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  1. Not to my knowledge. I'm stumped about your situation...
  2. Yes, this is common on Everlasting...
  3. IMO Beasts pairs best with Kin. Can self cap own Defense with Fortify Pack and still hit damage cap with FS. Have good native resists and Defense to build off of. Beasts like melee. Kin likes melee too. Use: Maneuvers Pet IOs Fortify Pack Go Support Hybrid for when you can't use Fortify at full stacks or you need a bit more Def to cover iCap or debuffs.
  4. I've got one I can post later this week. Not just a build, an actual character I leveled into incarnates.
  5. My Ice/Ice/Cold checks all the right boxes: Strong damage (particularly ST) Quick animations Lots of control Survivable and sturdy Visually and thematically appealing Solos and teams well equally. Like having my own little Killer Frost. Everything stays put, and after their first attack volley almost everything just gets to twiddle their thumbs due to stacked slows. Even War Wolves get to sit down and take a time out, due to holds and Ice patch.
  6. @Jerdoggiedog Hey Jer, here's my current sonic/sonic build exported from the live game. Its not quite capped at Ranged Defense, but its good enough when solo, and I'm capped anyway on teams due to all the buffs. If I had room I'd take Combat Teleport for easy zipping back and forth for PBAO and Cones, but meh, I just joust a bit and it keeps me interested scanning the battlefield. I find it a fun build, pretty effective, and while Sonic Attack is not juggernaut for damage, Deadly Wail is a killer T9 and so is Earsplitter. I like Echo Chamber as well, though I do lack a second hold
  7. Caltrops area denial is not to be underestimated. Also damage over time with an immobilize and procs is good. That said, it's also just a great one slot wonder if you have the room.
  8. Does anyone recall the command to export a build from in-game? I realize my sonic/sonic doesn't have a Mid's file.
  9. I might be wrong, but I don't think the FF proc will help with pet's power recharge, or your own due to how pets work. Build Up proc would work nicely though in its place.
  10. Nope that's one of the HC standard ones, down near the bottom of the list, forget the name...
  11. Yes I can absolutely post one 🙂
  12. I'm probably an outlier here, but I enjoy my Sonic/Sonic. Definitely requires jousting to get the cones and PBAOs cycled, but I really like the debuffs (especially on teams), and the T9 nuke and T9 melee are both super hard hitters. Siren Song makes soloing things like Malta with multiple sappers easy. Plus its very thematic. I enjoy it just as much as my ice/ice/cold.
  13. I stick with 4 piece Basilisk and +2 Mag proc and I leave it at that.
  14. Kung Fu Hustler is now available for a new home.
  15. I find EA to be too busy for my tastes, but if you are interested still in a Robotics build, I could present one with Cold, Dark, Force Field, Time or Nature as a Secondary...
  16. I took @Snarky's advice on the self targeting macros. Saves time and it's great for more uptime damage on mobs near you.. Take Snarky's advice!
  17. Unfortunately, pets lose Supremacy and the Pet IO buffs, so once they grab aggro back, they are going to get punished more. And PFF has a slow enough recharge for MMs that you can't just toggle it up and down in between taunts.
  18. On my FF/Sonic and Bots/FF I developed a sixth sense for when things might head south. Because, yeah, if you time it poorly.... That said, PFF had saved my bacon many times. Combined with a resist epic armor and +health, it all stacks nicely.
  19. Welcome to the game! Agree, even now, this is the best MMO I've played since 1999.
  20. PFF ..no Tanker to take that Malta Alpha strike? Jump in with PFF, let them unleash on you. Now the team can join in. Remember, PFF isn't just about Defense. It comes with a very large boost to resists, too.
  21. Personally if you can slot in the KD procs into Assault Bot and Drones, then go with Mace for Scorpion shield (has the bigger immobilize, though without -KB), and Scorpion Shield will stack nicely with Rad Infection -ToHit and Protector Bots' bubbling you.
  22. Even worse when compared against a pool pick of Bonfire... 😕😕
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