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  1. I soloed Dr. Vahz in his story arc mission at level 18(19?) with a Stone/Regen brute. Had the assorted P2W 8-hour temp buffs and 3/4 tray of random insps. It's not something I generally push to do, this was a "can he do it?" kinda whim.
  2. No powers, no name, no backstory. Just a costume filed away for when inspiration strikes.
  3. Keeping most of your elements and colour choices intact, and riffing off your second comment about bridging the gap between her street life and magical potential... notscarletwitch.costume
  4. I definitely enjoyed stretching my creativity with your contests, @Christopher Robin. Hopefully you'll revive this sooner than later - maybe not a weekly thing, but once a month perhaps. I've barely played at all in the last few months, but always logged in for this.
  5. Final Four, thanks @Christopher Robin! Big ups to the other finalists, and @DJFM for the win. I have to say, the random draw element makes good sense given the quality of entries. I would hate to have to pick just one!
  6. Hopping in early this time cause I had an idea. It's the love that never dies... DEADED BLISS! bliss.costume bliss.powerCust
  7. Meet Wee Dieter! He's a friendly little gnome who has journeyed from his home in the heart of the Black Forest in Bavaria to see the world, in particular these "humans" he's heard so many whispers of. Turns out most are kind, gentle souls. Though he cannot understand why so many of them want to plant him in their gardens. dieter.costume
  8. Is there a "close enough" colour matching consideration for power customization? Many of those colour grids do not align with the costume creator. And in this particular case, I have an existing hero who fits the theme perfectly, but I want to use some of the contest colours exclusively in power customization. Specifically looking for the best possible matches for D5 & G8 out of this:
  9. Also hopping on the FireA/IceM tanker train. I'm looking forward to taking mine out for a spin when the new tweaks go live.
  10. Having done a fair bit of exploration badging lately, I'll throw in a vote for an incredibly interesting but woefully underused zone - Terra Volta. Unlike so many of the early game hazard zones, which are just different riffs on "how much environmental destruction can we throw in here?", TV has basically every level/elevation change you could ask for; so many neat roads, ramps, tunnels & pipes to navigate around on; and a great deal of terrain and architecture variety to boot. I'd be all over this zone getting some new storyline love.
  12. Good overviews, thanks! I can't see wanting to push for capped ranged - Plant seems like it wants to be close in for the Seeds cone, and Time so far (all of level 15) seems to want to get right in the middle with Time's Juncture. I don't know of much in terms of controller-power-friendly IO sets that lean to building up Melee/AoE def - which pushes me in the direction of PB-enhanced Farsight for maximum coverage? Soul could be spicy too if the recharge piece can be overcome, and both Dark Consumption & Soul Drain want to be in the thick of things. Ice for Ice Storm and an oh po
  13. So that's part of the thing: I don't know from epics. If it helps at all, I'm kinda going on theme based on his name. He defeats his enemies by imposing these ancient forces upon them - no matter what you build, nature eventually reclaims it, and no matter what you do, time eventually erases it. Dunno if one epic more than another fits into that overall concept. (Writing it down like that pretty clearly tells me that Mace Mastery just doesn't fit - but I could see a case being made for most of the others.)
  14. Thanks for the frameworks @5099y_74c05. I'll pull them and see about populating & what I can come up with using those epics and slot suggestions.
  15. Awesome, thanks again. PB sure seems like the way to go.
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