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  1. @Hjarki Is Cross Punch worth adding to the attack chain, DPS-wise? I knew Assassinate and Moonbeam were core to a strong ST rotation, but had not heard of Cross Punch being used as well. I guess this means you'd also want to take boxing/kick to add damage? Been wanting to build a ?/Energy stalker, and this information is super helpful! I haven't seen it mentioned in the thread, but Savage Melee is supposedly one of the highest, if not the highest, single target DPS. This is primarily due to the way using Hemorrhage from Hide interacts. Something about t
  2. I like your build @Warlawk! I made some tweaks to it... The main intent here was to see if I could add in Ripper for the attack chain, primarily for the FF proc (5s of 100% recharge). I've kind of been wanting Ripper lately now that I've been doing the 2x INF lvl 49 farms with EBs. The EBs are always the last to die, and I feel if I can group 2-3 of them together and just keep up the AoE attacks but throw in Ripper directed at the EBs with FF procs, that might speed up clears. Don't actually know how often it would proc, but it hits hard and has a longer animation tim
  3. Still debating on Tank vs Brute for this... but from what I've read, the TW damages for Tankers aren't as 'tuned down' compared to other secondaries. So originally I wanted to depend on Defensive Sweep for the +Melee DEF, but then I realized that WP is mostly typed defenses so that kinda threw a wrench in that plan. Defensive Sweep does still give +Smashing DEF, but not Lethal unfortunately. Still kind of going with that idea, though, with S/M DEF at just below 40%, meaning still pretty good DEF to Lethal, but easily capped with 1 Defensive Sweep swing for Smashing.
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