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  1. Yeah, I re-read it (several times) and realized what you were saying. S/L def is nice, but I like covering more bases. Just my own taste when it comes to defense. Especially for a tanker. I want to be able to march up to ANYONE and laugh in their face, rather than certain enemies being able to smack me. 🙂
  2. I'm curious what you're slotting into CJ to get you extra defense. Because none of the defense sets have a S/L +defense set bonus. <edit> Maybe I'm just reading what you wrote in a way you didn't intend though, after reading it several more times. But yes, you can build your slotting specifically towards S/L def, but it limits you to what you're able to effectively engage. My Inv/SS tanker right now has about 45% S/L def, and 35-40% to everything else. With the bonus def from invincibility, she's basically capped against anything but psi. And a good chunk of that comes from weave and maneuvers. I run about 7 toggles, and have no end problems at all unless I run into multiple sappers.
  3. It has the same endurance cost as tough. And with just 2-3 slots you can get it up to 7% defense, which is a pretty huge jump. If you're not looking to get a lot out of defense though, you could skip it.
  4. Same here. The extra resists and defense means I can look around for some other set bonuses I might have to forgo otherwise, and opens up slotting a lot more.
  5. You can get pretty close on a granite tank, though. Defense and resists both capped (though still with a slight psi hole). The only thing you're really lacking is the capped damage.
  6. Except that if I tried to put this build together by just buying all the IOs off the AH, it would cost far more than that. I'd rather spend merits (which I accumulate by going after badges and stuff) rather than sitting and playing the AH.
  7. My current Inv/SS tanker is fully kitted out, and I spent probably a grand total of 50 million on her. I bought the two ATO sets for 1200 merits, and everything else was either bought via recipe and crafted, or converted into what I wanted by starting with an uncommon junk item. All total, I probably spent about 150 merits converting stuff, so 1350ish merits and ~50 million for my full build, which has all the heal set procs, 5 LotG globals, gladiator and steadfast +def, 5 unbreakable guard sets, etc. Converting junk recipes into something useful can save you a HUGE amount of money. Especially if you get even a tiny bit lucky. Typically I'd blip something around in the uncommon random until it got a defense/resist/heal set, then flip it through that until I got the set I wanted, then do an in-set conversion. Longest one was like 30 flips, which ended up being about 45 converters, or 15 merits. But 15 merits for a LotG global? Sure. 🙂
  8. And what he did was by no means "regular gameplay". Unless you want to consider a massively IO'd out and incarnated character "standard play" now, for balance purposes?
  9. Ah. Yeah, I don't agree with lowering brute resistance caps either. Having their base be lower and having to work a bit harder to reach the cap is fine. I just agree with the idea that tankers need their damage raised since right now they simply have no comparison to brutes in the end-game (and often while leveling in teams, as well, since teammates can buff brutes up to reach tanker level durability, while still having all the extra damage). I think making tankers better at aoe damage gives them their own flavor, without trying to make them "brutes v2".
  10. I honestly don't even see why rage needs to have a crash. Super strength is balanced around the person having rage active. The set under-performs quite a bit without it. Just turn it into something similar to the clickable status protections that some sets have, and disable stacking. You could even fiddle with the cooldown if you wanted to make it harder to make perma. But no other damage boost has the drawback rage does. Sure, they don't last as long, but those other sets were built around the idea of buildup/aim/etc being a "limit break" power rather than an "always on, this brings your damage up to par" power. IMO, remove the crash, remove stacking. Call it a day.
  11. Have they said they were going to lower brute resistance caps? I haven't heard that tossed around as an actual option, except by a couple of players.
  12. You don't need to balance it around "every combo that could exist". You can't balance around every possible slotting setup with SO's, so why suddenly claim that taking IOs into consideration is impossible? As Myshkin said, you simply need to use a general idea of what IO sets are going to do. In the case of brutes, IO sets are, generally, going to bring their defenses up to par with tankers. Because the gap isn't all that wide, set bonuses can very quickly eliminate it, as both of them are close to the hard upper limit in terms of resistance. On the other hand, the gap between tanker damage and brute damage is, even with massive IO slotting, insurmountable. Nothing will allow tankers to deal the same damage as brutes. Even though brutes can achieve parity in defenses. And that's where you run into the situation where we're at right now. There is almost zero reason to create a tanker. Brutes do everything they can do, AND deal vastly more damage on top of it. So this change seeks to address that, and bring them back into some level of near-parity with one another. Tankers are a bit more resilient, brutes deal more damage. Flip sides of the same coin, and a choice based on which flavor you'd prefer, rather than one being objectively better in every way.
  13. I can understand the defense being a bit lower, but having 26% less resists is puzzling. Out of curiosity, what sets are you building, and how are you slotting them? Because pretty much every brute I've made hits the resist/defense caps without all that much effort if it's with a set that already has a lot of either.
  14. Another option could be to make Hurl function as a targeted AOE. You grab something (maybe even use the Propel code, just so you can throw random things) and then have it deal targeted AOE damage. If the object is big enough, it could hit multiple targets. If it's a smaller object, it might shatter and cause shrapnel. Etc. Personally I almost never use Hurl, since it's a long animation and poor damage. Though the upgrade to ranged damage will help the latter part.
  15. Ideally what I'd like to see (although it would require a complete rebalancing of the game from the ground up, in addition to a lot of nerfs/adjustments, which means it'll never happen) would be that each AT has one thing that it's objectively the best at. No other AT is as good at that thing as they are, despite having similar powersets. For instance: Defenders - best buffs Corruptors - best debuffs Tankers - best damage mitigation Brutes - best aoe melee damage etc.
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