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  1. My badger avoided having this happen by no more than 45 seconds. It was 2 mobs that spawned where they almost never do in the caves. They spawned in one of the little hideouts in one of the big rooms with the maze of council clutter. By the time I found them I had gone through all five stages of grief and then started back through stage one again. Too stressful.
  2. I've played on both sides of the fence. My main was an energy/ blaster, and my favorite powers on both my fortunata and my /martial scrapper have knockback components as well (Telekinetic Assault and Chi Thrust(?)). On those characters, I can CHOOSE not to use those powers situationally. with an energy blaster or sentinel, they do not really have that choice (beyond losing out on considerable damage by slotting KB->KD). Additionally, there may be situations where I want to knock some mobs on their ass while in a team, and currently I can't really switch modes beyond having two builds and a macro that swaps between them but has a two minute cooldown. An option that cripples my character's primary attribute (damage) is not an option. Fight me. I've also played some melee characters (not nearly as much), but I can't stand having to close the distance to melee range. Having mobs thrown away from me is as infuriating as putting a fleeing NPC on follow.... only to have your character match their speed instead of catching up. I think the patch notes regarding updating how Knockback works is definitely a step in the right direction. Cleaning up the code and how it works is a signal that HC devs realize it is a problem and are likely on their way to implementing was to make it more flexible to the playstyle of the person using it, which is what I'm after!
  3. Oh wow. The SFX are sooooo satisfying for BR/. Wow. I might actually be able to finish off my two BR/ characters now!
  4. PROBLEM: Energy Blast is a fun, flashy set that gets an extremely bad rap when playing in groups because of its knockback mechanic. To avoid team mate aggro, the player can slot a KB->KD proc, but this will reduce damage potential, especially in Sentinels, who usually shore up their dmg output by slotting up damage procs. SOLUTION: Give Energy Blast (across all ATs) a toggle power similar to Dual Pistols or Staff Fighting, with varying secondary effects and buffs. This gives players the freedom to play their flashy energy blast/ character the way they want depending on the circumstances, and reduces teammate aggro. First Toggle: Knockback! Gives a alight damage buff or adds just a bit of smashing damage as a reward for using regular knockback, similar to fire ammo for DP. Second Toggle: Knockup! Swaps knockback for knockup. There would be no added damage buff for this option. Knockup is preferable because like knockback, it is flashier and keeps mobs off their feet longer than knockdown. This would be the “default” behavior for Energy Blast until the toggle power that unlocks these three options is taken. Third Toggle: Knockdown! Swaps knockback for knockdown. Because knockdown doesn’t utilize ragdoll effects, mobs are usually back in action pretty quick. But, they have a small chance (around 6-12% chance) to be CONFUSED (or insert other status effect, like dazed or terrorized) because they smacked their noggins.
  5. Props to @Gulbasaur and @Bopper! Awesome contribution!
  6. I nominate you both (@Gulbasaur and @Bopper) for Bug Smasher and perma titles “Proc Smasher” "Proc-tologist"
  7. How do I go about installing this? I have installed homebrew. I have installed Wine. I have installed Winetricks. I have installed Zenity. How in the blue blazes do I tell Winetricks via Zenity GUI (or via terminal) to install the downloaded folder? This is infuriating. I've already tried installing it via Winebottler and its own Wine, but it doesn't like Mid's. What instructions am I missing?
  8. I know what you're thinking. "What the heck is Vorpal?", "isn't Vorpal that Judgement Incarnate power where you teleport-kick?", and "isn't Vorpal judgement technically melee?" My answer to these questions is: Yes. Wouldn't it be great to have a powerset that takes all these aspects, and blends them into a powerset for ranged characters? Vorpal/Teleportation Blast Vorpal Punch: you quickly teleport to the enemy, punching him for moderate damage, before returning to your original location. Damage: light, Recharge: quick Vorpal Two-Punch: you quickly teleport to the enemy, giving him both barrels for moderate damage, before returning to your original location. Damage: moderate, Recharge: quick Vorpal Crippling Kick: you quickly teleport in a cone in front of you, kicking the legs out from underneath all enemies, slowing them down and offering a high chance of knockdown. Damage: light, Recharge: moderate Vorpal Power-aid: you drink a powerful concoction that gives you what you crave: more power. for a short duration, your attacks will do bonus damage and you will have a tohit buff. Additionally, your single target attacks will have a moderate chance to chain damage and spread to other enemies near the original target. This chance will decrease for each successive enemy hit in this way. AoEs will have their arc or radius increased slightly. Vorpal Crane Kick: Like the move in Karate Kid, this move is more accurate than most, and is extremely difficult to defend against. Teleporting to a single enemy, you balance on one leg, jumping into the air as you kick your enemy. Your kick connects with the enemy's neck or jaw so forcefully that you have a chance to knock him into the air (slow motion like MA:Ki Push, and more KU than KB). Even if the enemy is not knocked into the air, he will be stunned and unable to take action for a short period of time. Damage: High, Recharge: Moderate Vorpal Charge: You move so quickly that you appear to teleport to a position far in front of your current location. This power is not targeted, but rather, you attack in the direction the camera is facing. You charge in this direction moving so quickly that you disintegrate anything in your path, including any enemies. This attack is very similar to a very narrow cone attack (like DP's snipe), and any enemies that survive will have moderate DoT applied. Damage: extreme, Recharge: very long. Vorpal Kung-Fu: You know Kung-Fu. You think that's air you're breathing? Selecting this power will give you the ability to choose one of three toggles to enhance your attacks or gain defense. Vorpal Rage will increase your damage by 10% while toggled, and will slightly increase your recharge rate. Vorpal Caution(?) will give you a 12% bonus to your defense while attacks are animating and for a very short time thereafter, due to your quick teleportation mastery, and will apply a movement bonus. Vorpal Precision will add a chance to every attack to cause slow-motion KU to the enemy, but at the cost of some of your recovery rate and -15% damage, and greatly increases the chance of attacks chaining while under the effect of Vorpal Power-Aid Vorpal Isolation: You teleport to your targeted enemy, performing multiple spin-kicks around him simultaneously. The enemy will be unharmed, but all the enemies around him will take moderate damage over time. The undamaged target will be terrified of being attacked and will lose some resistance and defense to your next attack. Damage: moderate, Recharge: long. Vorpal Meteor: You teleport to the targeted location, except the targeted location is about 15 feet (5 meters) above the ground, and you have accelerated yourself to faster than a speeding bullet, hotter than a small sun. You slam into the ground, creating a shockwave that pummels enemies, the dust and grime blinding them and lowering their tohit chance. All enemies have a high chance of being knocked off their feet. This attack will permanently teleport you to the desired location. Damage: extreme, Recharge: long
  9. I had a build on pines of a Dark Blast/Bio Armor Sentinel that I tried on Justin and it was insane. I will say that I did stick at least two damage procs on each attack power (one from ranged or AoE damage, and one from the accurate tohit debuff set, and it was MOWING through mobs in DA. I should try soloing the EBs in a few of the arcs, or even try my hand with soloing AVs just to see how it compares to my Fortunata.
  10. When I did this back on live, I was rolling with a Ninja/Dark MM. I can’t recall if it looks at the powers you’ve taken and then copies them to the clones, or if it just gives the clones X powers because the AT is a MM. For shits and giggles, have you tried making a petless build to enter the mission with, and then switch (via homecoming-only command for changing builds) before engaging the enemies? This may have been one of the few missions I had to back down the difficulty level on, and slowly pull clones and “arrest” them. Good luck!
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