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  1. Thx for the feedback everyone. Having fun with all of these suggestions and the character. I'll post my final build sometime next week. Still feeling it all out!
  2. That'd be just as nice. It's very cool to be able to share a link and visit a friends SG Base as well. Even a recharge time would be fine by me.
  3. Ya'd think they'd grab their ties an pull theirs head outta their butts and start working on a sequel! /em fingerscrossed
  4. I'm finding more and more great macros since coming back into the city. The base TP macros are a game changer! Absolutely love them! I just put this one together today. Just one button away from the market at all times. Very handy! /macro BM blackmarket I'd love to see what other players might feel are "QoL/can't live without" type macros in game.
  5. Jander

    Rad/FA Build

    I've played SS/FA & Spines/FA, but wow the Rad/FA has been so much fun! I'd love to hear some feedback from players who know the set better and see what changes you could suggest for me. I know there's plenty of room for some tweaking to get my fire defense up a bit more, but im really sure where I want to pull away from to do so. Thanks in advance! Rad/FA Build- Amazing Atom
  6. Nice, Thx Tubalcain! Looks like a very fun build & the ranged defense is super impressive. Does the proc in Spiderlings activate in the summoning area?
  7. Any protips/advice/builds for an Archery/Tactical Arrow blaster? Please don't say "don't roll one". Thx!
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