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  1. Thanks! The bio just came to me while I was tinkering. And it definitely needed the improvements - some high bars set & I'm expecting/hoping to see more.
  2. Just rolled up Shock Value on Everlasting this morning (in response to a costume challenge no less).
  3. Question for ya @Christopher Robin: Are we allowed to edit our posts? Cause seeing things in the costume creator doesn't always work as well out in the "real world". And of course there's the ever-present neeeeed to tinker and tweak.
  4. Edit: Realized that the first submission was trying too hard to give equal screen time to all 4 colours, which in hindsight was a mistake (for me). Well, gotta say I was beyond stunned that the name Shock Value was available on Everlasting. It was meant to be! Rolled this guy as an Elec/Kin Controller a Stone/Regen Brute (cuz I forgot how terrible I am at controllering). Backstory is barely there (it's only been an hour, whaddaya want? 🙂). Went with Tech origin, so between that and the textures I used it's likely to involve some sort of traumatic event that required extensive bodily rebuilding. (Also the guy might have some issues, as evidenced by his decision to retain what was left of his skull...) Originals spoilered for posterity.
  5. Guess I know what I'm doing in my downtime today!
  6. Chance to Hide goes in your Assassin's <whatever>. The BU+recharge proc is global, so can go anywhere.
  7. Usually moving, occasionally immediately after jumping in/landing. I'll see if I notice any differences.
  8. I use the "powexec_location target" macro on Shield/Elec and Dark/Elec tanks, and have observed this no-hit behaviour on both of them, and with both Shield Charge and Lightning Rod. From memory tho it feels like I've noticed it happen more often with Lightning Rod. I'd have to find an hour or so to run each of them around a hazard zone and try various power execution methods and distances.
  9. Gonna have to scale some of my guys up to their "final forms" for this exercise, cause my stable of 50s tanks just isn't gonna cut it... Crimson Shroud - Dark/Elec FearTank Rad Riding Hood - Savage/Rad Brute Helpless Little Girl Max Damage - EM/Bio Scrapper Roger Omnibus - Crab Spider Leaderbean Eternity's End - Time/Ice Defender Shock and Awesome - Elec/Elec Defender Grass Fed - Nature/Water Defender Vinterhage - Plant/Cold Controller A team built with buffs in mind. Defensively everyone is def & res capped, backed by layers of regen and absorb. Offensively they're loaded for bear with absurd to-hit, recharge and damage bonii. They don't bring a ton in the way of debuffs, and aren't exactly stacked for crowd control. But who needs any of that when they're effectively untouchable & and can reliably hit through double-MoG? 🙂
  10. Really liking the blue-green (bleen? grue?) on this one. Adds a nice unearthly element to the look.
  11. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with. The Omega/Bioluminsecence mashup you've got going on looks like it works pretty well. Also, that pose for the screenshot is perfect.
  12. My slotting is likely out-of-date, but I run 5 MotT (no proc) + FF in Eye, and the MotT proc + 5 Scirocco in Lightning Field (I don't need either 6th slot bonus).
  13. I'm 99.9% sure the -res in all Tanker T1s was removed in The Buffening last January (the patch notes don't mention it, but I'm sure that was the tradeoff for the raised base damage & cap). Mercurial Blow does have a -def effect (which is what allows slotting the proc). As for KB resist in Dark Armour, my go-to tends to be a couple of the +4pt uniques in travel/defensive powers, and 6-slotting Overwhelming Force into Death Shroud. 12 points covers like 98% of the kb out there, and what's left is so far over that you'll never get there alone.
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