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  1. Most of the attacks people actually use remained the same except for Energy Transfer, which had a 1 second animation where all of the damage hit in 0.5 seconds. The magnitude of the stun attached to Total Focus went from mag 4 to mag 3, so it wasn't a one-shot stun on Bosses anymore. Here's a link for the patch notes. For performance numbers on that, the DPA (damage per second of activation) of Energy Transfer went from scale 3.838 damage per second - at a time where second place was Blaze at 2.294 overall (with about a quarter of that damage as DoT ticks) and Seismic Smash at 2.075 - to it's current scale 1.570 per second. Currently, the top single-target DPA available outside of Stalkers or critical damage is Freezing Touch, which does just over half of the damage and uses the old ET animation: it's at 2.454 but is a pure DoT. Within melee sets, Rend Armor is 2.212 with Momentum - a touch below Blaze, although on Scrappers a critical will cause that to double. Including Stalkers, KM's Assassin's Strike is 2.987 scale per second without a critical.
  2. To be fair, Fire Blast had the animation time changes (to 1, and 1.67 seconds) but the recharges on Flares (2.18) and Fire Blast (4) are not the standard 4 and 8 second recharges that the sets were supposed to have. That's why the power Fire Blast is actually worse off for DPA than an equivalent 4-second recharge blast from most any other set: even with the DoT, the much longer animation hurts it. Sonic and Water are also non-standard with 3 and 7 second recharges, and Burst in AR does more damage (scale 1.08 vs scale 1) for its 4 second recharge, 1 second animation - but until Homecoming's new powers (including the Shadow Maul update in this), pure DoT powers usually got a damage bonus for being DoTs for their recharge and endurance cost.
  3. Catching up on the thread, so lots of replies. a) I posted those numbers in response to a "Fire Blast has better DPA numbers than Titan Weapons with Momentum," which made me take a look at it again because - get this - Fire Blast isn't that far ahead of the next best ranged set, while Titan Weapons - annoying mechanics aside - has a wider performance gap between it and second place. b) As I've said repeatedly, I DON'T CARE IF A FIRE/ BLASTER CAN OUTDAMAGE A TW/ SCRAPPER. THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO. I put the numbers up because knew Blaze was good, and didn't believe that the rest of the single-target attacks were well in line with others. So stop telling me a Blaster can clear faster, because IDGAF, it's WAI. That's one of the intended uses for AE, but you see how much of that player-created content turned into unique and original stories, how much turned into challenges, and how much turned into "how can I minmax this to get better rewards." Player-created content is a mixed bag at best. I used the old crashing nukes a lot. But I also used to use a spell on a MUD that also used all your mana and had a small chance of permadeath (ie, unusable character) with a large chance of permanent hp loss based on how much mana you had at the time you cast it. I don't miss the crash, but I liked the longer recharge and higher damage. I could post the DPA numbers for the whole set like I did with Fire Blast, Titan Weapons, Radiation Melee, and Street Justice, but you don't seem to want them based on this: Suffice it to say that Tanker farming times went way down using Fire Melee when they got larger radii and a larger target cap, neither of which the other ATs get. It's not wider than TW, though, and unlike Titan Weaspons, Fire Blast doesn't have any secondary effect besides more damage. As for the "actual point" of player powerset choices leading to a huge number of Fire Blast characters, have you thought that people could congregate to a set because throwing fire at something to do a ton of damage is just as thematic and genre-defining as super strength, in even more areas than just hero comics? That it's also a top performer no doubt helps, but it's such an easy and obvious thematic pairing that it's hardly surprising that it's the most-picked blast set even if it wasn't, much like Empathy is the most-picked even if its relative performance to other support sets doesn't make it the top performer for thematic reasons from outside of hero comics.
  4. Are you sure you're not Jack? One of the appeals of this game was that no, it didn't have classes needing each other significantly and you could make teams how you liked and still do fine. If you wanted to go with all damage, you could. Even with suboptimal builds.
