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  1. For those who haven't seen yet we got a treasure trove of fun data today about all the AT's and combos. One set I have always loved thematically, and was very excited when homecoming launched was some changes to the set for Sentinels. Can't say I was surprised that Ice Armor was the least seen defensive set at 50 especially when compared to the top 3 and Ice Armor being near the bottom with every AT it is available to, but I do still feel like it would go a long way if this bug with Frigid Shield was addressed making ice armor more attractive to Sentinels.
  2. An easy to navigate menu to consolidate non-combat TP powers. Installation instructions in the file! All teleports that required you to click a location before activation (Ouroboros, Assemble the Team, Recall Friend, etc.) are now 1 button press thanks to the nifty new i25 command (powexec_location). Enjoy! // Teleport Menu // Version 20191023.01 // Changelog: // - 20191023.01 // - Initial release // - Implemented "tp-menu", a compact menu of in-game teleports // // Simple menu to consolidate all of the non combat tp's. Customize the menu to your liking. // // Installation instructions: // // (1) Save this file (tp-menu.mnu) in your game's directory, in .\data\texts\English\menus\ . // For example: If your game is installed at C:\CoH\ then the menu needs to reside at C:\CoH\data\texts\English\menus\tp-menu.mnu // // (2) Restart or open City of Heroes. Paste the following macro to create the menu button: // /macro TP "popmenu tp-menu" // // Questions? // Author: heywoods#8172 (Discord) @heywoods (in-game) tp-menu.mnu
  3. All roles in the game that aren't damage are suffering from things just dying way too fast. This needs to be addressed first before design or balance changes can be considered for individual archetype and roles. I would start with a global increase in HP of enemies level 47+ by 30% and see how that plays. I definitely feel this haha. I was okay with this until they allowed traditional Hero & Villain archetypes to cross-pollinate. I wouldn't say it's exactly random, right? If my CC > my targets mez protection then overpower is active. I would like to see Overpower in its current form be available solo & on a team, but if a controller is teamed, there should be something else it does that fits more into the "control" theme. I am okay with AVs being difficult to hard CC right now given how easy the game currently is, but in a world where AVs lived longer than a minute & it required a higher skill cap to achieve CC on an AV like what you are proposing I am all for this or a similar solution! I think your proposal is a step in the right direction, but it won't have as much success if the average TTM (time-to-kill) in this game isn't fixed first.
  4. Current HO prices: Membrane >=50mil Microfilament >=50m Cytoskeleton >=35m Nucleolus >=25mil Enzyme >=10m Lysosome 5-10m Ribosome 1-8m Centriole >=5m Peroxisome <=1m Golgi <=1m Endoplasm <=1m
  5. Converters definitely won't work without some change to the codebase, but without knowing how converters are coded it could be difficult. I will leave it up to the devs if they ever look at this post to make the decision on how to implement it. But with hamidon raids and the population as a whole shrinking it would be wise they do something sooner than later.
  6. It really isn't fun forking over 25-100 million for some of these Hami-o's while others sell for less than 2 million. I am looking at you Microfilaments.... I can't see any real harm in allowing converters to work with HO's? Normalizing the value of HO's shouldn't impact attendance to Hamidon raids, but I am no economist. If you take PvP seriously at all you know how sought after some of these are and why paying 350+ million influence just to max out super speed & super jump just feels terribly asinine. Thoughts on how to tackle this? edit: There are some great suggestions on how to tackle the overall issue; normalizing the economic value of HO's. enhancement converters or allowing the player to pick one from a selection post Hamidon defeat in particular are existing elegant solutions that could be implemented. Current HO prices: Membrane >=50mil Microfilament >=50m Cytoskeleton >=35m Nucleolus >=25mil Enzyme >=10m Lysosome 5-10m Ribosome 1-8m Centriole >=5m Peroxisome <=1m Golgi <=1m Endoplasm <=1m
  7. Did you make a villain? They aren't available for heroes at least.
  8. I would love it if there is some way to add villain patron pool powers to a fresh 50 via the menu.
  9. Hey, I was testing Illusion Control damage in arena and stumbled across a bug with Blind & Spectral Wounds. Both abilities should be doing psionic dmg but instead are doing fire! When I went and tested in PvE the damage was psionic. Logs from Attacker Your Blind holds Smokey the Bear, paralyzing them! Your Blind burns Smokey the Bear for 137.09 points of fire damage. Your Spectral Wounds burns Smokey the Bear for 134.02 points of fire damage. Your Spectral Wounds burns Smokey the Bear for 74.13 points of fire damage. Logs from Target Heywoods holds you in place with their Blind attack! Heywoods burns you with their Blind for 137.09 points of fire damage! Heywoods burns you with their Spectral Wounds for 134.02 points of fire damage! Heywoods burns you with their Spectral Wounds for 74.13 points of fire damage!
  10. So far I have only found 2 IOs that are misbehaving. Both Ghost Widow's Embrace: Chance for Psionic Damage & Neuronic Shutdown: Chance for Psionic Damage both do energy damage. The logs from the attacker show psionic damage but if you check the logs of the attackee it shows up as energy damage. Thanks!
  11. There are three issues with this power right now. Two are probably bugs (#1 and #3), and the second is tuning depending on the fix to #3. This defensive currently drops when you are mez'd in PvP. Minor fix. If one of the devs could also review the numbers on this ability. It seems very low for being a toggle & currently it is 5% of max hp. 5% is less than most +hp passives. Even frost protection, in the same set gives +10% hp as a passive. For comparison look at Ice Armor vs Regen. Ice Armor's tooltip doesn't show even show the absorb amount so Ive had to calculate in game (5%) absorb and not any more over time. The tooltip description implies the absorb builds over time but it doesnt. Thanks
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