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  1. "Welcome to the PJSA!" "As your Headmistress, Georgia Clay, I would like to welcome prospective students to this years class. As a full service boarding school you can expect that your prospective student will be versed in both the classics and more specialized training to accommodate their diverse gifts. We have a fully trained staff to ensure that no matter what talents and abilities your child has, we can help them through this difficult phase in their life." OOC Information: The PJSA is a SG dedicated to RP for a Super Boarding school. If you have a high school aged character (14 to 18) and want to join in the fun of a super boarding school, join our Discord and say hi. Characters older than student aged can potentially become faculty, however, faculty positions are awarded on a case by case basis. RP Activities include: Social, Classroom, Training, Mission, Simulations. We have characters who run farms, Task Forces and other game content. Come join us and become one of the Alumni of PJSA! Name: Paragon Juniors Super Academy Alignment: Hero Roleplay: Heavy RP Discord:https://discord.gg/aEGAd8g Recruitment Officer: @BlazingCoconut Recruitment Message: If you are looking for Super High, this is the place for you! We do a lot of RP centered around the school, but also run RP missions, SIMs, Task Forces, Events, Farming, and most other game content. Coalition: Paragon Hero Academy. Play Times: Most players are EST, but we have folks from around the globe
  2. It is debatable, but with more and more teams splitting and more and more toons having softcap having a bigger ST heal can arguably be a far more efficient choice and a better one to be a healer.
  3. For folks that say there is no problem. I heartily disagree. As long as this game has been out, the Controller AT has had a very hard time with end game content. The moment the purple triangles went in, controllers started to lose their relevancy. This has only gotten worse with incarnate content which allows pretty much anyone with a good build to solo what was once team content. That's where we are now. So, yes. Controllers, who had been marginalized before in end game content suffer worse now. No AT is needed to complete content, agreed, so then the question is what do you contribute. If you, as a controller, were not there, the team would be faster in kill speed by taking any AT that offers more damage. When 'hard' content like AVs are finally encountered, all of the tools and things that you would like to work, suddenly don't. So there is no content that your lack of damage supports, and the content that might lend itself to your controls they don't work anyway. That is the problem. I now have 7 level 50 trollers here. I do love them. I, and others, are asking for content or a buff to make us NOT feel like we slow teams down or that teams succeed despite our being there.
  4. I might have a different opinion. The reason you see it paired with Illusion so much, it's because it makes for a good solo set. */Rad is not quite as good in teams as it used to be on live. It's still a good set, but most of the things that it brings, people no longer really need; or it's too slow to apply them to improve kill speed. * -To Hit, Toggle: Slow to set up and most people at end game are soft capped to something anyway. Some use in incarnates or teams that struggle * -Res, Toggle: Slow to set up and the kill speeds on average teams makes -Res really useful for things like AVs, EBs, and some other hard targets. * -Regen: Great for AVs, not really needed anywhere else. * Heal: Decent, AOE based which ironically is worse than targeted heals as a lot of teams split up. So having a bigger targeted heal often is better than a smaller radius based heal. * AM is great in lower levels, but if I run Ageless like a lot of people I don't bother to head over for it, 'gather for AM' actually slows team kill speeds ironically as the buff often doesn't make up for the down time required to actually have people gather. So.. it's debuffs are now way to slow to help team kill speed and aren't really needed against anything other than hard targets. While this is true for a lot of debuff sets, the toggle nature of Rad makes it slower to apply then others. It's still very strong, and has a lot of good pairings and synergies, I just think there are a lot of people who have similar conclusions and the high play time is solo where none of these drawbacks apply and it shines. I'd say it's still one of the best solo sets out there. Just for teams it's become middle of the road and while you can do well, there are better options.
  5. I appreciate all of the replies that have been given and you had a lot of really good advice that I didn't quote. But this I do disagree with. Examples: A healing power - I could take preventative medicine or go with Numinias. One gives me 8.75% recharge the other 3.75% Ranged. Example 2: Do I go with a purple set or a set that gives defense? This occurs in most sets because purps have pretty standard bonuses. Those types of choices and the fact that Controllers without a +DEF power typically make this choice all the time. It's why I was asking in the first place.
  6. Even with Dom and stacking holds I wasn't ever able to hold them. It was a lot of pain and I eventually just did autocomplete. I could have bought insps and done it, but ehhh... Still... who thought that was a good idea?
  7. Thankfully I've played the game a lot... as have most people who are here. However, I just want to rant a little about how BAD the beginning mission design is. The Twinshot arc, where you help the Shining Stars. So a little narrative to put it in perspective. 1) Roll up a character. Dominator. Hmmm... that sounds fun. I'll try one. Control and Damage seems cool. 2) Run some missions using hold and attacks, nice. 3) Get into Twinshot's arc... 4) Wait... why doesn't my hold work anymore on the Arachnos Kidnappers... they're +2 I have no debuffs or heals on this character. Ahhh! Faceplant... a lot. Who puts control immune or resistant mobs in a beginning arc that supposed to teach you the game? Or is the lesson, "don't roll control characters?" because if I didn't know better, that would be one of the lessons I walked away with. Okay... rant over. I feel better now 🙂
  8. ozob

    Alpha for Grav/Storm

    How are you for END? On my Fire/Storm, I had so much +RCHG that I went cardiac and then changed slots from END to DMG and found I did better overall. If you're planning on running ageless this might be less of an issue.
