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  1. This is true with 2 notable exceptions: Purple IO sets and PvP IO sets. You keep the set bonuses from those regardless of what level you exemplar/malefactor to.
  2. It's as well-thought-out as the confuse damage procs that notify the enemy when the confuse doesn't, even when they don't fire, which prevent you from stacking confuses on a boss before they aggro.
  3. The only thing they're probably worried about is a scale 3.56 damage attack with a fast animation (Seismic Smash) getting a full critical. But Rad Melee has Devastating Blow, which does scale 3.56 damage and gets a full damage critical plus bonus AoE damage with Contamination, so that ship sailed a while ago. They'd probably swap Fault for Assassin's Strike (Hidden Bonk?) for Stalkers, although I think I'd rather lose Hurl Boulder.
  4. The second sentence makes me think that neither of us understood what the other was saying. My point was that if you are the correct alignment there are no exploration badge restrictions outside of PvP zones, and possibly the Abyss/Hive (I haven't checked those). You specifically mentioned Grandville as someplace that a level 1 Stalker couldn't go, which is just blatantly false - as long as the Stalker is a Vigilante, Villain, or Rogue. I brought up the P2W vendor as an aside: a small plug for redside because having more P2W vendors makes it a bit more convenient (and really, the one in Mercy is close to where you start but really inconvenient once you leave the zone), and it would be nice to have one added to PI as well. That you mention switching alignments and call it a workaround, and then mention the P2W vendor - which doesn't allow you to switch alignments, that's Null the Gull in Pocket D - now leads me to believe that you were trying to say that you wanted free movement to any zone regardless of alignment. In that case, you are correct that you have to be a particular alignment, or more specifically not the opposite alignment - which isn't what you stated in the post I was quoting originally in order to correct, nor was it made clear in your post that @Voltor replied to.
  5. And just so it's in the thread rather than a link (which I have done myself a few times), this is taken directly from the Purple Patch page: So when fighting mobs +1 your debuffs are at 90% strength, or to put it another way you lose 10% of the effect, to answer question #1. This continues through losing 20% at +2, 35% at +3, 52% at +4, and 70% at +5 (the highest you'll normally see when set to +4 unless you're running incarnate content) until you lose 99% of the effect against +12s, and it stays that way for the remainder of the chart. As mentioned, bosses don't have anything special for debuff resistances, although their powers may offer some help (bosses with Tactics, for example). So the numbers above apply, and that's about it. For AVs, they have resistances to debuffs that affect movement speed, recharge, accuracy, to-hit, perception, regeneration, recovery, and defense, and have endurance drain protection also. The amount of that resistance varies from 60% at level 1 up to 87% at level 54+, increasing by 1% every 2 levels except that 62% is only at level 5 (level 6 goes to 63%). So basically at level 6 on just take the AV's level, divide by 2 and add to 60, rounding up. Below level 6 you add to 59. This is in addition to the effects of the purple patch, so a debuff on a level 30 AV when you're level 28 would be (0.8 for level difference, 30 / 2 + 60 = 75% or .75 for AV resistance, .8 * (1 - .75) = .2) 20% effective. So there's your answer to question #2. As answered already, the final value of -to-hit is treated the same as +defense, but against AVs it'll be a small amount. There's question #3.
  6. A level 1 anything can go to Grandville, it's no more restrictive than Peregrine Island and unlike PI there's even a nice P2W vendor right off the ferry to make a newbie's life easier. A level 1 Stalker can do it reasonably safely, although the PvE stealth cap at level 1 is less than a boss's perception radius so they can't just brush against mobs without a chance of being attacked like they can once the stealth cap goes beyond 150 feet. As mentioned in the post you replied to, you can get almost all of the non-PvP exploration badges at level 1, but you'll have trouble with the RWZ unless a mothership raid is going on, since I don't think a level 1 is taking the shield down on their own. Stalkers just make it easier because they all have Hide.
  7. Out of curiousity, what's the procedure for builds that might have more than one Call of the Sandman proc slotted? I'm guessing they're grandfathered in until that character does a respec, but is there any validation happening on login that's going to prevent someone from getting their character online?
