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  1. It seems that this is the case. After logging off on the roof of the Ferry overnight, and instead of down below where the destination window pops up, I now have a progress bar for the Smuggle day job badge. Thank you both for helping me figure this out. Merry Christmas!
  2. Nope not blue side, I'm a villain and have gotten other villain day jobs such as the black helicopter pilot one with no trouble. I haven't been parked on the roof, but instead inside on the bottom, but have the smuggler day job icon in my buff bar. I'll try standing on the roof and see what happens.
  3. I have been logged off at various ferries around the Rogue Isles for almost two weeks, and I do not have the Smuggler day job badge. When I look under the day job tab in badges I have no progress bar. I have plenty of other villain day jobs, but I cannot get this one and it's needed for an accolade.
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