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  1. good job ! shadow make the light. If i could suggest, you put a light on right so put shadow on her left side face's to. and be careful of thickness of her boots that the same of her pink robe.
  2. the tone used in the story is second degree, the cops seems not so smart and more they arrest a hero believing to have a criminal. weapons trafficking sounds good to me. my little stories i'm doing take some situation in CoH to replace it with some humour or ridiculous situation. I would also point out that René is primarily a male name in French (if I am wrong about that please do let me know) but is typically a female name in English since both the cops appear to be male. I don't understand ur point of view in ur phrase above : do you mean i must change name for policeman in translate version because he 's male ? - René name's could be used for male of female in French and i know some male personnality name René in English
  3. Hello, an adventure of Vigilance and a confiscate weapons mission. let the police do their job thank you first square : - It was the last weapons to confiscate, i will go back to see my contact for a debriefing. Third square : - Hey not so fast, we need to check all bags ! - yep Fourth Square : - Gun's dealing ! you are good for the Zig. Don't try to fool us, René it's smell good promotion ! - yep
  4. Hello Christopher, thank you for translate job, your personal version is better than google and i think it will for a long time yet. I tried with Firefox or Safari and the picture works, but some things i tried for waterfox doesn't work so maybe is Waterfox the problem ?
  5. hello, the first adventure of Vigilance a hero from french community call "vigilance"
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