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  1. I beg to differ. I mainly farm and have 2 characters I have had to trim their stockpile when it reached the 2 billion cap. Easily 5+ billion from farming alone. I rarely craft and convert or sell my good drops- I never sell purples or PVP IOs, I just kill mobs and stash IOs in my base for alts. Ive managed to outfit over a dozen 50s and fill 8 bins with IOs from fighting mobs.
  2. Its like warm apple pie. and it's... and you feel it and... it feels like a bag of sand when you're touching it. wait. what are we talking about?
  3. Farming is not only where the money to fuel the conversion market comes from- its where all the fuel itself comes from- the yellow convertible recipes. I for one as a main farmer over converter am a little disillusioned with getting lowballed on every recipe I list, so im at the point of just vendor trashing everything instead of spending my time listing it and it being sold for less than the vendor will give me. I dont mind the bulk of the profit margin going to the converter, but bidding 5k each on recipes makes it not worth my time to list them for you, so if I dont see the price of all the convertible sets come up to at least 25k+ im just not bothering to list them or white/yellow salvage anymore. My times better spent getting back to farming than dragging crap into the AH windows. TLDR- stop being so damn cheap on bids for your recipes.
  4. Reminder tomorrow aug 17 @ 3pm PST/6pm EST we be beamin' Looking forward to seeing those of you who have already confirmed, and hoping anyone else whos interested can make it as well. Depending on what lvls everyones characters are, Im thinking either weekly strike target Yin TF, or a higher lvl TF like maybe market crash or whatever suggestions we get by the group. Something fun, fairly fast, and rewarding. See you all then!
  5. I wonder would it be possible to unlock the origin title options for all characters regardless of origin choice? That might also help ease the pain of choosing an origin that you later find the title or theme didnt exactly fit what you had in mind. just a thought, because the title choices are one of the only real differences now between the origin picks, since you can access all the origin powers through PTW vendor, so unless someones just a stickler for theme or RP, then origin has no real effects aside form the titles you can select for the character.
  6. I missed this post when you first made it. The person who may or may not have "accidentally" chose to kill them may or may not have been me. Got this run down to 10-12 mins depending on what character I use now, I rarely even run incarnate trials anymore because of how effective this mission is in getting salvage instead.
  7. Nice, Ive never seen that consolidated effects page before. Pretty cool to have it all at a glance.
  8. suppressive fire is also a proc monster. Slotted with damage procs it can easily go well over 300 dam/activation. I wouldnt skip it.
  9. Its a race. If you aint first, you're last.
  10. When I read this thread all the maths make me wish there was a procs per minute for dummies thread for people who skipped math class to play sports in school.
  11. No I dont think so, this is just focused on the main ATs who have the beam rifle powerset, so bots MM would be excluded unfortunately. But feel free to roll up and bring any beam rifle wielding AT if you would like to participate.
  12. corruptors are fully welcome as well- I must have just missed that AT in the original posting, ill edit it in- we had several corrs in the group last time, and the buffs and debuffs from def/corr sure makes the team run smoother. Anything that has a beam rifle is welcome. just to be clear, and there are no restrictions on builds or level, play what you like as long as the primary or secondary is beam rifle it will fit into the team.
  13. Anything works with mental, because mental is a pretty incredible blaster secondary. Water being very ranged focused means youll have to close the distance and get in pbaoe range for the mental buffs like drain psyche and the psy shockwave or world of confusion to be effective. This means youll want to get typed def up to softcap for smashing/lethal/fire/cold/energy if possible... which is certainly able to be done, but is not cheap. Blaster builds like this cost upwards of a billion influence, but the end result is a blaster that has incredible AoE and can stand toe to toe with mobs of most damage types and rely on its massive regen from drain psyche to keep it upright if lucky hits get through. The water AoEs are all ranged, but that doesnt mean they arent effective from PBAoe distances, it just means you have to prepare to be in the thick of things to make it work.
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