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    So, I am in a bake off trying multiple controller primaries with traps. I find it useful to roll them up on Beta, there are way to instant level and kinda slot them. Fire/traps - better damage, monster end hog Elec/traps - much weaker damage, great end, the longer the fight goes on the safer it gets, mobs are drained, plenty of time to plant a trip mine
  2. It's the stone attacks I want, the armor is just a bonus. I would take a resist armor, if there are good attacks to go with it.
  3. Here is the latest iteration. Fixed some of the acc concerns by slotting more sets. Dropped beacon for smoke. Seekers have a short range, smoke lets me approach safely. Reduced the number of procs and increased the damage of powers that benefit from containment. Proc'ed heavily the powers that have a good chance to proc. I think. 🙂 Frosticus is right, seeker drones are the secret weapon. Drones->Flashfire End is still a problem, but I have been able to manage well enough. Level 38 now.
  4. @roleki How is to play at higher levels once you have all the toys?
  5. You're right about the beacon. I was not thinking when I slotted that. Those will get moved to Health. Might swap out beacon for smoke. Allow me to get closer before attacking. End is definitely going to be a problem. Seeker drone can be cast before the fight, so that will help. Everything is in flux. Figuring it out as I go, since there were no existing builds. Ageless seem mandatory, but I hoping with the defense, control, and mezz protection available I won't miss barrier. Proc slotting, now that is topic I am trying to get my head around for this build. I have read some of the proc monster threads but still... Currently, leading with bonfire, then flashfire, with drones following, plant the acid mortar, cage and hold till dead. Tomorrow I will probably have something different.
  6. In my never ending quest to find a combo that works with traps. I have already tired Illusion, great set, just not my speed. Behold my latest creation. Level 28 right now. Pros: Force generator+Rock Armor..etc 60% s/l def, 42 ranged. I know that's too high, but it's a happy accident of the build Synergy between sets it's really good. immob: web grenade, fire cages holds: poison trap, cinders stuns: flashfire, seeker drones bonfire/acid mortar/caltrops Very proc friendly Cons: End of course, it's fire control. Not as bad as you think, because traps is an end lite set. Expensive for all the procs. Questions: What is the current thinking on procs in fire and traps? There are so many slotting possibilities.
  7. I just got to 30 and I am trying to figure out my tri-form attack chains. In teams I have tried human-mire, dwarf mire, then nova with the double boosted AOE attacks. It hits hard if I can pull off, but it's a bit awkward. Pre-50 what are your attack chains?
  8. This is a concept char, hence the uncommon pairing. Trying to maximize end drain, so I was thinking traps/electric/mu. I know I am not going to drain AVs, but maybe the occasional EB. Force field generator gives me the space to go proc heavy. The new end mod sets give lots of recharge, drain, and defense. In the crazy idea bucket, I found that you can enflame acid mortar and I presume trip mine. Probably not practical but maybe fun. Any awesome suggestions? I will post my initial build once I have tinkered with it more.
  9. I have a T4 agility now. Just need the last purple set for a full test. Then I will respec into the new build with the thread's suggestions. Side note, Carnies really are our nature prey. They are very weak lethal damage, our AOE defense blocks most of the death end drain. I have not once been mezzed while fighting them, and psi resist negate their strongest attacks. You should carry some accuracy insp as they have some nasty -tohit debuffs. Final note, I have bagged several level 51-52 AVs, Black Swan, Diabolique, Chimera, Mother Mayhem, and Marauder. Marauder did send me to the hospital once, he was level 52 and I went half ready. I did use envenomed daggers to speed things up and had to pop a lot insps on a couple. It's a very versatile character. Most fun ever!
  10. I figured my recharge was a bit overwrought. I am going to try Agility per kiramon's suggestion.
  11. Thank you, exactly the suggestions I was looking for.
  12. After reading many build threads. I finally got this character into a very happy place. Still, I am betting the forum hive mind will find room for improvement. She hits like a truck, boss killer, solid AOE, good mezz protection, while providing very good team buffs. She is the blapper I always wanted. Pros: Lots of rapid single target attacks Very good AOE 85% psi resists 50% s/l resists 45+ melee/ranged/aoe defender with Mind Link Enough stealth to be able to stand next to mobs, Mask Presence + Celerity Stealth Can hold boss for quick bursts most of the time. Due to sacrificing some proc damage in Dominate for another hold proc. Proc'ed tornado does decent damage with procs. 1400+ hp with accolades Ex'emped down very well to level 15. Still decent at 14, but lose Mark Presence and Mind Link Solos very well. I can do 4x8 PI radio missions. I prefer 4x4 just because it's faster. The usual team buff benefits. Cons: Mind link not perma, depends on how tornado procs Very expensive, several purple sets End hog at 50 when firing everything. Ageless is necessary for soloing. Notes: Eats circle of thorns alive. I went afk for 2 mins with two 54 death mages. Barely a scratch. Snacks on Carnies, they are weak to lethal, and council. Arachnos are slow because the Mu mobs are nasty. I laugh at the psi attacks though. I slotted into the final build, it's was decent without the purples. You really need the four accolades for hp and end. Attack chains: Close range: Stealth->Spin for the crits->Follow up->Psychic Wail->Spin or Tornado At this point the minions are usually dead, as well as most or all of the lts. Hold the bosses as needed, finish with single target claw and control-ranged attacks. Incarnates: Alpha - Musculature Judgement - Ion Destiny - Ageless Interface - Degenerative Lore - Seers Hybrid - Assault
  13. We ran an all Arachnos ITF tonight. Ok, we had one Warshade because he asked nicely and 6 Arachnos. Went well at 4x8, considering I was the only level 53 in the group. I will try and have them more regularly on Excelsior.
  14. Yes, that sound interesting, but OMG I am slot starved.
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