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  1. I'm guessing you might know this already, but the specific mission of rounding up citizens and handing them to the Vahzilok is one of Dmitri Krylov's missions (Cap, 10-14), but it's probably his only one that I'd categorize that way and the rest of his missions are the exact type of grunt work for someone else that you said in the other thread you don't really care for. Most of the others I know off the top of my head were already mentioned.
  2. Truly vile! At least the one trying to destroy the world in nuclear fire isn't trying to torture everyone. Going back to AT selection, the Defender inherent seems far more "evil" - or at least encourages selfish behavior - to me than the Corruptor inherent. Scourge takes someone that's seriously injured and puts them out of their misery as quickly as possible. Vigilance, on the other hand, encourages the Defender to let their teammates suffer to get an endurance discount, and as a later add-on was updated to even give the Defender more damage when they don't have around portable meatshields to soak up extra damage for them. They also are better at corrupting things (debuffing) than anyone else.
  3. The argument here is what constitutes "decent" but I will agree with this and add that even with SOs my SS/Bio Brute little trouble with anything - you just might not be able to run in Offensive Adaptation 100% of the time against some groups. Now that the build is finished I only really have trouble with tons of psi damage.
  4. Well, unless you want it in alphabetical order. Or in night mode. Then you'd probably want this one instead. Brute Corruptor Dominator Mastermind Stalker Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Dark Melee Dark Armor Assault Rifle Cold Domination Fire Control Energy Assault Mercenaries Dark Miasma Claws Dark Armor Electric Melee Electric Armor Dark Blast Dark Miasmas Gravity Control Fiery Assault Necromancy Force Field Dark Melee Energy Aura Energy Melee Energy Aura Energy Blast Kinetics Ice Control Icy Assault Ninjas Poison Energy Melee Ninjitsu Fiery Melee Fiery Aura Fire Blast Radiation Emission Mind Control Psionic Assault Robots Traps Martial Arts Regeneration Stone Melee Invulnerability Ice Blast Sonic Resonance Plant Control Thorny Assault Thugs Trick Arrow Ninja Blade Super Reflexes Super Strength Stone Armor Sonic Blast Thermal Radiation Spines Radiation Blast Traps But the powersets are correct for what was available in City of Villains in Issue 7; Arbiter Rein wasn't available until level 40 back then, though, so if the idea is to "catch up" at level 40 then the Patron Pools wouldn't be available until 41, which is why I brought it up before (although I edited that post to eliminate the vertical list of charts).
  5. Your chart looks prettier, but Earth Control was added to Dominators way later than i7.
  6. Issue 7 would let your villains get Patron pools (starting at 41) and finish leveling to 50, so it seems like a good starting point. As for the powersets... it seems like the AT entries in the wiki are far better to check since they list the issues that powersets were added. 🙂 <list of individual charts snipped to save vertical screen space, since charts are filling the thread>
  7. Other servers may be deciding what they'll do now, but Homecoming already decided a while back and publicly posted the answer. Thus, I see this as a repetition of the same old threads which keep cropping up, presumably hoping for a different response. But that's already been talked about. In many, many, many other threads.
  8. You are mischaracterizing the previous discussions in order to minimize them and continue to beat a dead horse long past any reasonable standard. The request that was considered difficult was splitting the aggro cap for different ATs, less so globally for everyone. Regardless of that, the point is moot: @Captain Powerhouse has stated that if it was easy to split the aggro cap for different ATs and he made changes to the aggro cap, the Tanker cap would remain where it is and everyone else's would go down. And no, I'm not looking for the post about it this time like I have several other times when this keeps coming up because people won't let it die.
