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  1. I replaced mine with the banshee screams, and they're nicer. It's a pity you can't change them on a per-character basis though. I'd love to have a character who uses really heavy-bass "wub wub wub" for sonics, and another with banshee wails.
  2. I have so many alts that I can always hop on someone else to team with friends. 🙂
  3. I usually just pick whatever alignment I think best suits the character. Which usually ends up being vigilante or rogue for most of them, with a few pure villains and pure heroes sprinkled in. 🙂
  4. Yeah, the Arachnos guys have "an army behind them", but at the same time, you're told early on that it's basically survival of the fittest. If a squad of Arachnos flunkies pick a fight with you and get curb-stomped, you won't get punished for it. The Arachnos guys should know that too. So mouthing off to the walking nuclear meltdown, the girl who fires lasers from her eyes that can melt a tank, or the guy that can pick up and juggle cars would seem like a Really Dumb Idea(tm). The main thing I dislike (or, well, outright hate) is the forced dialogue choices. Especially when it come
  5. The only thing I didn't (and still don't) like about redside is that the contacts generally treat you like you're nothing more than a hired goon. They don't show you much, if any, respect, talk down to you, and generally consider you to be just some random thug off the street that they can boss around. That irks me, especially once you're up into the 30+ range, and you can literally level a city block without breaking a sweat. Yet some random lieutenant in Arachnos is sneering and talking down to you, or worse, there's a contact in St. Martial (I think it's Hardcase?) who literally threatens y
  6. I remember them talking about reworking the Sentinel passive midway through 2019, but I've been away from the game for a while and just starting to come back. Have they mentioned anything about it since?
  7. Should be the other way around. Tier-1's would be your blasters. Ranged, fragile damage dealers. Tier-2's would be support/control. Tier-3 would be your tank. Highest hp, toughest to take down.
  8. Other people in the thread have already pointed out why it would be OP. It seems like you just don't want to listen to them, though. But here's the question I always ask when this comes up, and to date have never gotten an answer (and I note you refused to answer it as well): "If defenders can self-buff, what is the purpose of the sentinel AT?"
  9. This comes up every now and then, and every time people point out that allowing defensive sets to self-buff would make them brokenly OP. A forcefield defender could literally soft-cap their positional defenses at level TWELVE. Especially now that there are low-level SOs available. Cold would take a tiny bit more work, but they could still soft-cap at around level 15-18. A sonic defender would be running around with nearly soft-capped resists at level 13. And if you start letting them use their other buffs on themselves? Fortitude, thaw, clarity, etc? Mag 10-12
  10. Just swap out the sound file for the power to something you like better. I did that with the sonic attack set, since the sounds for that really bugged me. Same with beam rifle.
  11. I have a couple of characters who regularly run 10 toggles. Even without incarnate stuff, managing end is pretty easy with the right slotting and set bonuses and such. I'm sure if you wanted to make a character who was like Captain Toggles or something you could make a build that had 15-18 or so, without just turning on stuff just to turn it on (like sprint, or prestige sprint).
  12. My best time with my /ninjitsu sentinel using shinobi-iri + athletic run + some speed bonuses from IO sets was 45.5 seconds. I had the top time for a couple days, then someone got 34 seconds and blew me out of the water. 🙂
  13. Let's see. Damage sets: Wind Blast (ranged damage set using wind powers) Stretching (melee with one or two 'ranged' powers) Earth Blast (ranged set using earth powers -- a few already exist in game, like Hurl, but it'd be nice to have a full set) Force Blast (offensive force fields -- would make the perfect thematic combo with /FF for a corruptor/defender) Cybernetic Assault (kind of like a blaster/dominator secondary, with a combo of ranged/melee attacks) Light/Laser Blast (similar to energy, but without the knockback) And obviously there
  14. Mercenaries have a lot of problems when it comes to what they're meant to really do. Some of the key factors being the low durability compared to some other pet sets, the incredibly lackluster level 18 ability, the commando's insane cooldowns, and the fact that they do purely lethal damage. Some suggestions I'd have to change them around: 1) Remove the medic from the tier-1 pets and just give them a third soldier. 2) Slightly improve their resists (they're wearing body armor and gear, it should provide some small amount of elemental protection as well) 3) Gi
  15. Beast Mastery's tier-1 and 3 wolves can slot 4 damage procs and the achilles heel debuff. Not quite the same, but very close. 🙂
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