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  1. New Powersets and costume pieces and ability to customize characters a little bit more
  2. It can be whatever you want it to be. 😎 Think it's the same year as we are in now.
  3. Tried on several computers all I get is blank page or tons of symbol characters.
  4. Interesting I will try again but I am pretty sure I had those options disabled.
  5. Tried to download getting blank pages on both links
  6. Here is the first office as well as the bay doors for the hanger
  7. Yeah, I am working on something. Might need some people tp do some custom work for me. I have a basic design in mind and working on that. The Plot is 28 by 24. m. The floors are colored to make the Medieval Cross 3 Pattern. 4 4X8 areas to fill and 4 5X7 and 4 4x3 and 4 3X1. The 3x1 will be offices. The 4x3 will be living areas. The 4X8 Command and control Operations - and 2 gyms Training areas The 5x7 will be hangers for vehicles and the remaining hallways will be used for other stuff. I plan to take out all the door ways to the hangers and use teleport points for them. I am on the Excelsior server entry code is BOTC-1313. Base Concept.pdf
  8. Yes - Companies would probably hire less "Super-Powered" individuals then our heroes/villains/rogues (HVR). If they had a chance to hire someone for $20 an hour that could move dirt with a thought or pay 250k for a bulldozer most business owners would go with the person. Brings new meaning to the question "What type of special Skills do you have". So in a "Super-Power" rich environment I am sure there are regular smucks with powers working for the man on a 9-5 job.
  9. Still have not Io'd this character. He is sitting Peregrine waiting for me to do that.
  10. Who would be willing to build a base for me and how much influence woukd it cost?
  11. Base was amazing. I wasn't able to visit during the Grand Opening but I did stop by earlier.
  12. Working on one currently will let you know. IMHO - One of the best looking sets - Granite Wielding a Ripped out sign with concrete. Brilliant. Just got 50 last night will see how it goes.
  13. Origins can get fuzzy. I run Mutants and Magics mostly. I try to run all 5 Origins and kept them separated in my head. Most of Science characters were not created by themselves, and most of my Technology characters were. Naturals for me usually mean Aliens as well.
  14. Cyrickain13

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    Does your CoH Character Select Screen look like this:
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