  9. Well, I mean if you want to make the set more popular you just can just replace Power Siphon with Fulcrum Shift, but that just means your teammates will create corpses before you can even start one of the long animations. You'd have better damage while solo, and you won't be wasting endurance on Concentrated Strike on teams! 😋
  10. a) you didn't mention a resurrection power in that list (in fact, one would be counterproductive) b) the defenders/corrs had a choice on how to build their character
  11. I came into the thread to say what @parabola already posted earlier. There is little recommending any of the mentioned sets (Martial Arts, Street Justice, or Shield Defense) for a Brute over a Scrapper unless you simply prefer Fury over Criticals. The alternate MA animations might work for your concept if you prefer it over Street Justice, but numerically I think StJ has better performance at the top end, while Martial Arts has the higher performance floor.
  12. I agree with you, but in the Energy Melee discussion it was brought up that Total Focus (same damage/recharge/endurance cost) hit too hard to have a full damage critical. I was also pushing for a higher percentage on Total Focus, and instead critical damage was added to Energy Transfer. That's why I suggested - since it also recharges Power Siphon, and Total Focus now grants Energy Focus - that it share the critical damage percentage that Total Focus has (28% of base damage).
  13. Trying to keep the feel of the animations similar to how they currently are is why I recommended just speeding up the existing one for Focused Burst, and removing the first "arm waving" loop of Concentrated Strike (basically just playing the end of the loop). One thing I see brought up a few times is that Stalkers don't complain about Kinetic Melee - that's not really because it's a great set for them, though, it's because it doesn't have Power Siphon (and Build Up is superior) and they actually get a fast animating heavy hitter: the Kinetic Melee fast Assassin's Strike animation time is 0.67 seconds (keep in mind, with an Assassin's Focus critical that's scale 5 damage - fast Energy Transfer is scale 4.56 in 1 second). This makes Concentrated Strike completely irrelevant*, especially since it comes 26 levels earlier - essentially as a Stalker you can have every power you're likely to use from your primary at level 8 with the slowest animation being 1.2 seconds, unless you take Burst for the 100% critical from Hide. Because Concentrated Strike's "gimmick" was added to a Stalker ATO, having high uptime on Build Up is considered standard Stalker behavior, making the set's performance relative to other Stalker primaries worse because now every set can do it while having better attacks to use. Kinetic Melee could use help on Stalkers also, which is why my list earlier had changes to Smashing Blow, Burst, and Focused Burst to increase their damage/end/recharge along with a reduced-damage critical on a faster Concentrated Strike. That's why my suggestion earlier was just to increase the to-hit bonus (which doesn't stack) for the 20 second duration, and have a baseline +damage that the stacks build on. You get something immediately, but still have to continue attacking (with a better chance of success!) and will exceed Build Up's +damage with 3 stacks instead of 4, making it easier to maintain for a 10 second duration. The alternate idea I've seen for just having it act as a mini-Fulcrum Shift by applying -damage in an AoE and providing that many stacks immediately would also work to use it as a burst damage tool. * - in a post-Stalker ATO world
  14. Name Animation TimeHit Damage Recharge Radius Fire Sword Circle 2.67 1.2 126.3 20 10 Typhoon's Edge 2.27 0.5 117.7 12 8 Spin 2.5 1.2 113.7 9.2 8 The Lotus Drops 1.83 0.83 94.47 14 8 Burst 2.67 2.17 89.93 15 8 Whirling Hands 2.5 1.2 81.33 14 8 Whirling Mace 2.67 1.2 80.58 14 8 Eye of the Storm 2.57 0.3 76.98 17 10 You already illustrated this, but I added a column to the chart earlier that includes TimeHit, which is when the damage is applied after the animation starts and what you were probably thinking of in the highlighted part of the quote. You are correct in saying that FSC hits nearly a second earlier than Burst despite the same animation time, but were a bit off on how much recovery time each power has. Concentrated Strike's TimeHit is 2.53 seconds - that's the full animation time of the sped-up Total Focus (which now has a 1.77 second TimeHit); the old 3.3 second animation Total Focus had a TimeHit of 2.3 seconds, and the slow Energy Transfer hits 2.2 seconds into the 2.67 second animation. Kinetic Melee has a lot of late TimeHit powers relative to their animation times, because its animations use a "wind-up and fast strike/recovery" model. That's fine if the animations are short enough - you don't see people complaining about Body Blow (1.07 second animation, 1 second TimeHit) or Smashing Blow (1.2 second animation, 1.23 second TimeHit - yes, the full animation including 'recovery' plays before the damage is applied for this one) because the animation times are shorter. But for comparison, Greater Fire Sword also has a TimeHit of 1.23 seconds, and Dark Melee has one power with a TimeHit above 0.83 seconds (Soul Drain applies damage at 1.77 seconds). So even the fast Kinetic Melee powers are slow (to deal damage) compared to other sets, and it is all based on the style of the animations, not necessarily the animation times themselves.
