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  1. Hey yall! It's me! @McSpazz! Yes, I just tagged myself. Why? For the funzies. As Dragon mentioned yesterday, I will be fully leading the next few classes! Tomorrow (FrIdAy ThE 13th!!)! We'll be going over part 1 of the lesson plan and all that good stuff. We will be meeting in Atlas Park! None of the classes I will be hosting this weekend will be in bases. Instead, I'll be spotlighting cool RP spots in the game world. See you all tomorrow!
  2. This is very well put together! It honestly does everything I wanted a parser to do! ...except it appears the creator of this encountered the very thing I realized before I even got started. It can't tell the difference between combat, system, and emotes. It's a shame, because if there was an [Emote] tag, it would be fairly simple to suss out and even filter.
  3. I'll look it over, but I doubt it can reliably handle combat/emote/system inputs. If it can, I'd love to figure out how...
  4. A loong while back in SCORE, I was considering writing an automated parser for the chat logs. After looking into it some, I decided against it. The reason? The current chat logs would be a MASSIVE pain to parse. I'm going to get to my suggestions in a bit, but I need some preamble to get to it. First, here's a sample chunk of text from a chat log (provided to me by @CrystalDragon thank youuu!) > 2021-01-18 11:29:39 [SuperGroup] Scions of Everlasting Message of the Day -- If you got a friend interested in the group, feel free to invite them to visit the base! Scions-3706 > 2
  5. Hey all! It's me! Spazz! Here to hopefully make a post in the right place! I've had these badge ideas for ages and always thought it was a shame they weren't in the game. So...here they are! 1. "Bad With Secrets": I've always been amused that Ouroborus is supposed to be this super well kept secret but all it takes is for someone to throw down a portal and you're given instant entry. Thought a funny nod to that would be if you were awarded this badge if someone else who did not have the "Entrusted With the Secret" badge used your Ouroborus Portal. My personal choice for the descript
  6. Oh wow. Okay, I know there's no way I can win compared to some of the AMAZING efforts here, but I'm still proud of what I've put together and would like others to see it. Kudos to all of the other builders. You've earned it. Character Name: Sergent Gamble Global: @McSpazz 9-Tail Labs Everlasting 9TAILS-12137 Builders: @McSpazz Description: It appears to be just a house situated among others near the primary Vanguard owned area just outside of the Rikti Warzone. But behind a bookshelf in the basement, there is an entry to the underground workshop
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