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  1. Actually, because it cannot be used at the same time as many primary, secondary, and pool powers - which is what the complaint is actually about (not about the stealth level stacking, although that's related, is why I brought up the stealth IOs stacking stealth, and is ostensibly the reason why the powers are mutually exclusive) - it is explicitly unusable with those powers active. The fact that it costs you defense and/or resistance while in use (due to being mutually exclusive with powers that provide the defense and/or resistance) makes it objectively inferior to anyone not wearing "the dev
  2. Answer: all of them that have a Stealth IO slotted. Because every travel power that takes either Jump, Run, or Teleport sets can be used for stealth. Is it technically a separate power providing stealth because it's through an IO set bonus? Yes. Does it affect how you can use the power? No. Does it align with the pre-existing example of Super Speed? Yes. So that makes more than one data point for, and only a stupid decision that prevents you from using the power with other forms of stealth against. I'm aware I'm arguing against their definition of what a travel power is, and I'm aw
  3. I'm aware that they call it a travel power, but they also treat it like a primarily stealth power - because it's the only travel power that doesn't work with powers that grant stealth. Which makes it fairly useless as a travel power, since you have to have another travel power with it if you run any of a number of powersets. Thus my comment about it being a daft (aka stupid) decision. If you're going to call it a travel power, treat it like one. And not just like one when it hurts the player.
  4. Based on how it behaves compared with other stealth-granting powers, neither is Infiltration. Travel powers that offer stealth (see: Super Speed) are not mutually exclusive with other stealth powers and the PvE stealth radius stacks. The fact that Infiltration does not behave this way is, in my opinion, completely daft. It's treated as a primary stealth power when it's inconvenient for the player (mutual exclusivity), and a primary travel power when it's inconvenient for the player (it has suppression and it replaces or is replaced by run/jump speed instead of stacking speeds).
  5. Late to the party on this (have been off the forums for a few weeks distracted with other stuff) but the "stab someone while they're distracted by teammates" part is thematically why Stalkers get a scaling critical bonus on teams. And yes, high single target damage on Bosses/EBs is still very useful on teams that have a lot of AoE but that doesn't (always) justify leaving the previous fight to set up a couple of seconds early for the next one and is frequently ruined by the Brute or Tanker doing the same thing to gather mobs together. But all of that is part of adapting to the team
  6. It was years ago (during the Cryptic days right after issue 7 came out), but I started out with CoV only as a new player, was usually solo or in a duo while playing a squishy (my first two characters were Corruptors), and had little trouble. The game has become much easier (albeit more complex) since then and if you're playing a Brute it will be even easier - Fury is insanely good at low levels when you're slot-starved. That said, the population is higher starting as a hero. If you want to get into teams and run through content with a group, you'll be better served to start there.
  7. I started to say Stalker's Guilde: Chance for Hide on a Dominator or Brute (since the last I knew, kMeter was the underlying stat for Domination, Fury, and Hidden status) so it would fill your Domination or Fury bar each time it triggered - of course building PermaDom alleviates most of the usefulness, but I guess you could also use it on a Sentinel to keep Opportunity active nearly all the time. The Assassin's Mark chance to recharge Build Up would be nice on a Blaster or Scrapper, too.
  8. I've only had 3 blind invites on Homecoming, ever. All three were for my character Worst Healer Ever... a level 50 Psi/Bio Stalker.
  9. My personal favorite is playing a Stalker at low levels (when you actually use the slow AS) and having new players follow me if I leave a bit early to pick targets for the next spawn and get in position rather than staying with the tank.
  10. Not necessarily - you can see this behavior when you "brute-stealth" a mission: even mobs hit by a taunt aura will stop coming after you once the taunt wears off if you haven't done anything else. I'm leaning towards "high threat caused them to back away, lack of taunt led them to go back to their spawn point" as the reason but I'm operating on observations of AI behavior and assumptions, not any inside knowledge.
  11. Ah, okay. With it lowercase and you mentioning taunt auras I thought that you were referring to the Gauntlet effect. I don't think it's a thing either, but since it's an AI behavior I guess it's possible. I would have thought that being close enough and in LOS would have them aggro even without having a taunt effect on them since from that description there weren't enough mobs left to be over the aggro cap. But then, when the taunt was broken in Fiery Aura you saw lots of mobs just run off from taking damage from Blazing Aura and then leave the fight entirely, so it might be the
  12. Punchvoke/Gauntlet can miss (mentioned earlier), but the actual power Taunt only has a to-hit check for player targets, not raid targets. You probably already know this but the wording can read as if you were talking about the power also, so I was just trying to clear up the difference between Taunt's effects: and Gauntlet's effects: before it confuses someone new.
  13. Gauntlet (and the AoE splash taunt effect) isn't a guarantee if it's a "raid" tagged mob, while Taunt is. This has been true since before it was made into a proc, which was the conventional reason (before the -range was added) given for why Tankers and Brutes should take Taunt anyway, and why you can peel certain mobs off of them more easily by outdamaging them or applying a huge debuff. More edits: Just to attempt to be on-topic, as many have said in the thread different AVs present different challenges even at the same ruleset. I had a much more strict rule for soloing AVs when I
  14. Yes and no - it's small (1.875%) in combat. Out of combat however, the extra defense is equivalent to Weave for all but AoE, where it's 37.5% instead, which is certainly worth slotting when you want to get to a position (and maybe use an interruptible melee power) without getting hit. Which is why I said just make it a slottable inherent like Sprint and let people decide if they want to put their limited slots - which are usually at more of a premium - in it.
  15. And Sentinels and Tankers share a 0.95 damage modifier, with Sentinels getting melee target caps (5 for cones/10 for radial) and Tankers getting ranged caps (10/16). So undoing the target cap nerf for the blast sets would get them much closer. If Hide was inherent, I would assume they would just make it a toggle. You know, like Sprint is inherent, but is a slottable toggle? There's no need to overthink it. It's not free, though - if it was inherent, it would be free, because then the secondaries could/would be the same. Now some sets roll the removed power into so
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