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  1. When you Solo something you solo it. One character. Not with a second character from a second account. That's a duo. If all the soloing of various stuff being mentioned here and elsewhere is making use of a toon from a second account then they aren't solos. It'd be soooo easy to solo every TF logging in a second account to get over the hump of the hard parts. I didn't realize people were assuming I duo-accounted my Solo list (which is almost everything now). I quickly disabused them of the notion. Oh look I have 3 or 4 machines I can use with a different account, I'll log in this character here to help with this bit, and that character for this. Come on. If I start soloing LRSF then log a character to perma sleep the AVs to pick them off one at at time or confuse them into doing the work for me or a debuffer or whatever, is that soloing it? No. Nothing wrong with it, we all have our fun, but it's not 1 character doing it all, alone. A solo is one character and what they can bring to the table. Now I can't trust anyone's solo bio's or posts. O_o
  2. I loathe most blue-side TFs and content in general, because of this very thing. The entire side seems to be designed with making as much useless time sinks as possible. The 'if we make everything artificially take a very long time they'll have to subscribe longer'-school of game design Seriously some of these are terrible, and the story contacts are worse. You can better believe that if your told to go to a different zone with only 1 access point the mission will be at the furthest end of the map, every time. Or how about this- Top of IP map, go talk to this person (at the very bottom of the map)...oh they send me on a mission...at the very top of the map...oh now I have to actually return to said person at the bottom of the map....annd back to the top again. O_o My easy solution was to continue/go back to running Villain-side (I had to do all of Hero side at least once) and ignore blue content until I have access to the highest end stuff (miss libs etc). And never again will I run Crimson, Tina, Harvey, Unai again, these go on and on and on and on and all over. Ugg.
  3. I love Master-Of PUGs runs. They usually allow me to show off by carrying the team and ensuring a successful completion hehe {_____O_O____} TF intentions when advertising IS important. Honestly, at least on Torchbearer, they're pretty good about this (master of run, kill all, kill most, speed). I still think people are self-limiting in what they think they need. For example, while this wasn't a TF, it illustrates: I was toodling around and in LFG there was a call by some for some melee damage, to tank and dps a mission EB I would guess. I was going to answer but I'm a dom and I didn't feel like explaining that I could solo what they needed completed if needed. I bet any number of different ATs could have. But there seems to be some percent of the player base who have a narrow or unexperienced view of what is possible in this era when everyone is uber as hell. My generous side postulates it's previous experiences with other games/systems
  4. Best Experience This one is recent. Soloing my favourite TF in the game Apex/Tin Mage. Apex was fun and Battle Maiden solo with sword and NPCs and constant blue patches was fun. And finishing off 4 AVs (2 of which I had to fight at the same time, the Robots, was a thrill because the outcome was uncertain. Honorable mention: I just love cheesing Yin with confuse at the end of an LRSF, it's hilarious to watch all the other AVs melt to her. Favourite Content: Dark Astoria story arc (not those repeatable missions). Challenging in places, great story, some excellent cut scenes with you in it and a moral choice at the end Task Force Tips: /shrug inspirations? Actually the best task Force tips is run them, them ore experience you have with them the better one does. AV Challenges: Inspirations, various temp powers. I found many of these extras unnecessary and never used em for most of my solos. But I do bring them and have used em. (I had to use everything and more to defeat bobcat who can 1 shot me (and did a number of times) Bang For Buck Arcs: Dark Astoria story arcs. Merits Making Side Runs: SSA is decent the first few times. But the winner goes to flashbacking the Heather DA contact from the story arc. This 4 part mission can be run in 9-12 minutes and you get 1 Emp merit and a common automatically AND a choice of a second emp or a c-vr incarn reward roll. 2 empyrian merits can be converted to 20 merits. Best return for time invested outside of an Apex/Tin Mage run. Can t4 all your incarn powers in as little as 3 days. Soul-Crushing Defeats: My first Apex try. Nothing going on one night, well lets load up a solo Apex and see first hand if it's a viable solo. Make way to the end and Battle Maiden. Take her down to half, , she disappears, fight the mobs, she reappears. Tough fight she hits hard. So hard she 1-shotted me in melee range with a fresh Barrier, multiple super inspirations, and a just popped ultimate. Lessons learned, second attempt went very well indeed. Overall Tricks: Let's see.....oh wait is that the phone? <goes to answer it> Silver Mantis was mentioned. Just the normal contact EB one is tough, but my nemesis was always the Miss Liberty in the 40s villain content. Especially if one is only tricked out with SOs etc and not sets. I remember finally getting her down to close to defeated only to have her heal up to half and having little insps left. This was back in the day. My toons are set pieced up by level 30-32 now so it's a lot different.
