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  1. Thanks everyone. Love being a part of this community.
  2. Cool. I truly appreciate you taking the time to explain.
  3. Looks like you're probably correct about the misunderstanding. I forgot about that interim phase - between "only normal snipe" phase and current "your choice of normal or fast snipe" phase - where it was fast if you had high enough To-Hit. And I thought that the EM enhancement in question existed back in "only normal snipe" phase. This is why I saw it as an utter step backward to work toward getting an enhancement, only to permanently lose tactical choice and damage. But if that EM enhancement now essentially represents the 1-slot way of going back to that interim "To Hit" phase, then I guess it still has a purpose. I'd still argue that it's a decision nobody would want to make, but maybe that's just the limits of my imagination. I mean if people were willing to slot the hell out of To Hit to get to that point before (or always take /dev, or a pool with the right +Acc buff), I guess the same crowd will happily apply the same effect with a single enhance. Last question, if you know... Does snipe damage still scale with ToHit if you use the EM IO, or do you always just get the low-end fast snipe damage?
  4. To clarify, I keep using the term "enhancement" when I'm really focusing on the Fast Snipe "buff" part of that enhancement.
  5. I'm implying that the enhancement (a not-so-common PVP enhancement) is now far less useful, to the point of being irrelevant. Here's the situation, as I see it: Before snipe changes: No Fast Snipe enhancement Full damage Interruptible Fast Snipe enhancement Less damage (my corruptor shot went from something like 550 down to 290) Not interruptible After snipe changes No Fast Snipe enhancement Your situational choice of two applications, at all times Normal Full damage Interruptible Fast Less damage Not interruptible Fast Snipe enhancement Always this way, no choice Less damage Not interruptible Before the snipe changes, the enhancement provided you a different option, not otherwise available - lose something (damage), gain something (not interruptible, fast cast). You could decide if that was right for you, and if it was, spend the time/inf to obtain it. After the snipe changes, all the enhancement does is completely remove the tactical choice of slow/stronger vs fast/weaker. This is why I allude to it needing to be "fixed." I think it should either have the fast snipe buff replaced with something else, or else change the recipe to a purple and let it bestow the "having it both ways" scenario being maligned, where you get full damage fast snipe all the time (maybe rebalance the bonuses accordingly, and/or balance the effect between PVE/PVP).
  6. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully it gets fixed, eventually.
  7. What about the Fast Snipe buff from that particular piece of the Experienced Marksman set? I just slotted the full set for the first time, today, in a 50 Psi/Rad corruptor, and, effectively, all this enhancement does is permanently nerf snipe damage. Without that specific enhancement, you have the choice of opening with your snipe (interruptible) for full damage, or using it once combat has started (non-interruptible) for less damage. With it, all snipes are always the latter version. Was this always the case with this enhancement, even before the patch changes, or did the patch changes leave a little rift where this enhancement is massively less desirable?
  8. More power synergies, like how fire can be used to ignite Oil Slick Arrow. Customizable MM minions, including body type (huge, female, scales, etc) Female voice FX for all Sonic blast powers on female characters (even if it's just reusing the existing female yell/scream FX). Some light hair physics. Probably shouldnt be as heavy as the cape FX, but so that the different hair styles can move, be pressed down or to the side by costume pieces, affected by powers like other physics-laden objects, etc. More interactions with the environment. Destructible objects. Power:object interaction (fire occasionally catching things, water freezing, etc) The zone maps are wonderfully laid out and detailed. As awesome as the game is, more events or missions that can make use of the zone maps - especially the more unique corners - would be awesome. Even if it's just slices of them turned into new instance maps, it means the work that went into creating them would reap benefits aside from just look and feel. More complex boss/AV fight mechanics. As many costume pieces as can be generated at a humane rate, and can fit inside the game. More separation of body parts in the costume creator - style right/left arms separately, right/left gloves separately, right/left shoulders, right/left legs and boots, etc. Minimal FX theme to more toggles (especially Radiation Armor). Even more natural placing and activities of mobs - more patrols and/or them actually doing things. Less of them just standing around in groups... unless of course their reason for being there is guarding something.
  9. Process goes like this: [*]Login to game. Wait in queue. Get in and select server. [*]Select character. [*]Click Next to enter world. [*] Kicked back to game login with DB Server error. [*]Try to log back in. [*] Says account is still logged in. [*]Try to log back in. [*] Says You have been kicked, and error code 1136891305 or 1136889481. This is after giving up trying to create a new character. That process goes like this: [*]Get to character select. Proceed making new character [*] Get kicked back to login scree with DB Server error, same as above. [*]Get back to character select. [*] Newly created character is listed, but shows "Offline." [*] Clicking on that character me the message "InvalidPlayerInfo." My only option is to delete the character [*]Every subsequent attempt fails the same way.
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