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  1. Compensate by not remaining stagnant. The buffs are only 8 foot radius, so I recommend to move around so they can't remain clustered and pick them off individually. The duration of the buff is only 1.25s, so it won't take long to move a foe outside the buff radius and have their defense drop. I'm not saying to completely separate them, obviously...that's an extreme playstyle change. But you can easily make it so 16 foes are not all within 8 feet of eachother allowing for super strong defense buffs.
  2. As a tester, I really hope someday we can get a /Slash command that tells us distance to target. @Number Six is it possible to create a /dist2tgt Slash command?
  3. From hide it has a 50% chance to crit. Looking at CoD I see nothing wrong with how the power is set up so can you confirm how many attempts from hide you tried and if all of them did not crit?
  4. Again, I have no affiliation with the HC Discord, so I have no moderator privileges. You have to talk to HC Staff or HC GMs to discuss ways forward with joining their Discord.
  5. I have no affiliation with HC's Discord, so your standing in that discord plays no part in mind. I looked through my logs to find Spectrum too and I see nobody by that name join.
  6. I looked through the entire list of everyone who has ever joined my server twice. I saw no Lance_R_Violator. Do you go by any other name or handle?
  7. Did you download discord on your phone or computer? Did you create an account?
  8. Bopper

    Guide Index

    It's been over 2 years since it's been edited. Safe to say nothing is being added. It should probably be unstickied.
  9. You could look it up under the old name on Live. Look up energized shield for romans and phalanx fighting for romans. But yes, cryptic also has the data. Keep in mind, the website does not update automatically. It is manually done by UberGuy. So if he's away, it won't update until he gets the time.
  10. Like I showed, it's 22.5% of max end per minute. So take your max end (let's say it's 110, assuming you have accolades). To convert that to end per second is trivial: 22.5% x 110 / 60 = +0.4125 end/sec
  11. The endurance proc will be 7.5% of your max Endurance. So if you have 110 max end in your build, it will proc 8.25 endurance. The chance to proc is 50% every 10s, so on average you are looking at 3 x 7.5% per minute = 22.5% max end per minute which is the same as saying 22.5% recovery.
  12. The damage and endurance is almost always following the design formula. You can check what the recharge of each power is and see what costs wrong endurance and/or what does wrong damage.. The endConstant is 0.65 and ATconstant is 0.80
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