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  1. While I can't say why the automatic sale of unused enhancements doesn't happen in this version of the game, it does give you plenty of warning that you won't get anything for unslotted enhancements, and we do now have 7 enhancements trays to store enhancements we don't re-slot during respec. A dev would have to give a definite response as to why it's not coded to auto-sell enhancements, though.
  2. You can scale many windows! The Window Scale Guide on ParagonWiki is very helpful, if you want to tweak individual parts of the UI to various differing sizes.
  3. When you get the badge for defeating 25 'signatures', you also unlock a contact. That contact gives any safeguard/mayhem you so choose. One thing to note is when you ask about missions, they'll offer you a random safeguard/mayhem. If you want a particular one, you must 'talk about something else' and then you can choose which one you want from the list.
  4. Have you tried the reverse, /bind q target_enemy_near$$follow ? I believe that's the command I used.
  5. @AboveTheChemist : Thank you! I still have Z bound to its default game setting (cancel power cast, I believe?), but that's easy enough to change.
  6. I would appreciate the files once you're satisfied with them!
  7. DEATH BY FORGE!! Yes :) I loved their interactive crafting system.
  8. I remember conversing with someone in the 'RP Gathering Area' in Atlas Park about trying out "one of the new games" that were just about to hit release (those being WoW & EQII). We decided to sample WoW on the side. It bored the piss out of me and I was quickly back to playing only CoH. I would later sample EQII and I enjoyed it a HELL of a lot more than I enjoyed WoW, and it would become a co-game with CoH for years, as each took turns being my Primary Game of the Moment. I know WoW was/is an exceedingly successful game, but it just never held any interest for me.
  9. One could really stretch it and make 'slit' out to be a bad word.... which is how normal words BECOME 'bad words'. Utterly ridiculous, and why I always disable the language filter. It's a pile of steaming horse slit.
  10. This is my Forever Game™, my safe place, my happy place. Doesn't mean I will play all the time (though boy howdy have I been for the past month I've been here), but it does mean I'm here for the (very, very) long haul. There are only 3 games I've ever played that are so incredibly helpful to me that they might as well be a psychological boon, and I'm not about to willingly abandon that, ever, even if I have to run Granny's CoX Shard out of a nursing home.
  11. I want to modify my Spines/Fire farmer to make it a bit more useful outside of fire farms, and this thread is helpful for that even though my own build is different than Bjornalf's since it actually IS a farmer. I'm also the kind of person who LOVES to know the 'why' of choices, because it helps me be better informed in making my own decisions in the future. I also know that while some people are excellent at being teachers, others very much are not, and that's absolutely fine because we're all different people and our brains work in different ways and it would be incredibly boring otherwise. I was never any good at creating my own serious builds in CoX That Was, and I'm slowly learning to do so here (which is why the 'Why' of power/enhancement selection is so useful to me, because I am NOT a numbers person so it takes me a while to figure certain things out). I appreciate the 'Why's and I appreciate plain old builds with little in the way of 'Why', because hopefully eventually it will all coalesce in my brain as an AH HAH I GET IT NOW! Hopefully. Thank you Helen for your stupidly expensive build, I've saved it and it will likely use it in some fashion (eventually... I'm not stupidly rich quite yet).
  12. Don't have Firefox installed, but there's no change when using IE.
  13. Thanks so much! There's few things that hubby & I consistently drag our feet on, but switching to new OSes has always been THE #1 'to the bitter end' thing with either of us (due to multiple cases if Really Bad Experiences for each of us ages ago BEFORE we became OS curmudgeons). ETA: Sadly, still seeing a box with Chromoji. I shall simply have to assume all boxes are happy smiley faces from now on, because that's the only one I know FOR CERTAIN is displaying as a box.
  14. Windows 7, but that's going to have to change soon. Husband and I have always had a really recalcitrant reaction to changing OSes, but we're not going to continue to use one past its EoL. It's up to date, and Chrome is, as well. ETA: I HAVE seen some emojis here and there in other posts.
  15. Thanks again, justicebeliever. I'll see if I can suss out whatever it is that's blocking things from displaying correctly. Appreciate the advice!
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