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  1. To any interested the epic game store is selling all the kingdom hearts games.
  2. OBJECTION! Doing an ace attorney marathon.
  3. Has anyone ever done a nuzlocke style challenge in this game where if their character gets defeated they have to erase their character because they are "dead"?
  4. By weapon redraw does that mean that the weapon won't disappear when you draw it? Cause I've noticed whenever I play my thug mm the guns sometimes don't show when they are attacking.
  5. Special power: clogging overflow.
  6. I'm currently playing sam & max save the world and shin megami tensei devil survivor overclocked.
  7. And what about the characters on red side?
  8. Gotta love that accidental zero.
  9. While i have no issues with this set per se, I think that the archetype should be completed by adding a mu option; with the respec option being either a guardian or tarantula.
  10. Currently doing a playthrough of the borderlands series.
  11. Which lantern corp would the CoX characters be a member in? Statesman: green lantern Lord Recluse:green, or yellow. Positron: ? Scirocco: blue Black scorpion; orange Captain mako: yellow or red Ghost widow: black, blue, yellow Thats some of the ones i can think of. What are some your suggestions?
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