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  1. For about a year or so there was and is a graphical fx issue with the incarnate judgment power "Cyronic Final Judgement". It shoots off sideways and away from intended target. Looks really bad.
  2. Maybe you've received this suggesstion before, but would it be possible in the future that unlimited attachements could be applied to one email. For the instance that I might delete a character and want to transfer merits to another character, and other enhancement sets, because who'd want the hassle to drag 100 or so of the same item for each new email. That would be a huge quality of life feature! Thanks for hearing me out 😀
  3. I'm not sure if this bug is known or not, but in the powers preview section the "Sound Barrier" animation of the Sound manipulation power has a quick snap animation. I am not sure if that applies when the power is used. I just wanted to point that out.
  4. Could someone clarify on this upcoming update.. "Incarnate > Destiny > Clarion: Fixed an issue that caused Clarion's buff to increase the strength of other +special buffs". Thanks
  5. Got you. Wow that means I have a lot to change in my builds in mids 😞 Good to know! Thank you!
  6. My bad, I fixed the issue. I had the wrong setup in mids which was not reflecting what I actually built in game. I mixed one of the healing sets with another. It is reflecting correctly. Thank you for setting me straight. Sometimes you need another set off eyes to set you right! 😛
  7. I've viewed it. Either way though, in Mids my cap for recharge is 66.25 yet still i am stuck with 57.5 in game. So that is a bug. I am not sure what is wrong.
  8. Wow Interesting. I never knew that before, and I've had this game since 2007. Thanks for that important piece of information! Also if that is the case, my reharge then should be 66.25%. LotG is the only set that I have slotted over 5 times besides ToD set. Another thing.. with the "rule of 5", does that also apply to other stats besides recharge? There does not seem to be a limit there say for Melee defense or resistance besides the caps for the AT's.
  9. I have built a character where I have calculated that my total recharge percentage is not showing up properly. I have used Mids designer, but that program is filled with bugs and does not always show the full correct stats. The AT is a Scrapper - Ninjutsu/Martial Arts Powers with Luck of Gambler sets total are 8 which equal 60%. Other powers with miscellaneous sets with recharge bonus in them total 28.75%. Total should be 88.75%, but I am getting 57.5%. I have a attached my Mids file. Gababunto - Scrapper (Martial Arts).mxd
  10. Any fix coming to the Incarnate judgement ability Cryonic FX being broken?
  11. Not particularly happy that Stone Spears from the Earth set cast time is reduced so drastically. I just feel it is too fast. When i imagine using that power I feel there is a weight to it. It is a earth shaking move so it makes sense the user charges up a little before impacting the earth. That's just me though.
  12. Thank you for this awesome update. Just put in that request for that D-pad issue last night and now its fixed next morning. Everything is working properly now. Thank you for getting on top of that issue.
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