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  1. One reason why the treaty with Hamidon was broken was that Cole used nuclear weapons on Nova Prospect in the Magisterium trial in order to power up himself with the souls of the citizens living in the area due to his Incarnate link to... Hades, I believe. The act of using nuclear weapons and polluting a section of the planet with radioactive fallout was probably the tipping point for a ecologically focused entity that was the Hamidon who was more or less patient with Praetoria until that moment. That led him to dropping his full might onto Praetoria which we saw in the Mr. G/ Provost Marachand intro mission with the multiple Seed of Hamidons and massive tentacles going ham-wild in the distance as you frantically tried to evac people. Everything after that was just cleaning up the aftermath of that one singular action in the Magestrium trial.
  2. Currently playing Assassin Creed's Odyssey. It's hitting the right buttons for me. Got collectibles galore plus historical tidbits everywhere.
  3. Runescape is beating us by 1%. We need that #1 spot.
  4. I re-read it and I thought it was a SG where each character represented a state in the US instead of being American themed for some reason.
  5. Does that mean you have a Florida Man already?
  6. Gulver

    Weird badge convo

    It exist. Also there's a badge for defeating the hidden Chupacabra monster in Croatoa.
  7. It's a really rough translation. They're giving me the impression that their dialogue is extremely simple-sounding. Most likely their AI can't handle complex instructions due to Neuron not taking the time to properly code them with his ADD combined with superspeed.
  8. If people attack Praetoria, then people are Resistance, correct? If the people are resistance, then attack. My task is to defend. This lab is not safe. I am now attacking. Halt, criminal (scum)!
  9. I rolled a character on a RP server and in the midst of writing her bio, a question came up that I had a hard time answering. What year is it now in-game? I wanted a character to get her first start during the first Rikti Invasion... but that was a while ago.
  10. A few. What manifest is it trying to open in Option?
  11. Gulver

    Immortal badge

    I've been using a +4 CoT Guide in a flashback mission to hit me while in Rest for Immortal farming. Wonder if there was a better mob to farm off on my /regen Brute badger.
  12. I hate doing this on my brute badger. Super Strength doesn't really help much when you slowly pick them off one by one while 20 of them run in the nearest doorway while you manage to get 2.
  13. Is the Halloween trial still in the LFG window? Or is the Summer Blockbuster going to be the only exception to holiday trials running past their seasonal event?
  14. Gulver

    Exorcist Badge

    It wasn't hard for me when I soloed the entire DA storyline at the default notoriety. Edit: I went back and checked Paragonwiki and there wasn't any Thorns in any of the missions in the arcs.
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