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  1. Lately, I have been leaning heavily on confuse, which works well on *most* Arachnos. I put the Coercive Persuasion set in my AOE confuse, stealth in, and fire. There are so many extra confuse procs that bosses will often get confused for a long time. If not, then I use the single target version. Let them tear each other up for bit then Aim->Wail and/or Judgement. Clean up what's rest.
  2. I mostly use placate against single targets. I try and time it with my biggest hitter.
  3. I am betting this is it. Now that I have been watching it hasn't been happening. I usually re-bind z to fire my judgement, but that's not always true on the beta server. I bet I am reflexively hitting z from time to time. So, do you what you want with this thread. Thanks all for the input.
  4. You are correct about Banes, there are two threads discussing their issues in the VEAT forum. Night Widows can have such high defense with perma Mind Link and 85% psi resists. That they can duke it out with Arachnos and they have much better AOE than banes. Fortunata builds have a massive burst AOE, AIM->Psychic Wail->Spin most minions are dead and the lts are stunned and going ouch. Plus a bag of controls, claws, and ranged attacks. Also, Widows and Fortunatas get scaling resists based on health. Banes do not, instead they get better -resist powers. The Achilles Heel of Arachnos, except Crab builds with serum, is low points. Low hps plus def debuffs and some bad RND. Spat!
  5. I agree. Especially, since I am usually fighting Arachnos with a Blood Widow build. I get all the same tricks and use them. 🙂
  6. Side note, if Arachnos are not "fun" enough for you. Try any of the AE 801.x missions. I didn't make them, but whoever did know how to make nasty mobs.
  7. Yes, it does! I tried it out on the beta server. Kill rate is a lot slower, but the safety is unmatched. Compared to my Blood Widow. I also tried the build out against CoTs, Carnies, and Council. They went down noticeable faster than Arachnos. Why energy melee? Given it's post nerf performance? The constant stunning is nice though.
  8. Oh, I know about that def debuff. 😞 While I trying to take out TMs, the Mus are picking my end and hps to pieces. And that is on characters with high defense. Arachnos are a tough bunch. I have to take them slowly. I was hoping someone had found a weakness. If they aren't def debuffing you... Then they are sapping your end... Or placating and criting you... My effective chars have high psi resists... so at least that's not a problem
  9. Arachnos are the nemesis of a lot of my theory builds. If the builds look promising in mids, then I make them on the beta server. Test them out on 4x8 council, cots, then.... Arachnos. Spat! I only have only been able to make two builds that can handle, not crush, Arachnos. Do you have any builds make Arachnos look like Council?
  10. I respec'ed my 2nd build slot into this build. Then slotted with IOs and what set pieces I had available. I think this build exemps better than the Blood Widow below level 28. At least in single target damage because slash is a monster. I might tweak to get placate eariler. Dart burst, not slotted out yet, is doing decent damage. Unexpected bonus, is the run speed. Mental Training, Swift, Sprint, plus Synapse Shock set bonus make for a very quick character. I can dart burst, charge into the thickest part of the mobs, spin, then hop back and dart burst again. Very quickly.
  11. That is a good point. I will watch for that, but I think auto fire it off when I first login. Either way, I will watch for it. Thank you.
  12. I had not considered Cardiac or Hamis! Thank you.
  13. This build only exists on the beta server, but it works against 4x8 Arachnos which is my gold standard at the moment. I tried a pure ranged Fortunata, it was fine, but I didn't enjoy it. I miss my melee attacks. I didn't want a pure melee build. So, here is a Night Widow build with effective ranged and AOE attacks. Night widows have the advantage of easy perma Mind Link, so you can proc out the ranged attacks and still have 55%+ positional defense. Learning to use the AOEs effectively has a definite learning curve. Especially, because two of them are cones. Work in progress. Note, the slotting in Psychic Scream and Dark Burst. You can extend the range of the cones by 9-15 ft. Producing a much better cone size. Party starters are Dark Obilt (with KD proc)->Psychic Scream->Dart Burst. If you Ion Judgement up, then now is a good time. By this time, most mobs are closing around you. Spin->Dark Obilt. The minions should be dead or mostly dead and the lts are hurting. If you have room, back up and hit em again. Then finish with melee and Gloom for the runners or resistant mobs like robots. Also, you can proc out Follow Up, because you don't need the set bonuses for defense. As usual, I pieced together this build from many other posters builds. So, thank you all.
  14. Yes, thank you!. Sorry for the double post. The forum glitched the first time.
  15. Sometime in the last year, I remember a thread where all the powers were listed and at what percentage they were taken. I haven't been able to find it. Anyone have it bookmarked? For instance, I think Widow confront was one of the least taken powers in the whole game. Under .1 taken.
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