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  1. 3 months later and they still haven't been able to add these items??? I am sad
  2. Forgive me still not understanding. so at level 50 just one slot hasten with +5 what?
  3. what recharge reduction IO do you use in Hasten?
  4. These Tyrant costume pieces should also be accessible! So good!
  5. Do you happen to know how to get the "-n" thing to work on Mac??
  6. OMG! this costume is amazing! WOw wow wow! so on other servers they are making costumes available? I may have to make the jump! I hope Homecoming dives in and just makes the easy fixes to make these available. There's so much untapped content! .. I've never even seen this one before. Yeah I love that HC has done a lot of power balancing but I hope they can do something for us who love character creation and customization because having these extra NPC costume options would really reinvigorate my drive to create new ALTs in the game. I hope they come through.
  7. Since I've played homecoming Light Form literally has no VFX it's still my character completely visible and I have it perma. I think they must've removed the original affect at some point?
  8. Yeah I agree. those items are amazing! and what about Swan's wings?
  9. Oh we definitely need her catsuit. I love it so much! Like all these things are already in the game. Just hope they can easily flip the switch and make them available. Oh and also Desdemona's Corset and booty shorts. So fucking cute!!!
  10. Keep all my current characters. and please make all NPC Costume Pieces available for use. Desdemona and Belladonna Vetrano have some amazing shit!
  11. Yeah release it all! Let us use all the content available in the game. Seems like such a simple thing to do. I hope they can make it all available in next patch. We need Desdemona and Ghost widow hair please!!!!! and belladona vetrano!
  12. This question is very ambiguous. We want the game to stay on!!!! That is all! Just keep the game on and our characters safe! Hopefully NCSoft starts making city of heroes 2 if they aren’t stupid
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