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  1. Thank you. As I said, I'm curious. I've played pretty much daily since Homecoming started, but it was my first MMO... I'm late to that genre of game. So I feel like I'm still learning a lot. 🙂
  2. Someone told me the sentinel is a particularly well-balanced at, being neither overpowered or under powered. Which got me tondering which AT's are overpowered? Also, which are under powered? I'm just curious, and still learning the game, despite playing since Homecoming began, so I don't feel sure. Thanks. {Smile}
  3. Thank you everyone who's responded I do feel a bit better about myself after hearing what you said. 🙂
  4. I don't want to be pitied, though; I just want to be a fully contributing member of the groups I join. I'm... just concerned about how much I really do contribute.
  5. Thanks. I needed to hear that. I hear folks criticizing others, but I'm not doing those things. 🙂
  6. I'm mainly playing to meet up with friends and socialize, but I don't want to be a detriment to the team when I team up with folks, whether friends, acquaintances, or strangers. I want to pull my own weight, as some say. I struggle with lagging - I'm still not good at keeping up with the team - and I wonder about the rest of my skills, if they're good enough. I felt both grateful and bad about my playing when a pick up group did a second Numina because I didn't get into the last battle before they were done, so didn't get credit. {bite lips} No, I don't want to be the best... I jus
  7. I have three three sentinels at fifty, but one just got her 6th T3 today. The other two are all T4s. I have four defenders - they're slight favorites over sentinels - two in all T4's, one moving into T4's, and one still working on getting into T4's. Last is the blasters, I think one just got her 6th T2, and one her 6th T1, but one or both might be working on the next level.
  8. The thing is, I don't know if I'm good in general, or if I'm just less bad... or even as bad, and... On Everlasting, which I usually play on, I even heard someone describe sentinels in some depth as "the new pity AT." How can that being my best fighters be a good thing?
  9. I think sentinels are more support than we realize; with that Vulnerability, they can really raise the DPS of the entire team. When it's a team of one, that's not nearly as much as when it's a team of eight, especially with other damage dealers on the team. For this reason, I actually think of them as more Damage-For-Team than Damage-Per-Second. (If you don't think vulnerability does enough, take them to the Summer Block Busters, and watch the AV hit points go down steadily with vulnerability on, and not with it off. Something about four-member teams against AV's makes the difference striking
  10. Thanks. I never played on Live... actually, never played an MMO before Homecoming. The sentinel was the second AT I tried, so I didn't have a lot of pre-conceived notions about what it should be, and just learned what it could do... I've been struggling with why folks complain about them so much. My toughest, strongest characters are my two highest sentinels (the two incarnates with all T4s), and I'm a little concerned about what that says about how good a player I am, with their reputation for just not being as good. If that's the best I can do... but range seems to come to me so much more e
  11. The blast sets have poor damage? Then how are blasters known for such good damage? They don't look that much better than the rest otherwise...
  12. Okay. Thanks a lot. I didn't know the stats were in the ATs, too. I just looked up Damage Scale, and my second favorite AT was missing from the lists. I do remember the damage seeming to go down, but that looks pretty good. Interestingly, it's as good as Tanker, which isn't known for as great damage either, but they're both better than brutes, who are known for their damage? Okay... I have more to figure out, I see. 🙂
  13. Does anyone know what the Sentinel damage scales are? They weren't added to the damage scales table on the wiki. Also when I started playing sentinels, it felt like they did just a bit more damage. Then a patch came, and the damage dropped... and I can't shake the feeling that they were better matched to the DPS archetypes before that patch. It wasn't a huge change - they still couldn't touch blasters for sheer damage - just a little more like they were more like the DPS, instead of being there more to boost the team's damage than to do damage themselves.
  14. until
    Meet in RWZ, and call out when you enter the zone, wait a bit, and call again if necessary; the leaders may be busy, especially near the beginning, when many are coming in. 🙂
  15. until
    Meet in RWZ, and call out when you enter the zone, wait a bit, and call again if necessary; the leaders may be busy, especially near the beginning, when many are coming in. 🙂
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