  5. But that was my point, you have to throw in filler because it's not sustainable, any more than constantly having Momentum is sustainable for Titan Weapons. That filler time is where Fire Blast loses ground in overall single-target chains, even though you gain ground every time you use Blaze. As for the AoE burst to clear things, every Blaster primary can do the same; Ice takes longer than most because of Blizzard and Ice Storm taking so long to deal their damage, but the patch powers at least can violate the target cap and Ice can keep up with Fire in single target while doing it more safely (since its best single target chain includes -to-hit and a hold).
  6. I also have a fire blaster (fire/fire) but don't have her kitted out. I'm aware that it doesn't hurt for dealing damage, but every Blaster can clear spawns with BU+Aim+T9; again that's not unique to Fire Blast as a set, and the comparison should be Ranged set to Ranged set and Melee set to Melee set, not Ranged set to Melee set. Inferno also doesn't recharge for every mob: even at the recharge cap you have a 29 second recharge, so you can use it at best every 32 seconds with the animation time included. Heck, if we're talking about clearing a spawn in 30 seconds I should compare to my Fortunata since she can take out nearly all of a non-resistant +3 spawn with damage-capped Psychic Wail (which has a lower target cap for Widows than a typical Blast set), heavily-procced Dominate, and the Blood Widow Claw attacks to finish off the bosses, but I have to wait for Psychic Wail (which has the same 145 second recharge) to recharge before the next spawn since she's not at the recharge cap, so I end up using Ionic Judgement - which anyone can get - instead.
  7. Unless they've already added EF in a closed beta, there have been no announcements of what the changes are or will be, so we don't know what they're going to do with it. But let's say they do add it, just like it is for Dominators. Here are the patch notes from that change (highlights added to the relevant portions): So it's a 20% per attack chance to boost one power that is actually in Energy Melee, which on Dominators is already a 15' radius instead of 8' so is much easier to use. I'd rather have a boost all the time, though, even if it's smaller. Assuming they add bonus damage with Energy Transfer and don't adjust the animation time, you'll still do the same amount of damage because you'll just hit the already-dead corpse that much harder. If they change it so that you don't take self-damage then it's a small net positive because when you hit the corpse you don't lose health yourself, but otherwise seems meaningless and it would be completely useless for Stalkers who can already avoid the self damage. Sure, it's not something you track - it's about as passive as Insight - but it's also not helping much without other, more drastic changes.
  8. It isn't the chain, or it is? If it's not (as you stated, I believe incorrectly) then it's not doing more. Also, I'd also like to see a build that can run a sustained damage chain that only consists of Blaze, Blazing Bolt, and Fire Ball. In either case, it's apples-to-oranges since Titan Weapons comes on a melee set and needs to be compared to other melee sets while Blasters are supposed to do more damage. If they're doing more than Titan Weapons, bully for them. Fire Blast is also less of an outlier from the second place blast set than Titan Weapons is to the second place melee set, and as mentioned, the numbers for TW don't include -resistance which would actually raise them further.
  9. It will compete, it just might not beat an optimized TW Scrapper. By virtue of not requiring a weapon and not having crashes that's enough to compete for me; not fiddling with Momentum will likely bring around some others. I've brought it up before, but basically "old ET, albeit one that needs a gimmick to get it to happen" is what they did for every Stalker primary to make them competitive. Now, would I be happy with additional changes, which are not "add a tracking stat to it like every other new set, so it behaves differently on a conditional basis?" Sure - but as I said before an animation/hit time reduction on at least Energy Transfer is the starting point for me to even consider the changes as a good faith attempt to fix the set instead of just providing lip service to it while instead just creating a new set that they want to call Energy Melee.
