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  1. certainly never how i expected things to go, thought i was down two days' worth of bombing the market with IO25s and that was that i barely even use any of this inf on myself, mostly got into crafting and whatnot to be able to spam 25's (and 15's since we just flop about from mission to mission rather than do xp farms) for the bunch of friends i brought with me, so i certainly appreciate the surprisingly widespread generosity from bigmoney friends here very much
  2. at the time ye, it's also @Nayru and now that i've been paying a lot more attention, the market really does seem crazy glitchy with prices on last 5, on virtually everything set io related edit in retrospect: if pay attention to say miracle +recovery, you can see when it randomly has a 12m buy on it as if someone was tricked into paying panacea proc price for it v-- poster below (and above) is karmic justice 10fold ;-;
  3. this just got me to give some very lucky person 9m for a 1m performance shifter chance end recipe, which was basically all i had so it'd be nice if the ui didn't completely lie to you, i guess (presumably something to do with ghosting of set io's + attunement, but a -really- horrendous bug)
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