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  1. A few. What manifest is it trying to open in Option?
  2. Gulver

    Immortal badge

    I've been using a +4 CoT Guide in a flashback mission to hit me while in Rest for Immortal farming. Wonder if there was a better mob to farm off on my /regen Brute badger.
  3. I hate doing this on my brute badger. Super Strength doesn't really help much when you slowly pick them off one by one while 20 of them run in the nearest doorway while you manage to get 2.
  4. Is the Halloween trial still in the LFG window? Or is the Summer Blockbuster going to be the only exception to holiday trials running past their seasonal event?
  5. Gulver

    Exorcist Badge

    It wasn't hard for me when I soloed the entire DA storyline at the default notoriety. Edit: I went back and checked Paragonwiki and there wasn't any Thorns in any of the missions in the arcs.
  6. The overall winner is actually clever and I can easily see it as the overall winner.
  7. I'm closing in on the minimum requirement. I just keep getting distracted by getting those gold star on every entries in the Ouroboros mission list.
  8. Well, that list certainly isn't convoluted at all....
  9. Can Confirm, I got Tempered through Fire via Ouroboros on my brute that I rolled as a hero. Took a while but I did it.
  10. Hey, I'm dumb. How do I make a macro for this base?
  11. I tested. My rebirth total core invocation hit all 10 guards near him and gave me about 5k worth of healing for a single use.
  12. The regular hydra group. The Kraken and the Head of Hydra have a badge but not the enemy group as a whole.
  13. Phipps is worse.
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