  5. Gulbasaur makes an excellent point. "Some of the best runs I've had have been tankless ones with a gaggle of controllers, dominators, defenders and corrutpors - they liquefy anything that stands in their way. Lots of the "squishy" archetypes can more than hold their own - several controller builds can tank better than a few tankers I've met in the game, before IOs and other boosts and radiation defenders have been soloing AVs since before City of Villains even existed. It's a very flexible system." Totally true.
  6. From my experience there is no best AT for TFs. Nothing is needed. I have yet to be asked my AT or powers when joining a TF and never encountered a 'we need this AT now' when in one. Even just the LFG or various channels. Virtually all calls are LFM. Not looking for Tank, or Dom or Corr or whatever. Everyone just plays what they have fun playing and we do the TF. About the only time any specific AT is talked about is a Cuda and maybe a Miss Liberty. Other than that you can win any TF with any group of ATs from my experience. Virtually nobody asks for specific ATs for TFs. Occasionally you'll see in LFG wanted CC or Healer (more often) or need damage dealer. But that's about it. And even then I would argue they are possibly asking for something too narrow. Need a healer? Well that crowd controller may very well make healing unnecessary, or that aoe damage dealer specialist. Could be server culture I don't know, I'm on Torchbearer, but I occasionally pop over to Excelsior, seems the same. Maybe a better question is what do people like to see on a team. I like /rads and /kins can be fun. But nobody fusses with team composition except possibly people married to an outdated idea of trinities and whatnot. Play what you want and join what you want with it.
  7. I made it a point on live to solo all the non-tf content (story arcs, mayhems etc) on my two mains on the highest difficulty setting. This sorta meant something when there was only SOs and maybe some Hami hehe. When Going Rogue came out I took my main over to hero and did everything from the lowest to highest level. I preferred to experience new content solo AND I found at lower levels soloing was faster leveling than teaming (Not a fan of blue-side content. Much of it is from the 'if you make it take a really long time artificially, they'll have to sub longer' school of game design, including the zone design and under 50 TFs.) As for here. Given a second chance to play I wanted to play allll of it so, soloing the normal content was a must. But it was the TFs/Trials/Giant Monsters which really held my solo interest. To-date I've solo'd all the TFs/Trials and GMs except: Barracuda, Kahn, Miss Liberty, ASN and Council War Walker (it's annoying to spawn and people show up) and Lusca (I forgot this was even a thing 'til this week O_o) SOLO TFS AND GMS: ***** NOTE ***** If you log in a second account to help with the tough parts of a TF/SF (say a hover brute during the miss Lib towers or some sort of helper for Reichsman, then you are NOT soloing it, you are duo'ing it. Other wise one could log in 4 accounts on 4 machines and 'solo' stuff'. Solo means your one toon and what you can bring to the table. ***** NOTE ***** (nothing wrong with a duo, my MLTF/Kahn/Apex duo's are in my bio) *** Note *** Personally, soloing GMs I don't use Lores for them. I started my GMs solos without using them so that's my standard. Other people's mileage may vary. That being said...I also intend to use 'em for Council WW and whatever else is left ((lazy hah)) Quick notes: Shadow Shards TFs bite. I did enjoy Faathim TF though and was my first oh man this guy is sorta hard AV (after having done all the other blue side TFs) Citadel or Manti- whatever one you kill the rather tough bald guy AV in... oooh shit you mean another AV spawns? (Mother mayhem I think)...oh now I have to fight the first guy again (I was not expecting these to happen from the TF description hah) Posi 1- barely a TF Yin- Faster solo than with a team Silver Mantis- The final mission took longer than the whole rest of the TF (all those