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  1. not gonna lie, I have a build where I used 2 slots Celerity on 3 different sprint powers to get stacked 2.25% s/l resist bonuses so I could cap it because I had extra slots in the build and couldnt figure a better way to spend them.
  2. I just use the system for petty spite when people dont pick my costume in CCs. 1* for everyone judging. And i 5* my homies so they got clout on my screen when we team up. Occasionally Ill write a little note when someones a complete bellend.
  3. You do you, but it sounds like tedium so if it isnt fun, then nah dont spend your time on something thats not enjoyable. Theres enough unenjoyable stuff going on already.
  4. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and/or 12313131313122343141414
  5. This. Ill take 4 good players playing whatever they want over an ideal AT makeup with 3 people that dont understand game mechanics.
  6. I got the little leprechaun and I didnt know he flies. I flew and next thing i know I got him following me through the air with his little pot o gold. What a legend.
  7. Not voting because none of the choices are realistic, but the answer is no. Theres plenty of ways for players to make the game artificially harder if they choose. The fact that a well built character can become truly super doesnt mean the system itself is in need of nerfing or tweaking, it means you can choose to go all the way to 11, or dial it back to 1 and run unslotted using brawl from lvl 1-50 if you so choose to walk the hard road. You are the one who controls how hard the game is by the choices you make when building your character. Nothing about the way the numbers crunch needs be changed, its already in your power to dumb yourself down as far as you feel makes it more exiting for you to play.
  8. I just 1* everyone running the contest for having such poor taste and wasting my time when they dont pick my obviously best costume on server. Petty AF, cuz.
  9. I just turn off screen shake in my control settings... otherwise that pandragon fight can make you get motion sickness lol
  10. Ive noticed this behavior with rad toggles lately as well. I think the enervating field and radiation infection toggles are causing a fear panic effect in mobs for some reason. Its very noticeable on AV fights like Director 11 on Tin Mage TF when running with a rad whos got the toggles.
  11. man, id just like a suppress FX/redraw option available for all powersets. That alone would be a vast improvement.
  12. Heres the rules I use: Is it purple= +5 (except proc) is it PvP= +5 (except proc) is it a proc = attuned or no mod at all Do you exemp alot= attune set Basic IO like rech/end red = +5 always and save a slot (2 lvl 50+5 will get you to 95%+) In general those guidelines will work for you. If a power is an early pick I generally dont bother to attune if I am never worried about being 5 lvls under the power and losing its bonuses. If a power is picked in the 20-50 lvl range and has a normal IO set (not purple or pvp) I generally attune so I can freely exemp and not lose those bonuses. I tend to buy all my procs attuned but if they arent providing set bonuses with other pieces of a set it really doesnt matter.
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