  10. DPA (scale per second of Arcanatime animation) using Bopper's spreadsheet so I don't have to actually do the math myself except for Rain of Fire: Fire Blast Blaze: 2.294 Inferno: 2.073 Blazing Bolt (fast, 2.81 scale, 1.67 sec): 1.521 Blazing Bolt (slow, 5.03 scale, 3.67 sec): 1.314 Fire Ball: 1.004 Rain of Fire: 1.003* (NOTE: If all 75 ticks hit, which is highly unlikely both to the extended DoT duration and each tick having separate hit checks) Flares: 0.850 (NOTE: Blaster standardized T1 in other sets, scale 1 w/4 second recharge, is 0.842) Fire Blast: 0.733 (NOTE: Blaster standardized T2 in other sets, scale 1.64 w/8 second recharge, is 0.888) Fire Breath: 0.604 Titan Weapons (with Momentum) Rend Armor: 2.212 Follow Through: 2.043 Arc of Destruction: 1.513 Rend Armor: 1.281 Crushing Blow: 1.242 Titan Sweep: 1.203 Whirling Smash: 1.152 Arc of Destruction: 0.894 Crushing Blow: 0.804 Defensive Sweep: 0.614 Titan Sweep: 0.541 Defensive Sweep: 0.307 So if you're comparing to Titan Weapons using Momentum, you're losing ground on every attack that isn't Blaze, Blazing Bolt, or Inferno; note that the numbers for Titan Weapons do not include the -resistance that its best attack also provides, which would act as a multiplier to that scale. Heck, the DPA numbers for Titan Weapons outside of Momentum are still comparable with other melee sets: Radiation Melee Devastating Blow: 1.061 Radioactive Smash: 0.863 Radiation Siphon: 0.825 Contaminated Strike: 0.796 Proton Sweep: 0.774 Atom Smasher: 0.489 Street Justice Crushing Uppercut: 1.338 (at combo level 1) Shin Breaker: 1.034 Heavy Blow: 0.878 Rib Cracker: 0.833 Sweeping Cross: 0.812 Initial Strike: 0.796 Spinning Strike: 0.778 Basically, the numbers for Fire Blast are carried by Blaze and Fire Ball... as mentioned earlier in the thread, Ice Blast has Freeze Ray (1.852) and Bitter Ice Blast (1.727) to compete in single-target damage, both of which are better than either version of Blazing Bolt.
  11. The obsolescence part is opinion. That it hasn't existed for over a decade is why rumors of its obsolescence is pure conjecture - the set as it stands currently is obsolete, though.
  12. I've already said in several threads that Whirling Hands is an underperformer and doesn't even follow their own design formulas. It could be a misquote from context, but you have so many posts earlier in the thread talking about how "reverting ET won't fix anything" that when I was catching up (while distracted by Fall Guys on the other monitor) that I assumed you were talking about the underperformance of the set as a whole: if it was specifically referring only to Whirling Hands, then I agree. But to me Whirling Hands is a "nice to" fix, while Energy Transfer is a "this must change" fix, starting with the animation and hit times.
  13. Why, when there's nothing wrong with the thinking. Old EM was nerfed because, per Castle, one power was sufficient to carry the set to a single-target damage crown far above everything except double-stacked Rage, which could be better or worse based on the timing of your Rage crashes. Reverting that power doesn't lead to "underperformance" unless you're stating that the buffs to every other melee set (except Stone Melee, which was nerfed later) mean that the nerf was a huge mistake and overreaction in the first place. In which case, there is no reason NOT to revert it before any other changes are discussed, to get it back to baseline feel and performance that people loved about the set. Rad Melee is Energy Melee - complete with long animations, although mostly on shorter recharges (thus less damage and lower DPA) - with more AoEs and splash AoE added to single target attacks in certain situations. Which is part of why I don't see why there's so much focus on "add AoE" and "add a mechanic" - THAT SET EXISTS ALREADY. I don't want another of that set. It's not unique.
  14. Well then I guess it's a good thing that debuffs have larger values than buffs and use a different enhancement schedule to be boosted even more. It's almost like those things were already thought about and compensated for. Jack, is that you? Heck, an animation change on one power killed an entire melee powerset, taking it from a high performance single target monster to an ignored also-ran that gets middling performance on its former specialty and drags terribly in all other metrics. Animations are important.
  15. If enterbasefrompasscode is disabled but sgpasscode isn't, then people have to go to a base portal (or base teleporter) to use a base and it can still be set quickly and easily with a slash command. Since the issue described was sharing base access, people wouldn't have to change what they are already doing to share them, but entering the base would be limited. Which I thought was the intended goal. If you want to disable both commands, then hide sgpasscode behind an interface labeled "Set base passcode..." just like "Enter passcode..." already is.
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