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  1. I've recreated two of my original characters, more or less; the two that were my absolute favorites. The first is almost exactly the same (I think I made some very minor tweaks to her costume, but so minor that only I can really tell... my husband knew who she was the moment he saw her), while the second had her appearance completely changed and her backstory improved/expanded upon, though she's the same otherwise. Other than that, I have re-used a few favorite names, and one favorite background story, but the characters share little to nothing else with their original versions. The rest of my stable of characters so far, including the only character I've gotten to 50 here, are all new from the ground up. I'll probably continue to do that, both creating completely new ones as well as being inspired by/building off of favorite bits of previous characters.
  2. As boggo said, it's a unfinished co-op zone. The Homecoming team has so far added one co-op strike/task force mission there, Market Crash.
  3. Thanks, Bopper! That might be one reason I never tried it. 😄
  4. You will need some other bonus to Stealth to have full Stealth, yes. The only travel power that gets you full Stealth with a +Stealth enhancement is Super Speed, due to its inherent Stealth bonus. As I write this, I'm wondering if a +Stealth enhancement in both Hover and another in a Sprint would stack to full Stealth? I'm not a number cruncher and I've never tried (I've only ever used Super Speed + enhancement to get full Stealth). @boggo2300 as to why someone would take Hover: it has none of Flight's penalties in combat, plus it can be slotted with Defense IOs and is a fantastic spot to mule such things as LotG +Recharge or Kismet +Accuracy, etc.
  5. This is a great place to be. I have missed this game so much over the years. I was never able to install Paragon Chat etc. because I knew it would make the already intense feeling of saudade even worse, so I stayed away. And then I delayed installing Tequila because of what if it's shut down as soon as I start feeling safe again ... but here we are, months later, and still going strong! Paragon City, Rogue Isles, or Praetoria... enter, and be welcome. Welcome home. :)
  6. Back during Ye Olde Days, I had wanted to make a Sonic Corruptor, but the Sonic sound effects were migraine-triggering. Fortunately another player was willing to modify them, and I wound up with a set of less painful Sonic sounds. I really need to check and see if I'm still bothered by Sonic, and if so, if those sound files will work now (I still have those, and a few other modifications saved). That was the only one I wanted, but was absolutely unable, to play due to sound effects. There's a few others with sounds that annoy me, but those Sonic ones would have me shut off the game because my day was shot.
  7. I looked for this option at the P2W myself a while back. When I couldn't find it, I just shrugged it off and continued to sell them. The most annoying thing about having to sell the white/yellow salvage is when your salvage is getting full and you have to sell them either via clicking the Sell button over and over and over and over....ad nauseum, or right clicking each mini-stack of each piece of salvage and hitting 'Sell All' for the stack. It's slow and annoying, so I just wish there was a way to either disable white/yellow drops or make selling a lot faster.
  8. I started this game in CoH Beta. Liked it a hell of a lot more than I'd expected to, but it wasn't until CoV that I well and truly fell head over heels in love. Yes, redside is far more gritty and gloomy aesthetically than blueside, but the buildings just felt like they had more LIFE with the variations in shape, style, and of all things, THE ROOFTOPS, and, even the detritus- which is still signs of life. Though, yes, YES, it's often a well and true PITA to navigate a lot of it... so much water, so little even ground, so few streets for straight running... it was still my love (often viewed from the air, because navigation sans Flight could be just UGH). I loved all of it, from the archetypes to the zone styles (so much love for St. Martial) to the zone music (though Boomtown still has my favorite tracks of all zones) to the contacts, even if crazily enough my favorites of the contacts were inanimate objects: Radio, Slot Machine, Television. I can (and have) certainly now made base hero versions of the villainous archetypes here on Homecoming, but they- and all my other characters- have gone purple relatively early in their careers. The only character I have that's planned to do ALL THE STORY ARCS is restraining that 'all' to 'all villain story arcs'. At level 35 now and still happily mowing through the list, not bothering with waiting to Ouro them all, but unlocking contacts and doing them as I level her. Felt so good to unlock the title Army of Me, which is my absolute favorite for a Mastermind (which she is). You ever want a partner redside on Torchbearer, I will often be more than happy to join in with any of my army of purples. And while I haven't had much chance to RP in this game since years ago pre-CoV, I still have in-character reasons for my characters not being 'pure'; just like they all have something written in their bios, whether it be one simple sentence or something that hit maximum character limit.
  9. And it's the Hero Slayer badge for Villains.
  10. I've done this with 2 Thugs/Traps MMs (back in Ye Olde Days) and it was multiple Acid Mortars/enemies choking on Poison Traps/Gang Warsplosion/Arsonists STILL running up to use their ranged fire attacks in melee range MADNESS. In a very fun way.
  11. Sounds like a great test for the 64-bit client!
  12. I switched to this binding weeks ago and it's amazing what a difference such a small change made. When I want to turn autorun on, I do so purposefully, and it's not when I just want to take a few steps!
  13. While I can't say why the automatic sale of unused enhancements doesn't happen in this version of the game, it does give you plenty of warning that you won't get anything for unslotted enhancements, and we do now have 7 enhancements trays to store enhancements we don't re-slot during respec. A dev would have to give a definite response as to why it's not coded to auto-sell enhancements, though.
  14. You can scale many windows! The Window Scale Guide on ParagonWiki is very helpful, if you want to tweak individual parts of the UI to various differing sizes.
  15. When you get the badge for defeating 25 'signatures', you also unlock a contact. That contact gives any safeguard/mayhem you so choose. One thing to note is when you ask about missions, they'll offer you a random safeguard/mayhem. If you want a particular one, you must 'talk about something else' and then you can choose which one you want from the list.
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