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  1. My main has always been a dime-store Green Lantern. I like constructs, what can I say.
  2. Powerset proliferation has a lot to do with this. For example aside from thematic appeal, there is little reason to run /Rad when you can run /Cold, /Dark or /Traps.
  3. Cold for killin', Dark for survivin', Rad for classic appeal.
  4. Ice storm makes them fall on their ass. Heat Loss slows and drains endurance. Nice thing is that both go off fairly fast and you have an OPTION not to be in PBAOE. Flash is just too got-dang slow and I got no slots for it either.
  5. On miserable nights like this one, I miss the bug known as Jack Emmert. It was a bug that made everyone else miserable. But it got fixed.
  6. Despite some initial issues with the software, I am quite happy with Roccat LEADR. It is certainly not cheap, but I think it is worth the asking price. It's large, has plenty of buttons that are spread around the mouse (unlike the mini-numpad on some MMO nice that is just begging for misfires) and is very customizable (as far as button configs go). Before I used WoW Cataclysm mouse and enjoyed it, and leadr is a worthy successor. If you want a mouse with 15 buttons that are spread around rather than grouped together, this is what you want. I don't think there are others with this l
  7. Here's how it worked out for me. Do you spend a lot of time at or near do damage bonus cap? Radial. Example: brute. Do you spend most of your time way below the damage bonus cap AND have a fast attack chain? Core. Example: illusion controller. Conventional wisdom suggests radial, but your attack chain is very fast and you have no issues having six stacks of bonus all the time. Do you have a slow attack chain? Radial. You will have better return from a damage proc than from inconsistent number of bonuses.
  8. I have it in Kick. Works well for an extra bit of recharge here and there but does dilute the attack rotation a bit.
  9. Phantom Army early on. PLEASE. Maybe even before invisibility.
  10. /em throws assorted blunt objects at walls Goddamnit... Thanks of course.
  11. Suppose we have a custom popmenu: Menu "Test" { option "Load Bindfile 1" "bind_load_file C:\Games\CoH\Binds\Bindfile1.txt" option "Load Bindfile 2" "bind_load_file C:\Games\CoH\Binds\Bindfile2.txt" option "Load Bindfile 3" "bind_load_file C:\Games\CoH\Binds\Bindfile3.txt" option "Load Bindfile 4" "bind_load_file C:\Games\CoH\Binds\Bindfile4.txt" } Our Bind files are simple one-line binds: Bindfile1.txt ALT+C "local "Bindfile 1 loaded!"" Bindfile1.txt ALT+C "local "Bindfile 2 loaded!"" Bindfile3.txt ALT+C "local "Bindfile 3 loaded!""
  12. Enough is fully finished sets of IOs on each 50, 2bn in the bank on each 50 and 1bn in the mail for an emergency fund/impulse spending. Sauce: that's where I'm at (3 50s) and I quit marketeering.
  13. I have been so unlucky with the salvage rolls that I always take merits now. Merits will never betray you or stab you while you sleep.
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