  8. I don't consider myself a great player, but it's been my experience that unless you're AFK farming it's much easier to deal damage than take it. While admittedly not a controller, my level 43 pain/dark Defender isn't what I would call a "damage AT" and has these numbers currently: That's a little more than 4:1 on damage dealt vs damage taken, playing mostly between +1 to +2/x6 in a duo with a Brute, or on a few mission teams in PI. Here's the level 50 Fire/Fire Blaster, who has come the closest to getting the badge without farming for it: The damage dealt/damage taken ratio is still just above 4:1; it's just easier to get the damage badge by playing. So let's look at "tank" ATs - here's my Rad/Elec Brute (who had to farm to get there at level 50): Again, far more damage dealt than taken - a ratio of 14.2:1 - on a character that's supposed to take damage. But that's a resistance set, the build has resistances in the 80s for nearly every damage type, and I had all of the IOs for her build before even rolling the character. So here's the SS/Bio - which was my first level 50 Brute, and third 50, on Homecoming where I still had to farm damage but has since taken much more simply by virtue of running fire farms on a character with little to no fire resistance: That's 5.37:1. The completely-SO build Warshade (admittedly, high AoE damage, but only resistances and healing from dead bodies): So that's 3.1:1, the worst yet. But again, all SOs, first character I put much time into after coming back so I was still relearning, and I spent a lot of time in Dwarf which is low damage and the center of attention due to the prevalence of mez. Here's the Fortunata, at a respectable 10.87:1: Now for any of the characters that don't already have the accolade I could probably get it tonight by finding some mob to rest in front of for a few hours (or less). As it is, all of screenshots that don't already have the million damage taken badge are for hero aligned characters who are working on (or have) Portal Jockey instead of Born in Battle, so it doesn't matter enough because I'd have to swap alignment and get the other badges anyway. The half of the screenshots that have it are from characters who started redside and farmed damage to get there. As for resting in fire - same situation, only you have to get rest to kick in during the damage ticks. If the building explosion counted (it didn't when I tried it) it would've been fine with purples to get you through, but I've found it's just as easy to get a mob or two to just spam attacks that you're just able to regen enough to top off. But the recommendation was to prevent having to do stupid things like resting in a damage source or in front of a mob that's attacking in order to meet the badge requirement in a reasonable time frame, so that you could get it for doing things related to playing the game. At least it was reduced from the 10 million it used to be. That took days of afk damage farming.
  9. I'm not disagreeing with that - the main reason was because people were using debuff HOs in place of buff HOs to get higher enhancement values, but it happened to also nerf Mind Link. I had to redo a Fortunata build from years ago - that I likely would've redone anyway, since it was from before ATOs were a thing - due to it using HOs for recharge.
  10. That said, it has been nerfed. Hami-Os used to affect the recharge, they no longer do (but defense set IOs will) meaning you need more slots to max the recharge on it. I thought that it was also slottable for recharge during the beta for VEATs, but since it didn't come out of beta that way it doesn't count as a nerf - although it's stupid when you consider the stats on Farsight.
  11. It's not completely one-sided as to which is easier: look at Marshal vs Atlas Medallion, for example - and as you said, it's easy to switch sides through Null for the easier accolade, regardless of which it is. Invader also only seems so much less than TFC if you're not using the task forces to level, which is a common path and will get you the badges without spending any extra time that you wouldn't be spending anyway, and because you only need the time investment to get a 45+ with Hero Slayer once as long as you have someone holding the mission so you can swap for alts on the same account. That time investment is probably about as much as speedrunning all of the TFC requirements. Favorite badge types to get: accomplishments, because I (usually) like TFs, with a few exceptions. Least favorite badge types to get: market/crafting badges Favorite badge title: Poor Impulse Control (for clicking a glowie in AE) Things I'd like to see change: If they haven't already - I'll admit, I haven't tested recently - I'd like to see the minlevel on the hero accolade powers disappear (there's no minlevel on redside accolade powers, just on the PvP zones and SFs required for several) I'd like to see Iron Man/Woman (take 1 million damage) replaced with Relentless (deal 1 million damage) for Born in Battle. I've literally had to start missions and rest in front of mobs (to take the extra damage and regen faster) just to farm the million damage on all of my active characters that have it. While we're at it, can everyone on the team get credit for arsons during mayhem missions instead of only the person who clicks the last bomb? Everyone gets credit for defeats, why is the arson different? Longstanding bug: the tracking on Born in Battle incorrectly reports, saying you have 5 of 7 when you're only missing Iron Man/Woman. As for adding badges, Kallisti Wharf just needs more love in general.
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