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  1. I love Croata, the only problem is I tend to out level the zone quickly. Otherwise, I spent most of my time in Dark Astoria. Love the atmosphere. PI, and TI is fine, but I only go there for missions. I only go to IP for Yin TFs. The zone is too spread out. Skyway is also annoyingly designed. It has been my experience that almost all of the COV zones were created by people who hate super speed. Even SJ is annoying there, so my beast run chars avoid it. A simple fix would be to serious experience bonuses to the hazard zones. Make DFB and DIB bonus experience cap out earlier. I would love Night Ward if the mobs were tweaked a bit. And there was level 50 content. I seem to like the darker themed zones...
  2. Asking for advice on how to slot Ground Zero. Complete set, procs, or a combination. I have not counted them all, but the power can take at least eight different procs. It's a proc monster's dream. Is that the best way to slot it? Or with high fury is it better to maximize damage with a full set? Or a combination of procs and 2-4 set pieces? Side note, it's a great way to get your healing badges w/o a lot of work.
  3. I have been thinking about Energy Blast off and on. I thought the KB->KD tax would be too high, but you seemed to have figured it out. You should take a look at Assault Rifle. A nice mix of single and AOE damage with good proc options. Slug and Snipe both take Force Feed back. I use it in the snipe for my single target rotation. Buckshot and M30 can take FF:R in my AOE rotation. Though I do not usually take buckshot. Not enough slots and the M30 AOE is better than the buckshot cone.
  4. I will only speak to Devices, since that is the secondary I know best. Here's why I love it. Devices is a tactical power set with control and defensive powers. Toxic web grenade to ground fliers and now damage. Area denial with caltrops, plus proc damage. Taser, get off me power. Targeting drone Quasi-build on first snipe that I do not have to think about. Plus accuracy and perception. Try fighting high level archanos w/o +precp. You'll be popping a lot of yellows. Smoke grenade for clicking on glowies with mobs nearby. Field Operative, sustain, stealth, and def. How I love this power. Trip mine for soloing. Time bomb... ok it still sucks. Gun drone, useful aggro magnet and extra damage. These help my damage or keep me alive. That too me is a very useful secondary.
  5. Thank you booper! At least I now know what to expect for Burst of Speed proc-wise. I suspected it was too good to be true.
  6. A question about a Blaster power, burst of speed, the Martial Combat power set. In terms of recharge it's an unique power. The base recharge is 90 sec, but it can be cast three times with a one sec recharge, before the 90 sec recharge takes effect. It is a PBAOE, so it can take a lot of procs. Any idea what it's proc percentage might be?
  7. Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster - Tactical Pixie
  8. When you have 1200+ merits because you have every set you want and you do not farm. You have even more vanguard merits. And more badges than Empyrean Merits. You have T4 incarnates for everything plus extras T4s like different pets. Also, probably means you play too much. 😛
  9. I have not played it. It is the PvP flavor of the month. You might want to check the PvP sub-forum. I think they have a build section.
  10. In the Mids description of several Atomic powers it talks about applying a positive or negative charge to the target. Also, the effects tab for the same powers provide show a mag 3 confusion and mag 2 KB in the right column, where as the left column shows holds and sub one KB. The description of the power lists KD, not KB. Since, the paragon wiki has no information on Atomic and I have not been able to find a description in the forum. Does anyone know if and how this charging effect works?
  11. I agree with what you're suggestion, but I think a bigger change needed. Before my suggestion. Here are a few facts: Resist cap for defender, corruptors, and controllers is 75% vs 45% def cap You could argue that def should be higher for Incarnate content, but 45% is the basic soft cap Even with enhancement sets is much harder to cap multiple resists than def A lot of support power sets key buffs or heals work on the user, Natural and Time are prime examples. Nature's Wild Growth gives the same resists w/o the psi hole as Sonic Dispersion, plus regen, heal bonus vs status defense which can be replaced with Incarnate abilities Time can buff close to 20% def for all including psi making soft capping trivial You have an power set built around resistance buffing which cannot cap any resist category except s/l and a giant psi hole. Also, if you chase resists then it is very hard to soft cap defense. Currently, soft capping defense requires chasing set bonuses which blocks effective proc slotting. Suggestions (one or several options): Close the psi hole or at least shrink it. I think this is required because of the amount of psi damage plus 50 Maybe have Sonic Barrier and Haven should provide some resists to the user Gives incentive to re-buff Or Sonic Dispersion should receive a buff. Raise the resists Or provide a small amount a def so that soft capping is easier The percentage of resist increase would require a lot of play testing. I would start with 10% with psi resists included.
  12. Side note, on my AR/DEV. I swapped one sniper enhancement for another force feedback. That way both AOE and ST attack chains had recharge procs.
  13. This is a very fiddly suggestion. Especially, since you are so tight on slots. Drop the Kismet +acc enhancement in Gymnastics, you have tons +acc. Most builds, including my own, have way too much accuracy. Replace the Kismet with two Blessing of the Zephyr pieces. Not idea where you get that extra slot. You gain travel speed and 1.5% ranged def.
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