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  1. The Night Widow path is, as you said, primarily a Stalker with better team buffs and more options for ranged attacks. It's easier for them to perma Mind Link because it has a shorter recharge and they get a Quickness/Lightning Reflexes clone that boosts their recharge. If you care about this sort of thing, there are a few sub-2:00 times in the Pylon thread for Night Widows. Fortunatas aren't the "Jack of all trades, master of none", though. You can build for that if you want, but even a little bit of focus on any of those aspects will have you performing well at it. I built mine for soft-cap without Mind Link but with enough recharge to keep Mind Link permanent; that gives me a cushion for incarnate content, mobs with to-hit buffs, or defense debuffs, and also helps the team if there's anyone that didn't build for the softcap. You have most of the good powers from Mind Control, with all the proc options that they provide, plus Psychic Wail to nuke spawns and stun what survives. You can go pure ranged at the cost of some damage, but that's because the melee attacks are that good and not that the damage modifier is low (my first Fortunata was a ranged build, my current one is a melee hybrid). As for which... unless you just want to run melee only or want to go for single target DPS I recommend the Fortunata path; whichever you go with I recommend the scaling resistance and absorb procs - combined with the scaling resistances you get from your auto powers and a few set bonuses you'll be set on staying alive even without a heal.
  2. I haven't run it to any degree on anything but a Stalker, although I tried a KM/EA Brute right after the set came out. As for how Power Siphon works, you get a +damage buff while it's active when you hit things, and it's limited to 5 stacks; I don't remember offhand how much each stack provides since it's been a while and Stalkers get Build Up. If you've used Hybrid Assault Core, it's similar in effect.
  3. I agree, but wouldn't it be fun (and thematic, given source material) to knock a mob 20 feet away and Burst of Speed to hit it again before it lands?
  4. I ran a DP/Traps Corruptor to 50 on Infinity; FFG will give you some mez protection and defense all the time, but you won't use the rest of your secondary all that much on a quick-moving team (or duo) unless something gets away from the Brute. If something does come your way you have several ways to deal with it, and you'll be able to debuff anything into oblivion given time.
  5. Yes, wildly different. It replaced a PBAoE with a 7th single target attack in a set that already had 6. That's so wildly different it's nigh incomprehensible how anyone could figure out how to play one.
  6. Crane Kick or Cobra Strike. They both are single target attacks that do the same damage, with the same endurance cost and recharge. Put both secondary effects on the one you keep so that you don't lose either the stun or KB and add the animation of the one you ditch as an alternate for the one you keep.
  7. ...since nobody else responded...
  8. Looks like you don't need to worry about it for long:
  9. Yes. It's also possible to have an inherent that does extra base damage, which can be enhanced. The difference is how much work each would take to add, and how much maintenance each would require for power changes.
  10. It would require extra lines for each and every power in every Primary. Like a Scrapper having "Additional Fire Damage" coded into every single primary attack just in case they grab the fire build up. To specifically answer the question asked, a power like Assault doesn't require extra lines in each power, because it applies +damage (for all types of damage). That counts against the +damage cap, though, instead of changing the base damage of the power. This is how Fury and Defiance work. To have additional base damage, the extra lines are added to each affected power.
  11. ...and usually does at the onset. It's not until the new people are up to speed that any extra progress is made, and how long that takes depends as much on the system complexity as it does the new people.
  12. You're not that new to game forums are you? 😛 With all of the "proliferate everything!" calls that have been around since before I started, you know that as soon as someone sees that an assault wasn't ported as-is there will be complaints, and then someone is going to demand that a new <insert attack type here> set is created because they couldn't possibly make their concept work any other way even using power customization options to make it look different and no they won't just play the AT that already has that powerset combination because it needs to be on this one instead. "Happy with 4x4 set options" won't even make it past the patch notes announcing the new AT.
  13. Or a Fortunata. Joking, joking... Fortunatas don't get taunt auras and have a 400% damage cap. But you won't be doing all of those at the same time anyway due to limited power selection in the various forms. The limited selection of powers means that you're already not doing those jobs as well as the ATs you're copying from anyway: if a Dwarf is tanking as well as a Brute (you were the one bringing up Tankers) it's doing less damage while doing so; when blasting away in Nova your sustained AoE damage is probably around a Blasters but you aren't getting as much burst; unless the Scrapper gimped their build you simply aren't going to keep up with one in melee damage; and a few control powers - most of which already exist in similar or better form in melee damage sets - does not a Controller make.
  14. Right, it doesn't currently affect knockback, but the request was (emphasis added):
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