  9. Hey Zee... in all fairness... don't. Right now it's a very disappointing set. However, if you are dead set on it... 1) The cone is terrible since everything will be at the slow cap anyway. Skip it. 2) The AOE confuse is good but will get you face planted a lot. 3) Ice slick is nice, depending on what secondary you might have better options. 4) Pet is meh, but you need it because you can't do much damage. Storm pairs well with it. Maybe poison on a proc build?
  10. So I have been working on unconventional builds and struggling on some. So for many builds there is a definite choice you have to make between defense and recharge. For secondaries that don't have a +DEF power it's a real thing. What do you usually chose and why? Also what level of +DEF or +RES do you feel safe with?
  11. So what is your mitigation? I try conic con s/l on +4 and just get smashed. +3 is not much different. Are you at all T4 incarnates? Like I can melt 1-2 groups easily, but then inevitably I get adds and they go badly as the 5% hits start building up. How do you rotate through and keep enough defense to survive. Confuse and Poison trap is good, but you get to the AOE cap and then bad.
  12. I was just on the TinPlex with you. The one that had 4 controllers? While we did okay, there was a lot of death and confusion. I play controllers... still haven't changed my mind about their use in end game stuff. I lately build them to solo 8 person content and am good.
  13. That's a fair comment. Yes, they have a clear role. That role is not needed all that much in the current environment and like you say... DAMAGE is about it. So yeah, controllers can do damage, and you're not useless on a high end team. You're also like picking a 5th grader on a High School Sports team. Sure, they'll help... but not really. There were some really good suggestions above that I loved to see. My own pick of what to do: 1) Increase Damage: The old maxim that controllers shouldn't do damage because they have team mitigation is stupid. Blasters have mitigation and no one complains about their damage 🙂 Now, should they do as much as a Blaster. No, but in line with corruptors, yes. 2) Fix containment. There are a lot of ways to "control" mobs. Giving us bonus damage for them would help too. 3) Make some controls more useful against AVs. Change them to have some affect rather than all or nothing. Perhaps holds become -Rechg or something. 4) Shifting pets to the level 2 power. Would make them actually fun to play in the early levels. Anyway, I still love them and am working through the Plant/* combinations now. It stinks that I don't have the same feel from Controllers that I used too in Live but that's the way it goes.
  14. I'm glad you're enjoying the game, but I would ask you what exactly are you bringing to your team? I have a tricked out Fire/Rad, so I've been playing one for a while: What you have: Great toggle based debuffs Good controls Okay damage (gets better when debufs are in place) Now let's look at what you contribute? Debuffs? No. Mobs at lvl 50 die so fast you won't even get part of your toggles on before things are dead and gone. Since they are usually dying so fast anyway, why did you waste the action to debuff them in the first place? Rad's debuffs were AMAZING through most of live. They are not needed, or really even that helpful short of AVs and maybe EBs at this point. Also, this is your secondary... so your primary has little use in that fight at all. This has always been an issue for CoH and is not new. Controls? No. Things die too fast. If you're wasting time trying to control them... maybe outside of an AOE immob to keep them all in range for the varrious nukes and incarnate nukes that will wipe them out that's kind of a waste of a power. If I'm choosing between a guy that's going to stop 4-8 mobs or one that's going to kill 4-8 mobs... well it's not a hard choice to make. Even if the fight goes on for a bit, even Blasters are softcapping def and sometimes resistance now. Your -To Hit doesn't help me if I'm already softcapped. Damage? Yes, you have some and can contribute there. One of your main powers has both damage and control, making it pretty useful even for a fast moving team. However, since you never really get your debuffs going, your output is meh... at best. A Corruptor/Blaster/Scrapper/Sent/Stalker/Brute will do much better with much less setup. Yeah, I stopped playing Fire/Rad because they are pretty much redundant to just about anything these days. Great to solo, fun to play, still strong, but not really useful in teams in high end content any more short of some speed against AVs. I don't think this is a Martyr complex. There are some inherent issues with the AT in how the game is currently played. Discussing them and asking if the dev team can do things about them I think is pretty reasonable. Look at the changes to Tankers. I think they were definitely needed. Tankers have very similar issues that controllers do... their role is not as important as it once was. Are controllers useless? No. But they do lack a clear role in high end content. I hope the devs do take a look at the AT as a whole and give it similar treatment to what happened to Tankers.
  15. Yeah it makes a glowing ball that supposedly does damage. I never really noticed much in the way of damage, but that's what it does. I had it in an AOE and I could get out a couple of them in every fight. Not sure how useful they are or are not.
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