turrets) MoLRSF- Fun TF anytime. I basically fought everyone and everything instead of Mind-Dom-Cheesing them. Except the last mission, it's hilarious fun to see Yin gank all her friends. She really does a number on them hah. She wasn't too bad herself, dangerous, but in a manageable way Apex- My first lets do a fake try see if it's viable wasn't the best, I dicked around on the police steps with the final 6 WW too long trying to be too clever, and my BM fight wasn't really planned out and she one-shotted me in melee range through a fresh barrier, an ultimate, and a couple super insps. My successful second attempt went mmmmuch more smoothly and in about a 1/3 of the time, I played it much smarter with BMaiden. *Apex is my fave content in the game. Love it. So winning this was a must. Tin Mage- Not my fave in general, I see it as the price of admission to an Apex hehe. Still can't solo Apex and not solo Tin Mage. Except Tin Mage is all freakin robots (psi not the most damaging vs robots and inanimate)...and there was the 4 AV problem at the end. Tanking all 4 while fighting each one in turn? oi I don't remember my opening move buy I did fight Neuron alone (these guys are tough), and the 2 AV WW spawn. I think I died to them or bobcat not sure which. But I found some interesting mechanics. They follow you on the map no matter where you go. I load back into the map and they are right there at the spawn point zap dead hah. Okay insp up a little first. Then it was a straight tank both and take them down. Tough fight. Which leaves Bobcat. F**kin Bobcat. The 1-shotter. I had a devil of a time with Bobcat. One-shotted me a number of times...and I was getting weary. So I said alright I'm using everything at my disposal (added in a Shivan, a signature summon, and I used all my Nukes). Win! phew. THAT was the toughest one. Market Crash- My first foray was a I don't know anything about this so lets do a recon-solo see what it's all about...oh AV okies. Oh same AV fine. Oh look another freakin' giant robot. Okay well if I can solo the Kronos Titan GM with no lores etc I should be able to do this....nope. I was completely bamboozled by a giant KB, wtf?! I don't ever get KB, and then that threw me off...dead. So I ignored MC-solo until last week. Everything went smoothly...honestly it was a little bit easier than I expected considering my first disaster of a try. Solo MOLGTF, MoITF, MoLRSF Giant Monsters- Scrapyard was hard. His regen even with drain psyche is through the roof, lots of reds Kronos Titan GM- I'm still sorta amazed cuz you know /psi vs robots...not the worst, lots of reds. I highly recommend soloing TFs (and content in general) or Duo-ing/trioing them. You learn a LOT about NPC and powers behaviour, observations you'd never see in a team, and new ideas on how to approach problems. -Number-Six THE Mind/Psi Dominator (=p) Vet level 565
  8. I think there's a lot left to be desired in the above build. A lot. Some seriously wonky numbers or good numbers in wonky places. About 12 -14 things need to be addressed by my reckoning. So I fully endorse it. Cheeseman and Slim have some good advice. Though i disagree strongly with at least one advocated power. "Ugh... There are still so many people who are... Confused about confuse."---yeah, don't bother, they should learn by doing and experience. -Number-Six
  9. I'm not the one to do so since I am unfamiliar with both sets really. But I did play around with the idea in a Pines build soooo if it were me: In my fire build I skipped pets, I hate them. I think smoke is a waste of time in general and here the -to hit is negligible seems I also don't like immobilizes, they're not locked down just can't move so personally I'd skip that too Cones nope I'd skip that as well same with caltrops but I can see the benefit here with the slot sooooo (you can maybe see why I never finished/played a fire/ heheh =P) -Put a set piece in stamina. -Your missing the Shield Wall global + resistence, I'd steal the chance for -hit off of flashfire and repurpose it to that -The whole decimation set in trickshot maybe-damage and acc better -Envenomed blades I'd try to do something with set piece-wise gain some sorta bonus either 2-slot or increase, I dunno, maybe lose a few sec rch buutttt I see it's near the duration so... -Same with hot feet -Repurpose your +regen regenerative tissue slot, maybe, from health you won't notice it that much if you want an extra slot somewhere -I'd look at some endo or recovery...But no experience with Force Field so no idea if it's on all the time (I run 7-8 toggles and I rarely turn off super speed, but I also build with more end and recovery in mind) Notes: This is an early somewhat quickie look so I just went for the sorta obvious stuff I'm no expert on fire/ tried on live for a bit, and MA I have no experience with I have a dif play philosophy, I dislike immobs and hate pets, and care little about AOE I prefer resistence over defense My build went through 12 iterations at least before I was close to perfect (for me). Once you play this build and work up more capital and merits. Play with it in the builder. There's some set pieces that I have used but don't and re-arranged a lot of 'em. You maybe find that to be the same. If nothing else I would set piece the ones that don't have set pieces but can. Even a 2-slot set piece can increase your recovery That's all I care to comment on because of the preferences I just mentioned. There's almost for sure reasons behind certain choices that I'm ignorant of having never played this style dom. But I think my minor suggestions (set piece stamina, shield wall, moving a slot or two around) seem decently valid. Although I really do think you could do without smoke and add in something else superspeed (this is suuuuuuper useful) or tactics maybe. /waffles hand. That's the best I can do without making a radical change in the whole build philosophy hehe. Hopefully someone with more experience with these sets chimes in. And I'm sure you'll have different ideas about it after playing through a decent amount of content and seeing how this version works. Have fun -Six
  10. They do avoid it, to their detriment (sometimes, many Dom sets work/synergize without melee). Some just have 'oh squishy not getting close' mentality which is fine if that's your playstyle but not close to the truth really Elite Bosses Combat Jumping Super Jump Number-Six is me, my main, my Dominator hehe (and Praetorian-Six which is an exact clone of my main in the same server. So nice gotta have it twice hehe)
  11. -I was thinking more the uber mezzing Domination affords. I'm locking down everything everywhere, and while my defenses aren't what they could be they don't need to be and are sufficient for... well everything. - Mind is really the only one I like and consequently play (tried many others)...I think it's perfect and nothing should be messed with. (But I AM biased since, I can do anything (everything) on my mind-dom hehe) -I think f**cking with stuff is a baaad idea. Just going to ruin stuff.
  12. "But maybe also regarding "Are you NUTS?! Melee?!?!?!"" I'm not sure of what basis "are you nuts?! melee?!!!?" comes from. Don't be afraid of melee. It's awesome. If other people are wtf then they don't know. I'm the first one in at the AVs/Ebs. I extensively use melee and am almost always in super proximity to the everything right in there with the sents and tanks and scraps and brutes. I rarely stay at range unless I really need/want a tactical overview of the situation. I only use SJ and CJ I sorta want to say more, there's some other observations buuuut that's getting to close to disclosing my build/play style. =p - Number-Six, THE Mind/Psi Dominator, Solo're of TFs and GMs, Carrier of Teams.
  13. They don't get domination. Plus Mind's don't need pets not because mass confusion makes your foes a pet, but because they just don't need pets. -Mind/Psi Specialist
  14. You could do better with 3 hours of DA story-arc flashbacks heh. Also could we change Apex/Tin Mage to later? My two absolutely favourite pieces of content are the WST during the International Film Festival =p (just my luck hah)
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