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  1. This is a very important point, and exactly the reason why the main benchmark for DPS is Pylon killing time rather than something like total damage done.
  2. Not exactly; for any given enhancement, it's available at all possible levels for that enhancement under the Crafted Enhancements category, and also as an attuned IO in the Attuned Enhancements category. It will only be attuned if you buy it from the Attuned Enhancements category.
  3. How weird, I can confirm this, but I've also gone through and tested and this seems to specifically be the case only for Stalkers and Scrappers.
  4. This is probably known, but the PPM implementation is broken when it comes to IO proc buffs. I.e. Gaussian's Build Up or Force Feedback +Recharge calculate as having a 0% chance, and their effects are not applied.
  5. The Energy Focus bonus effects of the Bone Smasher power from the Dominator Energy Assault set, -25% strength to various attributes including Healing, Defense, Endurance, To-Hit and status resistance, are set to effect Self when applied and not Target. I've confirmed that at least the healing debuff is present in the Combat Attributes window. This bug kind of makes it a terrible power if used as intended!
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