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  1. OMG! Yes, please!!!! I'm a power clicker too and I cannot begin to tell you how many times in a mission I accidentally hit the arrow. I told my husband numerous times, "I need an option to lock this sodding arrow." For the love of cookies, please make this happen!
  2. When it comes to most maps in the game, I generally do not have an issue. However, stepping inside one of the new DA maps, gives me motion sickness. The worst of the lot? The sewer with the red goo as water. OMG! I did this one the other day and got very sick. So much so Pepto Bismal become my best friend. Not long ago, I ended up getting the sewer map again, even though I raced my way to the end, I was getting nauseous. The Knives mansion and the Tsoo mission with the snow (fog?) on the screen also made me sick. Suggestion: When mission is accepted or arriving at the door of your mission, a popup box should appear asking if you want a normal map or a DA map. I know it sounds like a small hassle but, its hard to enjoy playing the game, when certain areas make you sick -literally. Thanks!
  3. this . I don't think most people get the thread this game hangs by. I suspect the reason it's still here at all is just the slow moving bureaucracy at NCSoft, and a debate on their part internally whether to bring it back as a legacy game on life support - no dev team just server admins and charging people 20 bucks a month and micro transactioning everything from recipes to inspirations, or just shutting the whole thing down to protect their IP. If these servers are still up at Christmas time, I'll be stunned. That is the reason I suggested this. There are several people I speak to on a regular bases that have this over-whelming feeling of dread, that this "return" is just temporary. And I must admit I am right there with them. Would be nice to enjoy this event before the "Doomsday Clock," strikes.
  4. On live, my second character was an ice/ice/ice blaster. I enjoyed her so much I bumped her from alt to my main. Upon the return of the game, instead of choosing something different among the numerous power set options, I remade my ice/ice/ice blaster. And it’s still lots of fun. Is secondary perfect? No. But no secondary power set is. That is why it is called: secondary. My blaster is an old school type – hover and shoot. This means I do not use ice sword or ice fists. So, what do I take? Chilblain is a must have. Its good against flying targets. Frigid Protection. Uh yeah of course I have this. I mainly use this for the stamina and health benefits. The slow is nice to help group up enemies when I am soloing or hanging with a friend. Ice patch. This is another must have for me. You do not need to be a blapper to use this. It is great to toss this down on the ground and followed up by Blizzard. Its nice to have when you are in groups to help clump things up for the tank. It’s a very versatile power to have on hand. My only complaint is I really wish the patch was larger. Not the size of the controller’s ice patch just something larger than a dinner plate. Build-up is one of those, “Duh! Of course, you take this power!” Shiver, I use all the time on tough enemies, like bosses, elites and archvillains/heroes. I have never taken Freezing touch or Frozen Aura. I have never been a fan of sleep powers in any game. And as for Freezing Touch I already have a hold in my primary. Want to talk about what does need a revamp? Bitter Freeze Ray. I decided to try this power out on the behest of a fellow friend who also has ice as a primary. OMG! It is horrible. Yes, it does a lot of damage. BUT there were two issues for me: 1. The animation to cast is so long and 2. The animation looks like I have a constipation problem. Yeah, I dropped it right quick. As for not seeing ice as a popular secondary, well who cares. I have seen several players who chose ice as a secondary. And yeah, they had a different set up then mine. Which is fine nothing wrong with that. What we need to remember is there are lots of options for people to choose from. Some people like to spice things up and go with something newer. Others tend to follow what is the “IN” powerset. Those who do choose the ice secondary may go the route of a blapper or others – like myself—may choose more control. And I’ve seen a few that fell in-between. Ice secondary is not for everyone. As are many secondary power sets. And on top of that not everyone takes every single power in their secondary set. Perhaps that “broken feeling,” you are experiencing is the game telling you, “This is not the secondary for you. Choose another.” Furthermore, just because a secondary power set is not the “popular kid,” does not mean it is broken either. Does blaster secondary need a rework? A few minor tweaks of what I mentioned earlier in this reply, but a complete rework? No.
  5. Under normal circumstances I would agree. But this game has been dormant for seven long years. I am not asking that every year we should throw a Winter Event in July. Goodness No. But for the first year of return, it would be nice to enjoy an event before the upcoming season.
  6. One of the events I adore is: The Winter Event. Reasons? Fun! Rewards! Badges! Hanging with old friends! Memories! July is just around the corner and it would be perfect to open this event up for the month. Fellow Players, Please vote and let the Homecoming team hear are request.
  7. *Open badge selling for the first year. I cannot recall what the NPC name is in Ouroboros that sells badges, but by the time I came back and later found out she was selling badges it was too late. Really? I must wait till May of next year simply because I just found out the game was back. Not like it was announced in the newspaper or on the TV news. So, please reopen the store. *Personal and/or Team map icon. Options to change: The style of the icon. The size. The colors. I have a hard time trying to find my location marker on the map. It still boggles me to this day as to why the developers choose a green triangle pointer to start with. Its hard to see (especially on a very large screen) and blends in the map. Thanks! ;D
  8. WTF!??!? Am I damn leper!??! :P Fine! I miss Lady Dee. Aww Thank you, me!
  9. (munches on popcorn) I've always been here....mostly physically less mentally.
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