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  1. A fair point when comparing between ATs as I was doing, but I was under the impression that this only occurred while Opportunity was active (from details here and here), in addition the -resistance would apply to all Sentinel blast sets, meaning that relative to the other options for Sentinels it's still only -9.6%.
  2. I agree, but Siren's Song helps to set up a good Fulcrum Shift when solo, and if you have Fulcrum Shift then you either already have Dreadful Wail (which is PBAoE) or it isn't that far off. There are worse pairings, is all I'm saying (AR/Kin, for example).
  3. I agree with the big problem being that the tier 9s do something that the rest of the set already does, and would prefer to flip them. Currently they really only provide an "Oh S***" button for heavy debuffs (on resistance sets), cascade failure (for Nin), or high +tohit mobs (SR). I even said that in my posts. But if someone is building on a budget and doesn't stack their build to soft-capped defense and capped resistance, then these powers have a use because the resistance sets will be pushed to caps on everything, Electric Armor also gets all of its Toxic resistance in Power Sur
  4. I don't bother with the follow bind, I just have one for targetenemynear (X), targetenemynext (C), and targetenemyprev (Z) and then scroll in either direction from nearest.
  5. With IOs, you don't need any of these powers. And that's a build choice that everyone can make for themselves. Just like you could take the nukes - which did more damage than they do now when they had crashes - but people were skipping them because they didn't like being useless right after using them. It would make the powers more attractive for less expensive builds or those that focus on other bonuses than +def, +res, and +recharge, and the way the sets are designed (with defense sets getting +def tier 9s and resistance sets getting +res tier 9s) means that you would have to fli
  6. 15% for Corruptors, and Kinetics is one set that (IMO) works better on Corruptors as long as you still have Fulcrum Shift available because the stacked buff is common enough that it doesn't matter if it's +20% for Corruptors or +25% for Defenders, the team is likely going to hit the damage cap quickly either way, and since Corruptors have a higher damage cap than Defenders do they get more out of it themselves. Sonic Blast in general (as opposed to the combination with Kinetics) is better on either Defenders (better team support/damage due to higher -res) or Blasters (better person
  7. Honestly, I would rather see some of them flipped around - the extra defense rarely helps SR, the extra resistance doesn't help Electric Armor - but that's likely off the table. In that case, I'd say these changes would boost them without changing a huge amount: Eliminate all hit point crashes (Unstoppable, Power Surge) Powers with a full endurance crash will only crash 50% instead (this is what Strength of Will currently has). Remove -recovery from all that have it. Optional: Power Surge can keep the (self) -recovery because it crashes with an EMP, which h
  8. Not in a position to check, but I would assume that they will. As for the protection, as it behaves like Repel, only backwards, I would think that Repel protection would cover it. Repel protection is far less common than KB protection, though.
  9. 1. Yes. This is the same as [Ninja|Beast|Athletic] Run, though. It's basically Athletic Run, plus a stealth radius and out-of-combat defense, in a less-expensive, slottable power. 2. Since the other travel powers raise the respective caps that used to be the default for everyone and it no longer scales with level, the caps for Infiltration would be the previous caps, so 92.5 mph running, 78.2 mph jump speed, and since I didn't see anything about a jump height boost for Super Jump, 200 feet jump height. The issue with it is the stealth radius: because it has one it still counts
  10. That's sort-of being addressed in this page, but it was in the "other powers" section, not the travel powers-specific part. To summarize, Rooted won't mess up your movement but Granite still will. If you want to provide more feedback on that, the thread's that way (link to most recent patch notes within it here).
  11. I doubt it will be shelved indefinitely; a lot of the travel power changes were reverted in page 1 and ended up in page 2 along with new items (like higher speed caps). Without having any insider knowledge I feel that it's a "back to the drawing board" situation instead of an "oh well, so much for that idea" one.
  12. I haven't specifically tested it but think it is likely to still cause mobs to flee, like Burn which doesn't have a fear effect and it still frequently scatters mobs simply due to threat generation from DoT unless there's an active taunt effect on them - which is why I think the parenthetical note about the mobs possibly still fleeing is there. If I'm wrong on that someone that has been testing it can correct me; as I said I'm posting about it based on how other powers behave. I personally would rather it didn't immediately scatter enemies as, unlike other powers that have the avoid/fear effec
  13. Yes, but Fire Blast (the power) is the weakest T2 for DPA because of the animation time was normalized to 1.67 seconds but the recharge (and damage) is that of a T1. The rest of the set makes up for it, though. I do think that it's a good buff, but was also thinking that it's likely going to be nerfed based on the numbers with Arcane Power active and would rather have an easier-to-test consistently good power.
  14. I will admit, using the strict definition, it falls into that category. I will also say that if you are strictly using that definition, there are so few powers that are not force multipliers in this game that the term loses its meaning, thus I was referring to the colloquial definition of "greatly assisting your team's [combat] potential" as opposed to "greatly assisting yourself." Because being "force multipliers" is the oft-stated balancing mantra about why squishies aren't supposed to get any mez protection, and pretty much every power in an armor set counts when you're talking about your o
  15. My concern is that if you only use it with Arcane Power up the cooldown might not be as long as you (the devs) expect based on some feedback about how frequently Arcane Power is triggering, meaning that it's already in the "too strong" category while it's up in those exact same situations, and that reducing the random chance of Arcane Power triggering as a balancing act is likely going to be difficult if it continues to trigger off of any power activation because of how spammable some powers are compared to others. Also, haven't checked the formulas again but is there an endurance
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