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  1. No real feedback on the build, other than to mention that I poached a large chunk of it to buff my in-progress Stone/MA... so thanks there! Stone as a whole needs an overhaul. The armours don't offer enough in the current state of the game, and the penalties of using Rooted vastly outweigh its effects. (As an aside, I wish that it added +Damage for all my MA kicks - those massive stone feet should hit like a truck!)
  2. I wonder how different these powers are from Shadow Maul? Because on scrappers at least, I've seen random crits pop up on the individual hits, which must mean there's something in the code to flag each damage tick as a separate event. The power itself only has one attack roll per target, so the crit thing is tied to each damage tick. I don't know how easy (or not) it would be to code hit rolls for each damage event the power can do, instead of once for all damage events, but if crits can be coded for each event, maybe it's possible?
  3. Thanks. I'm so used to sets that endred in the single target attacks clearly eluded me. I hadn't considered Energy Mastery as I hoped to rely on Inexhaustible to carry the extra end burden. And I have Parasitic in the build plan for later, but can always move that up if I'm respeccing anyway. I have to wonder if I've become too reliant on sets to the point that I've forgotten how to properly build "vanilla"? As far as difficulty goes, it's embarrassing but it's a painful slog on anything more than about +0/x2. Yes I know. You do make a good point about inspirations; I hoard them way too much. As for feeling safer, it's less about that and more about feeling inadequate to fill the role she's supposed to be built for. Both and neither? Really I just wanted to see what common IOs could do. I've been spoiled with riches in terms of being able to buy set pieces; I figured I might as well go for an "old school +" experience at least once. I can certainly go buy a Theft proc but that feels like it defeats the purpose of the exercise. I'm not completely opposed to the idea, just kinda resistant at this point. Knowing that the option is there just means I can't complain as hard as I might about end woes going forward!
  4. So I like to think that I have a reasonable handle on building acceptable tanks, but this one has me stumped. She's at 42 right now, running on common IOs only (save 2), and her performance feels awful. I can't maintain Offensive Adaptation or her blue bar drains before the mobs die. Efficient is better on the end, but takes forever to down anything. I solo pretty much exclusively because she, frankly, doesn't feel like a tank at all. I'd rather try to improve than scrap her if possible. So here I am. Given the common IO limitation, what can I do to improve her performance? (empty slots in HC were for future set IO planning, but can obviously be moved around as needed to improve the current spec)
  5. Just picked up Max Damage on Indom a couple nights ago. Pretty stoked for that one.
  6. Typo in Ginger Yates' contact box using the "Find contact" feature: Should be "strength".
  7. Derp. I've been away for a while. That's what I get.
  8. Perhaps. Maybe I am being unfairly critical of players who aren't me, and making assumptions that aren't necessarily true. However, from a sheer numbers/popularity point of view, there's definitely something about DA that doesn't jive, and the challenges of playing the set are part of that. I don't think I was asking for dumbing down or removal of effort? If anything, adding small QoL touches to a few powers should in theory make understanding and decision making more difficult - as it stands now, DA is basically a 5- (perhaps 6-) power set. It's generally recognized as a no-brainer to skip Oppressive Gloom, Cloak of Fear and Soul Transfer (with Cloak of Darkness being optional). What if it wasn't? What if those powers had real value, and forced painful decisions? FWIW, my first 50 on Live - and main throughout the life of the game - was a Spines/DA scrapper. I am painfully familiar with the challenges posed by DA. I've remade him here as a DA/Elec tanker. I've taken and slotted my entire primary, and made deliberately researched choices to leverage and layer their effects with other powers to maximize their potential. It's an unconventional build - I suspect there are not a lot of tanks out there going 3/4 deep into the Presence pool, or looking at Control Hybrid. It's a narrow and not-at-all obvious path to achieve what other sets can do within themselves. Noted with thanks. I've never looked into Recovery Serum, but it's now on my radar to try out. 500k for 5 charges is pretty steep tho. *Some good gamers will do this. I suspect others will come to the boards, do their research, and decide that the hoops they have to jump through to make DA strong just aren't worth it when other sets do the same thing for much less. The lure of immediate gratification and the path of least resistance is strong, after all.
  9. I can't argue against your first point- a better baseline would result in a better top end. The question perhaps should be (and I'm not at all saying I'm equipped to answer it): "Is a more potent top end, for those who deeply invest in it, an acceptable tradeoff for a better introductory / "newb friendly" / minimal investment experience?" To your D&D comparison, typically the Fighter descriptions tend to be a pretty sparse affair while the Casters have pages upon pages of material. The differences in complexity are known right up front. That's not the case here. With D&D, it's easy for a new player to look at, say, a Wizard, and think "that looks hard, I'll come back to it when I'm more familiar with the game". With CoH, given that lack of information, a player who tries DA and finds it lacking isn't likely to think "that was hard, I'll come back to it when [same as above]..."; I would suggest that the response would more likely be "that was hard, DA sucks, never gonna try that again." Which is a shame. I don't think we want to go down the road of labeling sets "advanced users only", as that opens a whole barrel of worms. And we're long past the era of experience-gated ATs. Honestly not sure what the "correct" or "ideal" approach to that might be. But I'm pretty sure letting inexperienced players struggle, hate and abandon the set isn't it.
  10. So I was a fairly prolific contributor to that DA conversation (Weekly Discussion 48 if anyone wants to go take a boo at the whole thing). While I'll freely admit that a couple of my ideas late in the thread got a little out of hand, there was also some positive reception to these few early thoughts, which somewhat mirror @Neogumbercules' suggestions. I've bolded the two powers that Neo discussed, and left the rest for posterity. To a few other posters' points - yes, DA can be built to do ridiculous things, but it requires a pretty substantial IO investment to get there, along with arguably a deeper knowledge/learning investment to get into what makes it tick than other sets ask for. It absolutely rewards those investments, but its baseline is (again, arguably) perhaps less rewarding to the casual player than other sets. So maybe not a full suite of radical changes, but a couple ways to bring up that baseline would be welcomed.
  11. Yup. My Shield/Elec tank runs 5 PT:Heals, all slotted in attacks, and I see a nice regular stream of little green numbers floating up. It's only in auto powers where multiple PT:Heals deliver diminishing returns.
  12. NPC chatter in Brickstown: "relys" should be "relies"
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