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  1. until
    Meet in RWZ, and call out when you enter the zone, wait a bit, and call again if necessary; the leaders may be busy, especially near the beginning, when many are coming in. 🙂
  2. until
    Meet in RWZ, and call out when you enter the zone, wait a bit, and call again if necessary; the leaders may be busy, especially near the beginning, when many are coming in. 🙂
  3. Three other sources of merits are giant monsters, Dark Astoria dailies/repeatable missions, and hunting certain badges. 🙂 Each giant monster drops a few merits for each person on a team which got at least one hit on them. 🙂 There are repeatable/daily missions in Dark Astoria with special rewards. One of the options is merits: 2 the first time in 20 hours, and 1 per time after that. Not a lot, but for a single mission, not bad. 🙂 The badges are limited, but I'm certain the badges for getting every exploration badge in the zone - available for zones with 8 o
  4. Ah... Kelly... I've soloed Matthew Habashy, Officer Fields, Sondra Costel, Aaron Thiery, Twinshot, David Wincott, and most of Flux even on squishies without going to the Hospital. I don't really need help until Frostfire at the end of Flux, and I've seen several Frostfire teams in Everlasting's LFG recently. I haven't really tried it with the folks in the basement of Atlas Park... Well, not an squishies. Worked okay on a Tanker. But I don't think I start needing teams much until Frostfire in the Hollows, or if I get over to the contacts in King's Row. Even the King's Row contacts are okay unti
  5. With concern about game balance, may I suggest we look at what we have before claiming things need reworking. 🙂 There are three unmodifiable flight powers available through the P2W vendor: hoverboard, void skiff, and flying carpet. They always cost 1,000,000 inf, and are slightly slower than fly or superjump, but this isn't too bad, even when the zone is large. I often arrive last at the next door when running a Task Force if I use them, but I've usually only missed a battle or two. However, they wipe out other power use the same way Walk does, including any and all armor. This mak
  6. It might be worth checking to see if some of the Cabal in Croatoa use broomsticks. 😉
  7. I figure that we have three already. A few more that are likely to be more popular and are similar in how they work shouldn't be too bad? 🙂
  8. Sounds like it needs an overhaul... one that takes quite a bit of work, unfortunately. {rueful look}
  9. A single-seater (fighter) jet might fit better with what we have so far. It was just an idea that seemed worth sharing. 🙂
  10. A discussion of wanting vehicles cropped up in game. On reflection, I understand that making cars and other things that have to stay on the ground might be difficult to execute. However, we do have three flying vehicle options through the P2W vendor. The hoverboard, void skiff, and flying carpet work fairly well, though you can leave your armor on while using them, which can make arriving at a hot location tricky. Still, may I respectfully suggest that a few more options would be welcome as well? Like maybe a broom, a Pegasus, and a dragon? And what else? 😄
  11. Thanks. I understand needing to find time to fix it. That doesn't sound like the quickest project. I'm not quite clear how to install that menu. Is it likely the in-game menu will be expanded? 🙂 Slightly veering off-topic, you mention the Wiki. Is there any place to make observations and suggestions for it without joining it? I noticed something that deviates from it, but I don't notice such things often. 🙂
  12. I just checked. Those commands do work, but I cannot find them on the popup menu. I found them eventually on the wiki emotes page, way down under Thematic Emotes: New Year's Pack. I was looking in the main list first, and they weren't there. Is there some way we could at least make them easier to find? 🙂
  13. A group at the DJ show were trying to figure it out, and couldn't. It would really help if they were on the menu; I remember them being under Holiday, but that's now blank.
  14. Next New Year, I hope the box of fireworks special emotes drops for two days over the time, not just one. This year, it started the day before New Year's. As folks in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United Kingdom came in, they got boxes of fireworks to celebrate the New Year with. Then it stopped. As folks in Canada and United States came in, they didn't get fireworks. They could only celebrate the New Year with fireworks if they'd logged in a bit over a day to a few hours before the New year reached their time zone. This seems to be most of the people I've met on H
  15. I've noticed a disappointment with my higher sentinels, scrapper, and stalkers with resistance-heavy armor, as opposed to defense-heavy armor. In early levels, they're nicely more armored than defenders, blasters, and such, which don't have armor sets, but not as heavily armored as brutes and tanks. However, as they near level 50, they lose this distinction as the defenders and blasters and such catch up with the help of armors they get in the Epic and Patron powers, although my defense-heavy sentinels seem able to maintain this distinction better. {pause} Would it unbalance the ga
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