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  1. /Fire Blasters dont generally have aoe immobilize to pair with it. So its not helpful at all in their version of the power. All I want is damage. And for mobs to not scatter so by the time combustion or fire sword circle casts they are not long gone from the radius. Its purely counter productive in its current form for blasters secondary. it not only does minimal damage of its own due to mobs running away after 1-2 ticks, but it also makes all the other PBAoEs in the secondary difficult to use because nothing will stay in range long enough for them to get burned/fire sword circled., or combustioned.
  2. Damage auras that scatter foes to the wind before they can do any damage... not good design. Please fix the original devs mistake and remove the fear effect from hotfeet. Thanks.
  3. A fair assessment, but you miss the two true most powerful tanker primaries = Rad and Dark armors. I have to raise issue with the bolded quote parts of your write up. Rad caps all resist but en/psi, and caps melee, s/l def easily. Dark caps all resist but en/tox and can be build to cap pretty much ALL def postional and typed with incarnates. Plus offers some soft control in the form of fear aura which -to hit debuffs. even the KB hole dark has can be patched without compromising the res/def of the build, and Rad has no real holes to speak of since even the two non capped resists are around 50-60%. Invuln is a very good set, but in my opinion is not the best all around primary, as proven by the numbers. I think invuln is a very good pre incarnate/purples build, and can be blossomed into its strength fairly early and with far less investment, but the true ultimate powersets remain Rad and Dark as far as resist sets go. Not to discount Invuln as a very fun and high tier powerset, I just wanted to point out that pound for pound its not the champ.
  4. Respec I hate doing them, so only do them when my friends list is light and theres no teaming going on. Accolade badges A necessary evil to run the oro arcs and go and get all the explorer badges and plaques. I try to do these on my own time when theres not much else to do. Sometimes I do the oro stuff with friends so we can all get the badges, but mostly I just solo this stuff since its much faster to just stealth through quickly for the most part. Farm If im not seeing my friends list lit up, I'll usually just mindlessly semi afk fire farm until people get on. Make some influ while I watch tv or sports or something. Those are probably the most used options for me when Im not running TFs with friends or doing Hami etc.
  5. You knock em, you own em. Ill just go herd another spawn and leave you to your scattered mess. I just dont like wasting time, and chasing mobs is wasting time compared to tightly packed aoe herds. But its not the players fault the game mechanics are not conductive to teaming. Sometimes its negligent use of the powers, but other times its just a annoyingly thought out powerset. Energy blast is cool as hell looking, but I cant bring myself to play it because the juice aint worth the squeeze of annoying everyone i team with. I got too much min/max hustle in me to play a set designed to waste time playing 52 card pickup every spawn.
  6. Exactly. It takes far less time to just grind through mobs and make 3.5 million on an efficient character than it does to log in a new one set up somewhere Im likely to get drops and wait for the catalyst to drop, so as far as fairness goes, the one character person is actually probably able to make enough influ to buy catalysts faster than a multi alt person will be able to log in and out and farm them that way. I see the daily drop as just a bonus method of getting an extra one here and there rather than the real way to get enough to catalyze a full set or 4 of ATO/winter IOs. Buying them is still much faster and more efficient for me.
  7. Im all about minimum effort for maximum reward, so while yeah sometimes i do stuff "just because I can" most of the time I do stuff as fast and with as much payoff as possible. Even if I dont need influence or merits, I still want as much as I can make in as little time as I can spend. But im not above providing dick pics on request when someone really needs to know how big it is.
  8. Welcome to the game, while you learn the basics, I highly recommend playing a character that is more straightforward than the mastermind AT. That is what I would consider an advanced AT which requires additional controls not normally used so you are not only controlling your own abilities, but also trying to direct your pets so it can be more difficult to control combat. The pets do act on their own and go through their own attack chains, but the art of using the bodyguard mode and attack my target aggressive mode can be challenging and a mastermind without well controlled pets is very very squishy. Something forgiving like a tank or scrapper is usually much easier to start with to build your familiarity with the combat system, and requires much less build knowledge than something that starts off very defensively weak and can die much more easily. Sentinel is a fun choice if you prefer ranged, but still wish to have good resist or defense options. Your more specific questions have already been answered above, but I just wanted to point out that starting off with a character like a mastermind might be a steeper learning curve. have fun.
  9. Great, Hope this saturday works for most people, 1pm PST ill look for everyone and start making LFG calls to fill in the rest, which can take some time and sorting to make sure we have beam rifle toons only. Id really like to go with lvl 50 content this time around, since we have done exemplar stuff the prior runs, and by now most people should have reached lvl 50 if they invested any time into the characters. I personally have both a beam/dev blaster, and a beam/bio sentinel at 50+3, so am happy to run whichever the team might find more useful depending on our makeup. An Apex weekly TF run would be a really fun test, since its got favorable ranged power mechanics on the final fight and is short and fun. But id also be down for a all beam team ToT extravaganza if we have alot of lower lvl characters who want to join in, we could do doors and monster runs and even split up and do a few HoH event 4 man teams if people want- with the halloween festivities it just gives us a ton more options on content to do. See you then Beamers, prepare to dust some mobs and see those spread notifications flying all over the screen!
  10. Im all for the compliance effort, but it kind of bummed me out a little to go from your really well done homage costumes to some questionably bad community submissions. I know people are honored to have their costumes and characters included, but man... up your game, people.
  11. Its certainly not a set for the poor or mids challenged. But once its properly built and invested in, its high S level in what you can achieve with it. Only Rad armor has the ability to max as many resists like dark can, and dark can get very high in def to all typed rather than just melee and s/l like a well built rad. So as far as what can be done with the sets at top level of investment, its my pick as the best overall set. The KB hole is rather frustrating, but with 3 slots for KB protection its just as sturdy as any of the other sets, and I planned for that as the major sacrifice needed to get it where it needs to be.
  12. Thats exactly how i play my time/DP build. PBAoE specialist with soul drain and hail of bullets plus point blank casts of bullet rain. You want to be in the thick of things to use Void and times juncture, and hit as many people as possible with chrono shift and clarion farsight. Its a fun playstyle as well.
  13. playing titan weapon on apex is always fun when your momentum is dropped and you need to activate that first swing to get it back and you know you are looking at a 3 sec+ cast time... just hoping the blue bad doesn't drop on you mid activation.
  14. The dont "stand in bad" mechanics of this SF, and the Apex TF for instance, are nice wake up calls for the standard stand in one spot and beat on bag of HPs archvillian routine we saw in most of the early TF/SFs in the game. Having to pay attention and remain mobile while keeping your attack chain or routine active is a fun little mini game for the final fights. So I enjoy these as well.
  15. Honestly, Id say yes with the caveat that the 4 pc expedient reinforcement set has very nice set bonuses and if you have no other powers that would provide significant upsides than taking gun drone, then I still take it and just dont really bother to cast it much. The other thing to keep in mind is you can put out 2x gun drones at once in high recharge builds, so that way it may be bad, but at least its bad...twice as much. so can absorb a couple more hits for you or do one more string of 200 dot damage before dying. Thats all hinged on the thin presumption that the first drone lives long enough to meet the second though. So yeah, if theres something even remotely more attractive to your build or you cant spare enough slots to use expedient then I would by all means skip it, but if you have nothing better to take, then by all means, use it as a mule you may or may not cast or consider useful in practice.
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