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  1. I was wondering about that. I had not had time to try it.
  2. I was reading in the Brute forum about fire farming builds. And a user named, Profit, makes this comment: arch/nin blaster > spines/fire/fire. I was bored and curious, so I tried to make one on the beta server. No idea how it should be build. Suggestions?
  3. Alas, I got to 35 and power boost does not work on FFG. Mids is wrong.
  4. I was playing around in Mids with a traps/sonic defender at I noticed that power boost effects the force field generator. Is the an artifact of Mids or does the effect stick on the FFG after power boost ends? Because that makes a huge difference if it does. An FFG with three level 25 def IOs is ~22% def to all. Power boosted, it is 33% def. That makes soft capping all defense extremely easy. If no one knows I'll try it out on the beta server in the next few days.
  5. I agree that losing the end heal in Ninja is annoying. Still, I will nit pick a bit. Hide is of course awesome, but just as important is the ability to almost crit at will. No other AT can have a crit chain like BU->FA->AS->FT with the regularity of a stalker.
  6. If you want to solo or speed run the Cavern of Transcendence Trial First you will have to unlock the task force via completing the The Heart of the Hollows (12-14) arc. This can be done via Oroboros. The arc should take about 30-45 due to the number of glowies, kill alls, and finding Atta in a very large map. Task force level: 15 What I think is required to solo this task force quickly: Stealth - super speed is probably enough, but keep reading Personal Mission Transport or Team Mission Transport - can be purchased from the P2W vendor Full load of inspirations. The kinds depend on you build, blues if you have end issues, etc... Optional, but very useful Flight - get it from the P2W vendor One you have started the task force, use the personal or team transporter. This will take you right the mission door, skipping the whole tunnel maze. Travel to each obelisks and click it. The paragon wiki is wrong, you do not have to click the obelisks at the same time. Fly is very useful here as there is lava everywhere and if you touch it stealth drops. Once all the obelisks are clicked the north door can be opened. I would clear the group in front of the door, the end monster, Koago will often run around. The last thing you need is to fight two groups at once. Koago the final monster: Not a giant monster. It's regeneration rate is not very high. Weak to knockdown or knockback The fight can take several minutes because you're only level 15 and have limited powers. So, manage your inspirations carefully. Ranged attacks work well because you can stick to the ceiling in the outer chamber. Defeat Koago, rescue Wincott and you're done. It took me 13 mins to complete with my ice/ninja stalker.
  7. KaizenSoze


    So, I made one of these out of curiosity. I have been trying to find a good */bio combo. I wasn't too impressed until 22 and IOs. Now, I am starting to see the high damage. There is a Steel Canyon story arc I like to run from Graham Easton. The end fight is against four Tsoo lts in a row, then the boss. At the same level, I one shot each of the lts from hide. The surprise was dropping the boss with BU->AS to 10% hp which is all you need to complete. Certainly hits like a truck. We'll see how bio works out, the end stability is very nice.
  8. Sounds like SWTOR is the closest. One that feel like COH is some ways but has the teaming issues and overly simple combat is Neverwinter online. It's made by Cryptic, so the feel being similar is not surprising.
  9. I think it's important to try other games from time to time. If for no reason, but remind myself why I love COX. After trying several free to play games on Steam. What is lacking in the other games is the combat system. I have yet to find another MMORPG with the same sense of physicality. Things that are punched go flying some direction, blasts seems to have weight, there is a lot of positioning. Is there any MMORPG with the rag doll style physics of COX?
  10. Alas, I have not been able to get 5 Rikti maguses in a group, but MSRs are fun at least. Using caltrops and ice patch to cover the entrance while I plant the bomb works well. A few other achievements. This is the last of the self back patting. Solo'ed Posi 1&2 Duo'ed Yin, did all the tanking. Solo'ed level 51 Maisie. No, pets. I did use envenomed daggers at the beginning, but realized I did not need them at 50% hp. Solo'ed level 51 Nightstar. Used pets and daggers, just to speed it up. I was doing fine, but she's always a tedious fight. I might tweak the build to get some purple sets for damage, but purple sets tend not to have good def numbers where I need it. Or she might be done.
  11. I use ice patch to keep groups close for Frozen Aura and Frost when you're fighting dangerous mobs like Rikti Mages in a MSR. Drop ice patch. AOE. Caltrops. At this point remaining mobs are running around or flopping. I can kinda of farm this way. Ice patch too keep them close, caltrops are my damage aura, then AOE and AS/FT the bosses. It's tedious, but it works. Obviously, if your group is steamrolling mobs, ice patch is not necessary. When you BU->GuassianBU->FA from hide and all but the bosses drop. That is a nice feeling. To have great AOE and ST on a stalker with our crit control. 🙂
  12. I mentioned that specifically, because you had talked about that in another thread. Five, though, now I have a goal next MSR. I will try and get a screenshot.
  13. Looking for alternative design for my new favorite hero. Arctic Shadow (female) - ice melee/ninja stalker Descendant of mutated arctic foxes that survived the nuclear war which killed off all humans on her alternative earth. She's here to warn the stupid hairless monkeys to change their ways.
  14. You should open a topic in the suggestions forum. No idea if the devs read this one.
  15. I can think of one TF where stone would be at a massive disadvantage, Apex. Limited mobility during Battle Maiden's AOE phase is death. Otherwise, the most durable in PvE.
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