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  1. Okay, whom do I need to murder to get Disc Jockey's stupid floaty platform?
  2. An unlikely candidate, but Steve Mutombo, a Family boss from Hammers of Justice, is nicknamed 'Mute' and is a boss of a mission of the same name. However, mission is barely different from every other in the arc, the arc itself is 30-40 level range and has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Durrays.
  3. Although I am sure that the Freakshow screenshot is, first and foremost, about the upcoming Story Arc, I still hope that it will also make Freakshow/Rikti parts available for player use, because by God, I will murder for Rikti parts.
  4. Mastermind pets as Enemy groups. If Positron can have all Robotics pets as mobs for a mission, why can't we? Extension of existing enemy group levels. As it stands, you can't use Shivans and Neo-Shivans for 50 level content, for example. Ability to put dialogue for NPCs, the kind where you get to choose responses and whatnot.
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