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  1. Yeah, but the thing is, you COULD move right away. You could move right after casting, but before actual teleport, too. Now, you're rooted in place before actual teleport takes place and you no longer have a hover in which you can actually move.
  2. Dwarf Step TP used to not root you in place before you teleport, and give you a temp buff that gave you very slight hover both before and after you teleport, in essence giving you a bit of manuerability when you 'port, since you could still move about in both cases, while the regular teleport would root you in place. Now in functions exactly the same as a regular teleport, it now roots you in place and doesn't give you hover. I assume, that's an intended change, but a one that makes it feel even less manuerable, than before. Did I say 'root' enough? Root, root, root.
  3. It looks like Shield toggles, for some reason, override Walk animation, so when you toggle on Walk and any Shield toggle at the same time, instead of Walking with your shield out, as you'd expect, you're instead running in slow-mo, with your shield out. This behaviour is consistent, no matter what stance you use, you end up with default run cycle.
  4. Player-created ATs have been cropping up ever since the code was released, many of them varying in quality. Most of them, though, don't introduce any new original concepts. Synergist (by @malonkey1), though, totally does exactly that. More-or-less conceptualized in this thread: Synergist diverges from other AT suggestion threads in that it actually became a reality, with the code being released (although, it's made with i24 in mind, and would need to be adapted for i26). https://gitlab.com/malonkey1/synergist-at So, I'm making this thread to direct attention t
  5. There is a single AV that uses Kheldian form, Dwarf, specifically. It's Sunstorm. There are AVs that got Warshade powerset, and they're exactly who you expect, Requiem and Arakhn. Other than that, yeah, you get no access to Kheldian powers, which saddens me greatly as well.
  6. Okay, whom do I need to murder to get Disc Jockey's stupid floaty platform?
  7. An unlikely candidate, but Steve Mutombo, a Family boss from Hammers of Justice, is nicknamed 'Mute' and is a boss of a mission of the same name. However, mission is barely different from every other in the arc, the arc itself is 30-40 level range and has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Durrays.
  8. Although I am sure that the Freakshow screenshot is, first and foremost, about the upcoming Story Arc, I still hope that it will also make Freakshow/Rikti parts available for player use, because by God, I will murder for Rikti parts.
  9. Mastermind pets as Enemy groups. If Positron can have all Robotics pets as mobs for a mission, why can't we? Extension of existing enemy group levels. As it stands, you can't use Shivans and Neo-Shivans for 50 level content, for example. Ability to put dialogue for NPCs, the kind where you get to choose responses and whatnot.
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