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  1. I enjoy the raids. I am especially thankful to anyone that takes a leadership role, it must be difficult. I don't show up because I need the raids, the influence, the threads, etc. (though they are a nice bonus) I show up for the camaraderie. I like the dancing, and the joking, and the occasional trivia that emerges. I like to enjoy a light-hearted raid and work to contribute to that as well as killing Hamidon. Online games are unique in that they provide a solitary and social environment all at once. We create the community we want to have. If you're in a bad mood or don't feel like you can participate than skip a night or two. This is a game, it's not your job, and it's certainly not your life. Trust me, if you make sure others are enjoying themselves, you will too. This isn't a zero-sum-game, everyone can win and if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. Orchid Knight
  2. I'd like to see people (by account) have the ability to have their own bases (bat cave) and still be able to join a supergroup with their base (JLA Sattelite). One to chill at, one to RP at and get groups. I think they should be limited to 1 per account and cost a flat influence rate (to drain influence from the market pool). It's nice to have a safe place to store your stuff.
  3. I was just wondering why other people on the team got it and I didn't...twice
  4. Killed the Banner of Fiends in the Dark Apocalypse event on the Everlasting server numerous times but can never get the badge, I've gotten every other badge except that one. My wife on the same league got the badge and I did not. Thanks for Keeping the Game Great
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