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  1. Done, and glad to have been able to make it in time to donate this month ! Many thanks to all those who keep us going in the City that we love.
  2. I'm decorating my base Christmas tree, and wondered if others would like to share pics / tips on their holiday decorations? Here's my tree, decorated with inactive power crystals tinted red, green, blue & gold, and the small hanging lights (red, green, blue). The tree-topper is a Chantry Light.
  3. The time has come. The Dauntles Reverie's 11th Annual ECHO Party is tonight! Come help us celebrate the Turning of the Year and the Season of Masks tonight ! :)
  4. Just a reminder that the Dauntless Reverie ECHO RP party is THIS Saturday, Oct. 24th, and all Everlasting Heroes are invited !
  5. A FLYER has been found posted on light posts, trees, building walls, and business bulletin boards throughout Paragon City. An accompanying card, black with silver and gold finely printed text, is found in a holder close to the Flyer. Heroes also may have received the card in the mail. The text of the card is below. ((OOC Info!!!)) What: The Dauntless Reverie's 11th Annual ECHO When: Saturday, October 24th, 7pm Pacific / 10 PM EasternEastern Where: The Autumnally Festive “Little Leaf Teahous
  6. All Everlasting RP’ers are invited Saturday, Oct. 24th, to the Dauntless Reverie SG's 11th Annual "ECHO" event. "ECHO"this year will be held at: The Little Leaf Teahouse base: thelittleleaf-12093 Come and help us celebrate "the Season of Masks" and masquerade as your "echo" or "opposite" – a reinterpretation or antithesis of yourself.
  7. I am so very sorry to hear of Aaru's passing. I had not RP'ed with him, but had a chance to talk with him a few times about the extraordinary work he'd done on his "Old City" base. We are lessened by his passing, yet enriched by all he did with and for the COH community. Rest well, Hero, and know you'll be remembered. --Nyghtshade
  8. The return of COH still feels like a Miracle, and thanks the the Homecoming Team, a miracle with New Stuff too !! Blessings and thanks to all of you, for all you did to get this up and running again, and all the incredible support you provide each and every day!! Bravo & Huzzah!!
  9. EVERLASTING: A Catholic church building, "Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows", in Kings Row. And MANY thanks to Flashtoo for providing the Pipe Organ! OURLADYOFSORROWS-11389 (Everlasting)
  10. The doors, windows and back-ends of window air-conditioners from Kings Row would be awesome. BTW, thanks to the team for all the fantastic base item additions we already have !! 🙂
  11. Father Brannigan's Office, and the Fellowship Hall & Kitchen. Anyone who's helped set up Fellowship Halls for events will recognize the ubiquitous stacked chairs in the back. 😄 There is also a Secretary's Office, Church Library / Meeting room, and small classrooms for Sunday School.
  12. The Confessional Booth at the back of the Sanctuary.
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