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  1. And what about the characters on red side?
  2. Gotta love that accidental zero.
  3. While i have no issues with this set per se, I think that the archetype should be completed by adding a mu option; with the respec option being either a guardian or tarantula.
  4. Currently doing a playthrough of the borderlands series.
  5. Which lantern corp would the CoX characters be a member in? Statesman: green lantern Lord Recluse:green, or yellow. Positron: ? Scirocco: blue Black scorpion; orange Captain mako: yellow or red Ghost widow: black, blue, yellow Thats some of the ones i can think of. What are some your suggestions?
  6. Is your cap lock on?
  7. Turn galaxy city into a hazard zone with a trial where you retake the city from the neo-shivans and arachnos where at the end of the trial involves fighting a hybrid of the shivan giant and recluse.
  8. 1 Nunchucks 2 Sniper class 3 dinosaur mm.
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