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  1. This almost makes me play redside. Almost.
  2. El Bumpo in el rumpo. DAE see this? I still haven't been able to complete the last mission of the ITF because of this crash. Very annoying.
  3. Three cheers for the dev team! Illusion's back in business!
  4. The cloud is daft. Especially if you are a flier. Is there any color combination that makes it look less obnoxious?
  5. - Assurance that the server will neither be wiped nor taken down by NCSoft. - Assurance of absolutely no influence or involvement by NCSoft in the server's existence. - Support for continued bugfixes. - Support for development of new content.
  6. Aside from the Illusion fix, the Borderless Fullscreen is my favorite change here.
  7. I want the glowies to make the Nightingale noise from Kingdom Come.
  8. Add Autohotkey to your list. Requires scripting for the more clever stuff, but really handy for getting around keybind limitations and more.
  9. Ah yes, nothing like pulling on a thread of an old sweater and unraveling the whole damn thing. Seen it happen more often than I'd like during old code porting/updating projects. Poor dev team. Good luck sorting it out, it's a right pain in the ol' nuts.
  10. You can't right now. Not until further notice.
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