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  1. To be clear, I am not planning to violate the streaming TOS. I want to record the difference between some weapon sets. Convert them into a animated gif that I can upload to a forum post. What software do you use when you record play sessions?
  2. One of my frustrations with melee combat is targeting. I still love melee combat, but once you have a scrum around and you're trying to get that key mob targeted. It's frustrating. Trying to click is problematic, tabbing seems to always take forever and I seem to hit TAB one too many times. Do you just use the default TAB targeting? I know you can change it. If you change it, what do you use? I am not asking about custom "name" targeting, just general play targeting. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Category:Targeting_Commands
  3. Another placate shower thought. Blaster, Martial Combat: Burst of Speed, which can be used three times quickly. Then it has a long recharge. If placate could be used three times quickly, plus some other changes like full crits. That would give good single target burst damage. I like the, Misdirection, idea better though.
  4. I could care less about the Rune changes. Spirit ward and Enflame are now awesome for my grav/psi/ice dom. Makes the pet more durable and provides a nice damage patch once I wormhole'ed the mobs on it.
  5. Yes, bane ranged attacks really suck. Even Poisonous ray isn't great unless paired with venom grenade's -40 toxic resists. The rest of venom nade resist debuffs are -20. On top of that, the most of the animations are 2 secs. You literal set your feet and fire, the result plink! little damage. Except PR. That thread I linked to goes over crits, re-hide timers, redraw, dead horses, etc..
  6. This could work just as well for taunting. Especially, since it's optional.
  7. This is an awesome idea! Would fix so many issues for my VEAT chars.
  8. Stealing an idea from the Gravity Control Pet changes on beta. Similar to Sonic: Disruption Field, which anchors a AOE -30% resist debuff player. Great for sticking on the tank. Grav pets are now pulling mobs to them. A reverse Repulsion Field field. Have it anchor on the aggro sink to help keep mobs clumped.
  9. This is a vague general suggestion. The +5 or higher mobs should retain the same defense and resistance as +4 mobs, but with new buffs. Buffs that help mitigate the player alpha strikes and are de-toggled by mezes. Forcing a longer fight, but without the tedious missing and tiny damage. For instance, an absorb shield for all mobs, that scales up with level difference.
  10. This I very much disagree on. I have tanked 4x8 DA "radio" missions, using AOE to keep aggro with my Fort. If I can solo 4x8 anything in PI and DA radios, then I can survive having a taunt aura. I have tanked lower level TFs. But, yes, not an ITF, too much constant -defense. A fully built out crab has close to 2000 hp with perma-serum, 50% resists in several categories. Widow scaling resists make them very sturdy, you have to get comfortable with running at reduced hps. This took me awhile, kept hits green insps out of reflex. Can VEATs tank Inca
  11. You might want to read the linked forum post. The VEAT inherent is lacking, to say the least. Once, you have accolades and the right IOs it's not a problem, but it's painful leveling from scratch. But the inherent is not providing a unique benefit in my opinion. My suggestion is new and not covered in that thread. Maybe they are not a great suggestions, but it does give them a unique flavor. I wanted to avoid re-hashing all the old discussion points. Hence, my beating a dead horse joke. As for damage, Forts and Crabs are fine. Forts have massive burst damage potentia
  12. After putting in even more time into VEATs. A few more suggestions specific to Night Widows and Banes. Replace their single target placate with a better version of Concealment: Misdirection. Depending on how it's implemented, this could be the venom nade for NW and Banes. Of course, it would have to preclude Venom nade for the banes. Misdirection could be the replacement for NW's level 32 power. which honestly sucks for a t9 power. Also, give them a weak taunt aura. Nothing that would interfere with tanker or brute taunting. Would make soloing a lot easier.
  13. My vague impression of the power order of VEATs. When I say power, I mean combined dps/defense 1. Crabberminds - king of VEAT DPS 2. Forts - ranged or melee hybrids 3. Huntsman/Petless crabs/Night Widows - depends wildly on build 4. Pure mace banes - the lack of good AOE is crippling, but using huntsman attacks causes DPS eating redraw
  14. I changed to the Energy Master pool after a fight with five death mages. So, much -acc. Focused Accuracy fixes that issue and the Gaussian set provides a bit more defense. All the other slotting is the same.
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