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  1. Regarding the Fly/Hover animation issue. Could we get something like the new Default Stance (Normal, Ninja, Beast, Slide) option that was just implemented but for a Default Flight Pose ( Normal, Hover, Flypose1, Flypose2,3,4, etc..) that kicks in whenever a "Fly Power" is active? And for Group Flight affecting pets vs group members could we just leave Group as is and simply allow "Fly" powers to apply to MM pets since they are a normal extension of the MM?
  2. It's odd since demons will fire shield everyone with a single cast like most current buff sets but the bots are still using the old mechanic of casting buffs on each individual target. Maybe they were just never updated to use the new buff method. Also of note bots will double stack shields on the other bots but only one will cast on you.
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