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  1. Minor one. AE alignment missions. The missions on Excelsior will complete as soon as you enter. Other members will not get the badge. Kind of obvious, but I am trying to capture the edge cases.
  2. Yes, I checked also, but didn't see any prisoners. I am guessing Tuesday restarts are not full restarts most of the time? I mean all components are the "server" are not restarted, only ones that need it. I suspect the next patch might reset it. Guessing of course, that would cause a full restart. Sucks because I need those badges too.
  3. This happens once and awhile. The Tuesday server restart should fix it. Stray freakshow are usually easy find, they are usually in the parking lot perimeter. Prisoners on the other hand. I check the surrounding area, kill what I find, but it doesn't fix it. No idea where those mobs are hiding. I opened a ticket about a few days ago, but as you said they cannot fix it.
  4. Turns out, not a bug. It was pointed out to me on the wiki. If a char does not "contribute" enough to the event, I guess damage. Then they don't get the badge. Good to know.
  5. I guess you have to kill enough. I thought I was using both chars. I guess not enough. Good to know.
  6. Laureate Badge is one of the options for completing the The Great Escape in Neutropolis. I was duo boxing the event and had to run it three times because the same char was not getting the Laureate badge option at the end. The char that was not getting the badge was sometimes the leader. The badge option just didn't appear, the other emote and reward options did. I ran it solo on the three attempt and that char got the badge option.
  7. This is probably a bug, but the Laureate Badge is problematic. I duo boxed it twice and the other player did not get the badge option. So, I soloed with the char that did not have it and got it. Beware this badge might not work reliable with all members in a group. Even for the group leader. Fun note, I fired the Biological Mutagens Warburg Nuke at the beginning the of the Lucan fight. The PPD were so buffed they wiped out all the mobs in under 10 seconds.
  8. Though Assault Rifle has issues. AR/Dev is a good combo. Everything is ranged, except Trip Mine and Time Bomb, which can easily be skipped. You should always skip Time Bomb.
  9. The badge, Recluse's Right Hand / Recluse's Betrayer, requires you to complete every arc from each of the four patron. Each patron has four arcs, 16 total, each arc has 5-6 missions, so that's around 100 missions total. Currently, you only get one badge per patron. I suggest that the end arc of each patron arc should also have a badge. So, two badges per patron. Some badge name ideas: Mako: Alpha Predator Scirocco: Whirlwind Black Scorpion: Tech Support Ghost Widow: Ghost Whisperer
  10. Yes, if you have stealth it's not hard. If you don't have decent stealth, it's best to go with 1-3 players instead of 8. Level 14 trolls are kind of nasty when there are a lot of bosses.
  11. One of this weeks Weekly Strike Force is Cavern of Transcendence I created a guide for speed running it, but I am finding other group specific issue after running it six times this week. You have to unlock it. Talshak the Mystic This involves that very large Atta cave mission. You can Team Transport or Personal Mission Teleport right to the TF mission entrance. Skipping the whole running through the tunnels part. After Team Transport the mission door is right behind you. Don't go running off into the tunnels. This has been happening a lot. Do not hospital
  12. I can necro my own thread if I want too. 🙂 Now, that I have some confirmation that Widow claw attacks are the key source of endurance troubles. Widow claw attacks cost more end and/or higher recharge for comparable attacks than Scrappers, Brutes, Tankers, and Stalkers. Long thread discussion. Last two pages are the important ones. I have resurrected and revamped my Mu Widow build. Uses end procs in the Mu attacks to compensate for the end heavy claw attacks. I dropped my Trapdoor times from almost 11 min to under 9, which is a massi
  13. Mayhem: Firebug Badge - Complete 10 arson side missions during Mayhem Missions. Note that only the person who activates the final bomb gets the badge credit.
  14. I will in the next couple of days. I think it's mostly I am too caution in general.
  15. @Kanil As I can never get close to your times. I'm just old and slow. 🙂 Here is a Night Widow build that improves on my usual 11 min to 9 mins.. Maybe you can tweak or run it see how fast you can go. Not going to be as fast as Fort, but I think it's an noticable improvement.
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