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  1. Needed info: Manufacturer: nVidia Model: RTX 2080ti 11 Gb Operating System and version: Windows 10 Home Does the game load (and error you get if not): Yes Optional info you like: Driver Version: Geforce 441.41 Monitor Resolution: 2,560 x 1,440 Multi-monitor?: Yes - 2 Graphics Preset Used: Ultra Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): fast loading, smooth frames. I find the SSD more important than the GPU overall for loading speeds and character select screen coming up fast. I had the game loaded previously on a standard HD and experienced slow loading. I ran the game on ultra with no stutter on a much inferior GPU (Nvidia 1070) prior to upgrading, and it still ran great with ultra settings, the SSD upgrade has been by far more impactful than the GPU being top flight.
  2. LFG also swaps the star to the person who loads in fastest it seems. So when you LFG your team into the contact to start a TF often times the star has switched too. Can be annoying.
  3. Wait, theres other players on teams? I thought those were NPCs.
  4. As long as you arent doing it in a high demand group or league like Hami raids I dont see a problem with it on normal teams if you can be mildly successful on each toon. But the people who dual box the Hami and prevent another player from getting in zone at all- F those guys, man.
  5. SlimPickens


    Im not sure why choosing perma dom and capped def is being argued as if you cant have both. 135% rech is overkill... perma hasten and perma dom with 110% rech and still have capped ranged/s/l/e on my dom. You.Can.Have.Both.
  6. My tank Icehole is ice/stone. with whirlwind on full time hes a FF proccing machine, terrible on end pre incarnate, but a master of mob control.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I have done some more testing and I am seeing scourges for irradiate, when hitting low health targets as should be expected, so I was probably just the victim of a string of bad luck missing scourges on those, but I am now completely convinced proton volley has never scourged at all. I have never once seen the scourge notification pop up in orange letters, is perhaps the scourge pop up announcement not working and Im just missing it? since its a dot and i have it procced its hard to tell if its ticking twice and just not saying SCOURGE or if all the damage is just the normal dot plus proc... One way or another, the SCOURGE pop up letters are certainly not showing ever, regardless of if the additional damage is activating or not which is hard to tell.
  8. OK... so the whole reason I made a corr instead of a defender with rad blast was for the scourge... but the irradiate, proton volley DoT blasts dont seem to scourge, which basically nerfs the set as a corruptor. is this intended? (really hope not because its stupid) or is there a bug that prevents the rad blast DoT powers from checking scourge with each tick? The single target blasts like xray, neutrino and cosmic burst all scourge correctly, but the DoTs have never scourged for me.
  9. /Fire Blasters dont generally have aoe immobilize to pair with it. So its not helpful at all in their version of the power. All I want is damage. And for mobs to not scatter so by the time combustion or fire sword circle casts they are not long gone from the radius. Its purely counter productive in its current form for blasters secondary. it not only does minimal damage of its own due to mobs running away after 1-2 ticks, but it also makes all the other PBAoEs in the secondary difficult to use because nothing will stay in range long enough for them to get burned/fire sword circled., or combustioned.
  10. Damage auras that scatter foes to the wind before they can do any damage... not good design. Please fix the original devs mistake and remove the fear effect from hotfeet. Thanks.
  11. A fair assessment, but you miss the two true most powerful tanker primaries = Rad and Dark armors. I have to raise issue with the bolded quote parts of your write up. Rad caps all resist but en/psi, and caps melee, s/l def easily. Dark caps all resist but en/tox and can be build to cap pretty much ALL def postional and typed with incarnates. Plus offers some soft control in the form of fear aura which -to hit debuffs. even the KB hole dark has can be patched without compromising the res/def of the build, and Rad has no real holes to speak of since even the two non capped resists are around 50-60%. Invuln is a very good set, but in my opinion is not the best all around primary, as proven by the numbers. I think invuln is a very good pre incarnate/purples build, and can be blossomed into its strength fairly early and with far less investment, but the true ultimate powersets remain Rad and Dark as far as resist sets go. Not to discount Invuln as a very fun and high tier powerset, I just wanted to point out that pound for pound its not the champ.
  12. Respec I hate doing them, so only do them when my friends list is light and theres no teaming going on. Accolade badges A necessary evil to run the oro arcs and go and get all the explorer badges and plaques. I try to do these on my own time when theres not much else to do. Sometimes I do the oro stuff with friends so we can all get the badges, but mostly I just solo this stuff since its much faster to just stealth through quickly for the most part. Farm If im not seeing my friends list lit up, I'll usually just mindlessly semi afk fire farm until people get on. Make some influ while I watch tv or sports or something. Those are probably the most used options for me when Im not running TFs with friends or doing Hami etc.
  13. You knock em, you own em. Ill just go herd another spawn and leave you to your scattered mess. I just dont like wasting time, and chasing mobs is wasting time compared to tightly packed aoe herds. But its not the players fault the game mechanics are not conductive to teaming. Sometimes its negligent use of the powers, but other times its just a annoyingly thought out powerset. Energy blast is cool as hell looking, but I cant bring myself to play it because the juice aint worth the squeeze of annoying everyone i team with. I got too much min/max hustle in me to play a set designed to waste time playing 52 card pickup every spawn.
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