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  1. Late to the party this week, but here's Neapolitan, an Ice (Cream) / Cold Corrupter!
  2. Honestly that's why I'm doing this build. I've got plenty of "by the book" tanks - at some point it needs to be time to try something new, and DA felt like the set that best lends itself to that.
  3. I'm doing a very similar thing with my Dark/Elec, Currently (hah!) at 42. Presence pool > Cloak > Vigilante for fears, Oppressive Gloom > Thunder Strike for stuns. Also looking forward ti Vigor, tho I'm considering the other side of Control hybrid to add some much-needed immobilization, plus more stuns. I'd be very interested in seeing what you've done, as I have diddly-poop for recharge (but I suspect somewhat beefier res/defs). Mine spoilered below for reference.
  4. Blue Neapolitan?
  5. Don't have a shield stalker, but my Sh/Sav tank uses a pointy one, The spikes really add to the whole ripping and tearing aesthetic. I combined with dark red slime aura on his hands (in combat) for extra gore 🙂
  6. Not a numbers person by any means, but I'll take a stab at a very simplified explanation of Defense and Resist capping. To begin, Defense is what you "soft cap", and Resistance is what you "hard cap". Defense first: A basic, even-to-your-level Minion, in normal content, has a 50% chance to hit you. Each % point of Defense your hero has essentially subtracts from that value to give a final to-hit chance for that Minion. However, that chance cannot go below 5% for any enemy no matter the rank or level. You would achieve this by attaining 45% Defense. This value is the same for every archetype. Hence, "soft cap" - you can push your Defense higher than 45%, but it's never going to reduce the enemy's chance to hit you below 5%. Attaining higher than 45% Defense is useful for resisting debuffs, as well as in Incarnate level content where the enemies' minimum chance to hit is higher. There are different flavours of Defense (typed vs positional) to consider, but they all work with the same numbers. Also consider that some classes start with powersets that increase their Defense, while others start from zero, so the ability to reach Defense caps varies. Resists: Each archetype has a maximum value ("hard cap") of Damage Resistance that they can never exceed: the highest is 90% for Tankers and Brutes, down to the lowest cap of 70% for Sentinels. Resistance is always typed. Again, consider that some classes start with powersets that increase their Resists, while others start from zero, so the ability to reach Resist caps varies. Edit: Ninja'd by @Hyperstrike! That's what I get for breaking to put children to bed 🙂 I'll also second the suggestion of a Sentinel as a good, beginner-friendly ranged class. Some of their armour sets are Defense-based, others are Resist-based, and still others are some combination.
  7. Looks solid to me (with the caveat that I'm relatively new to the world of bruting - I tank far more). Anyway, I did a quick and dirty adjustment to my Sav/Rad build and came up with the below. It hits better SLEN resists, at the expense of FCTP. Defenses overall are similar, with the notable exceptions of my FC being much worse but Melee being much closer to softcap. I'd say your build could prolly make better use of some enhancement boosters to get more defenses a small purple away. Anyway, have a look and see if anything catches your eye.
  8. Not exactly, but I posted a Sav/Rad brute a few days ago that's gotten a bunch of looks but no comments, which must mean it's perfect and can be cribbed for tanking 🙂
  9. For primaries, Willpower is generally regarded as one of the "friendliest" sets, and is often recommended for new tankers to get their feet wet. It can be built to be a good all-rounder. Outside of the rez and the T9, it's all toggles and autos, so you can focus on your secondary during play. Invulnerability is similarly "set and forget" (aside from Dull Pain), as are Super Reflexes and Shield. If you're mostly solo/duoing, tho, you likely can't go wrong with anything (except maybe Stone because of the movement limitations, which could be a "fun"-breaker for you). As far as secondaries are concerned, that's much more subjective and really comes down to what you want to play. I'd suggest rolling up a few combos that interest you and run them through a few DFBs and maybe DiBs. That would get you into the high teens quickly and give you somewhat of a feel for them. (That said, if I were to give a single recommendation, my current favourite is Elec Melee!) Hope some of that helps.
  10. So I rolled this girl because of a name. I wasn't totally sure on things early so I went into this fairly blind; then I got into a couple steamrollers which were all kinds of fun, and suddenly she's at 34 and wanting to push for more, with no plan at all. Better late than never, as they say. I'm used to building tanks, not brutes, so while I have a reasonable grasp of slotting basics for melee ATs, I'm entirely unsure of the priorities and potentials here. The plan I've come up with seems like it has decent numbers, relying on Meltdown and Rune of Protection for big ugly stuff (tho not enough recharge to be able to go back to back, if such a thing is even possible). The 1-34 in the build plan is not where I'm at now (like I said going in blind), so I'll have to be pulling the trigger on a respec anyway. Biggest question is about that Meltdown/RoP plan - should I bother? Or just work on other aspects of the build that are "always up", as well as the recharge piece? Secondary question is simply - how much have I overlooked or mis-valued? Any slots weirdly out of place? (Yes I know Ground Zero could use 2 more, but from where?) Note that I'm not going for a giant dollar build, hence only the 1 purple set, no winters, and non-super ATOs (I could scrape other characters for a winter set or two if it would make that significant a difference). Here's where I am (just a powers screenshot): And here's where I (think I) want to be: Many thanks for your advice!
  11. You mean, like they do with Beast Run active?
  12. OK, so I totally cheated with the pants here 🙂 but this looks about as close as the colours are gonna get to hitting everything. Seeing the expanded palette told me I needed darken up the purple a shade, as well as the "sand" (it's not quite dark enough but I can't find anything that fits better). intox.costume
  13. Yeah good call on that. Dumb*** me didn't actually to the page, just worked with the palette. Had I gone to the page I would have seen the individual colour breakdown better... Back to the drawing board!
  14. Thank you. And sadly, yes it is 😞 I just couldn't dig up anything in the COH palette to match that second stripe (blue-biege? bleige?). Thinking on it now, I suspect the closest I could get to it would be using the blend effect somewhere. Hmmm...
  15. Intoxicant - a wine-themed Poison/Water Defender. Over the top and snobbishly pretentious, with a slightly bitter aftertaste of absinthe and almonds... intox.costume
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