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  1. As Apparition said you get the fitness automatically. While leveling, three slot stamina, make sure and slot your attacks with end reducers. It's better to lose some damage than constantly run out of end. Once, you get to 50 and start putting sets in place. The problem gets much better.
  2. I am very happy. After many attempts this dom fits my playstyle! It's effective without perma dom. Help clear mobs faster by clumping them into the existing kill zone. No endurance issues above level 15. Decent s/l defense. The slotting is very different from the original build, more decimation and other pieces for recharge. Wormhole is used as you would expect. The pet is of course awesome. Fold space is used in three ways. Clump spread out spawns Pull other groups into the kill zone Grabbing strays that wormhole missed I am still working on integrating combat tp into the attack chain Opening attack chain goes like this: Wormhole group/Fold Space->Sleet->Drain Psyche->Psychic Shockwave->Crushing Field->Gravity distortion->Propel
  3. A request. I need a costume for a female science gravity control/psionic assault/ice mastery called Recursive Loop. If it matters she has fold space, so she's a teleport addict with wormhole and fold space.
  4. Trick Arrow/Dual Pistols Defender, with heavy procs Fortunata - You can provide def/damage buff/lite control/damage
  5. I would be interested to see why Arachnos Solders are so disliked. I wonder if it's the mostly the bane or the crab side. To me the Sentinel hate is a bit much, they have issues, but it's a great AT for a smooth ride to 50. A great starter AT, just not a good end game AT. As for odd results, Widows are rated one of the best ATs, but have lowest played to 50 numbers in the game. Part of that is that you can play both types on one char. Again, I wonder about the break out between Night Widows and Fortunatas. Dominators as Gwyrddu said, are very constrained by domination. They are the 6th lowest played to 50 AT in the game which tells that most people don't enjoy them. Even though there is a huge variety in power sets which usually leads to more characters.
  6. My latest attempt at doms post i27. I know gravity is not considered a great dom set, but I just couldn't resist the idea of wormhole and fold space. Solves the small radius problem with Psychic Drain because the mobs are dropped at your feet. The idea on teams is to feed the melee with fresh mobs. Create nice tidy clumps for AOE. Decent defense, not a powerhouse, but can solo anything at 4x4 minimal on the beta server. Probably could use more damage, not sure what are the best powers in Psychic Assault. Or slotting. Tried to maximize single target hold so I would have plenty of time to get impact damage.
  7. I did say decent, not soft capped. Enough that your Flash Arrow caps at least some positions. My build style is to run soft capped where possible, so that I feel comfortable in the middle of the scrum. Just a different in style. Not a hard build rule. ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Not taking side, since I know very little about crab soldiers. I think one way to resolve the contrasting views would be to copy chars over to the beta server and test them out together. You cannot record videos, but you can do screenshots. I was able to demonstrate how effective the new trick arrow changes were but posting screen shots of me wiping out 4x8 council in under a min. Otherwise, it's feels like posters are just talking past each other. I will say I do consider the pylon tests to be of limited value. Galaxy Brain's testing missions are a much better predictor of "real" world performance. IMO.
  9. I agree with everything Liminara said. You must have at least decent defense even with TA. Not saying Luminara does not. My builds still have close or soft cap defense to s/l or ranged. The ITF alone requires it. So, many ambushes, which is what makes it fun. If you run DA "radios", there are a lot of pop up ambushes. Carnies are very difficult because of all the pets they summon. I will note that stealth+celerity stealth does help a lot.
  10. Well, I wish they would share their plan. This would completely gut my build. But I have back up builds just in case. ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Also, the -perception is over looked, but you cannot enhance it. You can easily fight groups near each other without chain aggro. Very helpful on Masterminds or soloing. Remember flash early, flash often. ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. 801 is the name of a set of AE mission that are very difficult. The Siege Perilous you describe is way more different that what I was thinking. Same rules, less freebies, more difficultly.
  13. Back in the days of Ultima Online's heyday. They had a server, I forget the name, for hardcore players. Maybe it would be easier for HC to simply make a new hardcore shard. No exp boosters Mobs buffed to 801 levels No farming allow. Disable AE, except for GM approved missions Then the hardcore can go there and enjoy the challenge.
  14. This build is driven by two interests. Trick arrow and no excessive procing. A folks are concerned that procs will get nerfed in the near future. I have been unable to find any concrete data to support it, but it's out there. So, for fun I thought I would make a build that only has proc if the set I am using has a proc. Basically, no more than one proc per power. It's expensive and busy as hell, but it works really well on the beta server. I think I was soloing 4x8 Archnos easier than my widow. I found a good use for the reactive interface. To light my oil slicks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Still open to suggestions as long as they follow the one proc per power rule. Yes, I know that health and stamina have several procs, but that's it! This is using the hacky updated mids, so it might not work for you. See below for an enhancement screen shot.
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