  15. The animations don't bother me, although I think I'd speed a couple up, but I don't like the sound effects - yes, this can be fixed client-side if I knew what they were, but they don't really sound like a melee set (hence the "Nascar melee" comments). Concentrated Strike is a garbage, "noob trap" power. It has always hit later than Total Focus, even before Total Focus was sped up, despite having a shorter animation. This leads to frequent corpse blasting, wasting both the endurance and animation time that could be used on chipping away with the lower tier attacks that are actually decent DPA (but bad for burst and procs). It does no extra damage on a critical, and the "critical" effect is either unaffected by things which alter critical rates (for Scrappers) or superfluous because an ATO provides it to every attack in every primary (for Stalkers). Even when it goes off for Scrappers, Power Siphon has its own issues. This means that the inherent is ignored for half of the ATs with the power. Power Siphon either doesn't last long enough, or has too small of an effect while it's active, to make it worth while. Especially with the wasted animation time as it takes longer to animate than other damage boost powers. So, my suggestions: (apparently controversial, as some crazy people have said they actually like them) replace the sound effects - at the very least get rid of the doppler effect windup before the impact Quick Strike/Body Blow: flip the secondary effects, moving the knockback to Body Blow (the harder hitting attack) at scale 0.67 (instead of 0.7) at 25% chance, and the 20% chance to stun to Quick Strike (the standard "brawl" punch). Smashing Blow: increase recharge from 7 to 8 seconds with corresponding endurance cost and damage increases (scale 1.48 to 1.64, end 7.696 to 8.528); provides a slight DPA increase Power Siphon: reduce animation time from 1.93 to 1.17 seconds (matches Build Up); increase +tohit from 7.5% to 20% to match Build Up; add +20% dam (+25% for Scrappers) for duration (20 seconds) in addition to whatever is built up by stacks. Burst: this power actually does slightly under what it should for the damage formula, but only slightly: it does scale 1.250000 and should be 1.254545. That said, if I were requesting a change it would be to boost the radius to 10' and recharge to 20 sec to provide a significantly larger AoE, causing the damage scale to go from 1.25 to 1.424 and endurance cost to go from 14.352 to 18.512. Repulsing Torrent: reduce knockback from scale 7.789 to scale 0.67 or change from 80% chance of KB to 100% chance so that it can be counted on to always move what it hits in order to reduce scatter. For what it is, the power isn't bad but it's not Shockwave by any stretch of the imagination and ranged cones that push enemies away aren't overly useful for a melee character. Focused Burst: reduce the animation time by speeding it up slightly, recommended reduction from 2.0 to 1.6 seconds (1.25x speed); increase recharge to 10 seconds with corresponding endurance cost and damage increases (scale 1.64 to 1.96, end 8.528 to 10.192) to differentiate it from just a ranged Smashing Blow. Concentrated Strike: since the damage happens at the end of the animation, to reduce the corpse blasting you have to reduce the animation time - remove the first arm-waving loop, I think that will knock around a second off (I haven't done frame counting on it). Add 28% critical damage for Scrappers and Stalkers to match Total Focus, correct Power Siphon recharge percentage for Scrappers to respect changes to critical rate. In that long laundry list of suggestions, the most important ones I feel are the changes to Power Siphon and Concentrated Strike; the others are just ideas to boost the relative performance further so that it's not as much of an outlier in the negative direction.
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