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  1. I love this proposal so much. The gradual transformation of the order vs liberty themes of Praetoria from political to mythic is just so fun to see play out in-game, and I really feel like a storyline for these archetypes could integrate those mythic themes back into the main storyline of Praetoria in a way that makes you go "Oh crap! That's what was going on here, that's what this means symbolically..." plus it could add yet another conspiratorial twist, and it's always fun to layer those. Also I love Lamashtu and an elaboration on the relationship between the mythic world and Praetoria would
  2. Yeah Port Oakes is squeezed into a small level range but Bocor, the Radio, and Veluta Lunata remain quite good. I almost always hop over to Bocor before I hit level 10, and then go for the other two before going over to Cap.
  3. Honestly sometimes I just log in and walk around. Usually somewhere pretty like night ward or mercy island. Just take in the atmosphere and go about my little day for a few minutes.
  4. The Graham Easton arc definitely has really tight and well-designed missions. Efficient and particular and with variable amounts of combat depending on your build and choices. Beeline to the end on your Stalker and get out, or brawl for a while on your Brute. I feel the story could be fleshed out slightly though at the end though. My absolute favorite thing about it is the option to more or less side with the Tsoo and tell off Easton to his face. I love when Hero storylines have Vigilante~ish "I care more about my personal code of ethics and justice than the letter of the law" options. I defin
  5. Very interesting! I like the idea that planned spawns and spawning behavior, not just unique enemy/faction design, can lead to more interesting mechanical challenges that require more forethought and planning than normal. And objective design too, maybe with more objectives being added with larger groups, instead of just more enemies, if that's possible. It might help avoid the rolling death ball and make the mission more dynamic. I will say in terms of narrative design and storytelling, I think looking to the Vincent Ross / Mr G method of incorporating old contacts into new conten
  6. "Just join everlasting" was a pretty silly/dumb "solution" for me to propose lol. But I do think that Everlasting's villain population makes forming paper, mayhem, and strike force teams very easy. They just need to advertise more aggressively and be more fun and quirky to get people's attention, since you're competing with good single player content as well as other team content. (I was on that Renault SF as well, as Cervina Dolorosa, and I must say the LFG messages were a bit tepid). I know I was a bit dismissive of the whole argument, and that's not fair, but I do think that it
  7. I feel like this argument has been going on for so many years that it's lost track of itself. Why do we even want more people to play redside? So it's easier to find groups? Just play on everlasting, I've literally never failed to quickly fill a group for whatever evil deeds I wanted to do there.
  8. I'm glad this means the Paladin event will trigger more than once per server reset, but I did rather like the new event, it was dynamic and fun and it came with a cool temporary summon power! This reversion is just until the trigger behavior on the new event can be fixed, right? I still get to summon my good good clockwork boy again someday, right? 🥺
  9. I always go evil if a game will let me (DCUO has some very nice villain missions), but yeah, it definitely seems like the less popular choice. The only MMO I can think of that's an exception is AQWorlds, where the evil faction is so overwhelmingly popular that the developers completely abandoned any kind of good vs evil competition and events just have various evil sub-factions competing among themselves. Even the story has sidelined the good guys in favor of a dark, sprawling evil-vs-evil plot, since most players are just so profoundly disinterested in being heroes. (The game is famous for ho
  10. I will say that a lot of debate on this topic seems extremely stuck in the past, which is to be expected given how long it's been going on. The problem isn't a lack of dedicated "redside" players. Everyone's in the same world, and we can change alignment with the push of a button! The problem people have actually identified is that it's difficult to find groups to do villain content with, compared to hero content. Villain content is on average better written and generally more story-focused than hero content, and that's part of the problem. You're more like
  11. I do agree that if the Rogue Isles did feel a little more lawless, and Arachnos' role in governing them was somewhat toned down, that might open up the experience a little bit more. If the rogue isles politics stories focused more on factionalism and competition rather than Arachnos' superiority, or even if Arachnos were more visibly fractious and its power over the isles required more direct enforcement instead of being ambient, this would make those stories more interesting and give them more hooks. I wouldn't get rid of Arachnos though, they're my favorite part of the CoX games,
  12. That makes sense, but I feel like the developers were smart to try and shape the narrative around a specific concept (ie: super-powered criminal) instead of trying to make a narrative that works equally well if you're Catwoman or Galactus. And I think it paid off. It's not a great experience if you're playing Thanos, but it works extremely well if you're playing Taskmaster or Bullseye.
  13. I don't know how long it's been since some of you have played villains, but the modern Kuzmin > Fire Wire or Weber > Harris path in Mercy Island definitely has you feeling like a villain. Weber betrays Arachnos to side with you, and you can murder two out of three contacts in the cold blood. You also get to be reasonable and clever, rescuing a villain to get help from them later, manipulating your contact, etc. From there you either do Bocor and the Radio or a single paper > mayhem loop and you're in Cap au Diable, where you're in a bigger pond and doing more contract/job
  14. The most interesting thing about this thread for me has been the number of people who play at absurd difficulty levels. Even my incarnate level controller doesn't go higher than +1/x2. I find the game's combat system a little tedious, honestly? I enjoy some combat to help with the rp experience, so it can create cool emergent moments and awesome animations and stuff, but I can get that spectacle easily without turning up with difficulty, and NPC allies tend to be a really fun part of it! (Plus, it gives me someone to heal and buff when I'm not teaming)
  15. Ominous! I shiver with anticipation... ❤️
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