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  1. aeb

    NPC bugged

    I hear this is already known, but maybe not precisely... a friend and I were doing my mission for Finale: D.U.S.T. to D.U.S.T. or Investigate D-SEC. We got everyone else, and won the mission, so we used our exit buttons, but Colonel Duray got to 25% health, and stuck. He was untargetable, wouldn't stop shooting, wouldn't heal, and couldn't hit anything, as far as I could tell. Most confusing. I hope this helps someone suss out what's wrong. 🙂
  2. Fixed. Thanks, GM Impervium. 🙂
  3. I was playing Laura Lockheart's story arc with a friend, and chose to complete the mission later, so I could choose another answer. Now, it won't show the mission on the map, and the contact is dead, so not clickable on the street, and not phone-able, either. So I can't even autocomplete it to clear it from my missions. Could you help me clear it? Thanks. 🙂
  4. Show me them. I don't find them in Ouro... only one badge mission, Matthew Habashy, Officer Fields, Sondra Costel, Allan Thiery, the first Shining Stars arc, and a bunch of Praetorian stuff show for levels 1-9... I don't see any of the other contacts in Atlas Park and King's Row... I understand not having everyone if they overlap, but where are any of them? Levels 10-14 and 15-19 seem similarly bare of the other contacts, except for some badge missions. If they're hiding, I'd like to find them. 🙂
  5. I know there are contacts in Atlas Park, King's Row, Steel Canyon, and Skyway City who give several missions each, but who only are seen in Ouroborous for badge missions if they have one of those. Maybe. They don't count as proper story arcs, though. Somehow similar people in Brickstown and Founders' Falls are included, and have story arcs. It's confusing.
  6. I just thought of one more thing... what if the old-style contacts that are around in most zones were more accessible, like through Ouro? I think the only missions available now through Ouro of the older contacts are ones that cough up a badge. I rarely remember to do them at level, while I can, because I'm after the stories, but if I could go back, I'd get them more often. 🙂 P.S. I've played a game that's one long story. CoH isn't; it's a collection of shorter stories, or a long-running series with multiple episodes, some more related than others, not one big interconnected plot.
  7. I see your points, @GraspingVileTerror though one in particular suggests some low-hanging fruit. You say: "Making low level content accessible by high level players has some other concerns which limit the interest of some Devs from allowing it. Notably, low level content is populated by enemies which pose less of a threat than high level entities, and very few factions in the game have units which exist through all levels of play." This is true, but many missions and story arcs are more limited in level than their factions. The four Atlas Park story arcs are levels 1-7
  8. Two ideas for adding content came up with some friends last night. 🙂 First, I was thinking about Architect Entertainment. Folks are sure adding content there. Some of those missions are pretty good, too, and even cannon-compliant. I wonder if there's a way to turn some of them into regular story arcs; it seems to me that some of the ground work has already been done for, which ought to help, though more would need to be done. 🙂 When I mentioned this to a couple of friends last night, they had another idea: somehow open up our lower level content to being done at highe
  9. Thank you. As I said, I'm curious. I've played pretty much daily since Homecoming started, but it was my first MMO... I'm late to that genre of game. So I feel like I'm still learning a lot. 🙂
  10. Someone told me the sentinel is a particularly well-balanced at, being neither overpowered or under powered. Which got me tondering which AT's are overpowered? Also, which are under powered? I'm just curious, and still learning the game, despite playing since Homecoming began, so I don't feel sure. Thanks. {Smile}
  11. Thank you everyone who's responded I do feel a bit better about myself after hearing what you said. 🙂
  12. I don't want to be pitied, though; I just want to be a fully contributing member of the groups I join. I'm... just concerned about how much I really do contribute.
  13. Thanks. I needed to hear that. I hear folks criticizing others, but I'm not doing those things. 🙂
  14. I'm mainly playing to meet up with friends and socialize, but I don't want to be a detriment to the team when I team up with folks, whether friends, acquaintances, or strangers. I want to pull my own weight, as some say. I struggle with lagging - I'm still not good at keeping up with the team - and I wonder about the rest of my skills, if they're good enough. I felt both grateful and bad about my playing when a pick up group did a second Numina because I didn't get into the last battle before they were done, so didn't get credit. {bite lips} No, I don't want to be the best... I jus
  15. I have three three sentinels at fifty, but one just got her 6th T3 today. The other two are all T4s. I have four defenders - they're slight favorites over sentinels - two in all T4's, one moving into T4's, and one still working on getting into T4's. Last is the blasters, I think one just got her 6th T2, and one her 6th T1, but one or both might be working on the next level.
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